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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - September 30, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 14 Pacific stars and stripes audio video september 1983 heavy duty tape deck team s z6000 cassette deck features independently operated level and equalizer incorporating dolby dolby c and Dix noise reduction the deck offers a spot erase system and a microcomputer opera Ted linear still waiting for 100 digital by Myron Berger Tribune company if you live in a major City and listen to a classical music radio chances Are youve heard one of the new compact digital discs by chances that you were not Able to hear the highly touted difference Between these new discs and conventional even if you buy one of these new disc players for your it May be a while before you come upon a record that is As sonically spectacular As the technology is capable of of the digital discs now on the i have heard six and was awed by none of that because of a number of factors that Are either being glossed Over or ignored outright by the digital disc lets look at the discs a record is conventionally made in a number of in the recording sound is processed through a piece of equipment called a mixing then recorded on this tape May be remixed after the musicians have and an entirely new performance May be the final version is called the master several generations of copies must be made before the master is ready for the record pressing in order for a digital disc to achieve its the sound should be digitized immediately follow ing its creation and should never return to analog until it is played through speakers at but this unbroken digital Chain does not yet the studio the mixing the master tape recorder arid All the processing equipment should be no studio i know of uses digital and Only a handful have digital mixing in most a sound is not digitized until it reaches the master tape its Brief sojourn through analog equipment takes its of the hundreds of digital discs that Are slated in order for a digital disc to achieve its the sound should be digitized immediately following its creation and should never return to analog until it is played through speakers at but this unbroken digital Chain does not yet to reach stores by the end of this none will be 100 percent this May seem like a snigger ing but the less digital the discs the greater the probability that the Fidelity will be what will prove even More exasperating than this technical is an artistic records Are not made by simply placing a Singer in front of a the recording Engineer and record producer frequently have As or to do with the Success of a it is what types of microphones Are where they Are placed and How the sound is processed and mixed that finally decides How a record digital recording Means that sounds that were never heard before and others that were masked by imperfections in analog technology will be so engineers and producers must learn a substantially new approach to their it will certainly be some years before sufficient experience has been gained by a Large number of producers and on to digital discs on the problem Here is that radio is one of the worst sources of most pop and Rock music stations operate on the theory that the louder their signal the More people will listen to in the Way to increase the level of a broadcast is to compress the this has a disastrous effect on but that does not seem to be a consideration for most in any one of the primary benefits of digital records is their extended dynamic signal compression reduces the dynamic the end result is a dynamic Range that is limited not by the but by the amount of compression used by the digital recording technology in my the Best it will take some time before the fruits of this new technology can be reaped by the serious Calm down9 with mood inducing video by Ron Alexander new York times new York in Corona Del Kathy and Jeff who live with their three children in a converted greyhound find it soothing to watch 27 fish swim around in the which they liken to a constantly changing piece of in Donna the cites vice says of her Light show it calms me Down when were having dinner or at Home working on the City and late at night in Beverly Smith finds it relaxing and cozy to sit in her living room in front of her crackling and she is now planning to buy a it int a real aquarium or Light show or fireplace to which these and thousands like Are they watch mood inducing video the inspiration of Steve president of video naturals of los the cassettes run for one hour in and Dade coun a Cable television mood Channel runs 24 hours a showing nothing but the aquarium the Lumia Ocean Waves and a Sunrise and a in she its too hot for the romantic Marcy Greenberg bought an aquarium cassette she its Nice when you have com Pany and youre at a loss for at the three video Shack stores in new York where the aquarium and fireplace cassettes sell for such tapes have always sold rather but there not in our top said Steve a vice he estimated that the video Shack store on Broadway near times Square Sells several dozen of the mood cassettes a a two hour triple Bill of tropical fireside moments and Beautiful put out by environmental is at the video connection on Columbus Giorgio Santangelo has come up with a a new Way to fill the Home with pleasant it was according to who introduced frag Rances to and now the italian born in a joint venture with Charles of the is returning the favor with the introduction of what is being called a Premier environment Al fragrance collection on Aroma fragrances should not overpower or invade Peoples Santangelo my Aroma discs will change and enhance Peoples the Aroma disc system involves placing a fragrance record into an Aroma disc As they Are the a Zinch which Cost last for five hours and resemble a Minia Ture phonograph Are made of Black mylar with a Center of absorbent White material on which the fragrance is through principles involving heat and when the disk is placed in the fragrance is diffused in a matter of in Sarit Angelos the disc players Are housed in refill Able Ceramic casings of his own there is a Black bisque cat a hand painted Pierrot a Platinum plated Condor and sleek Black and White cylinders Santangelo 10 fragrances include mixtures of Lavender with Jasmine and hyacinth with and Pine and Balsam with san tangelo anticipates that by next year a total of 40 fragrances will be his Floral scents include Only the lighter All the others Are too heavy for the he but he has High Hopes for the Aromas of sundries fresh Linen and

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