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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - September 30, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 12 entertainment Pacific stars and stripes september 1983 Erma Bombeck dieters can attract More than the flies Ive probably bought More diet books than any other person in one year i ate the bindings on five of looking through my extensive it occurred to me they have always had one thing in common two if you count they have always been big on if you lose weight you can look like the Chippie on the you can fit into All your old you can feel you can make your Mother you can Cross your legs in hot you can be More you can have More you can attract the opposite you can raise your you can get rid of you can attract More than flies at the you can live or without whipped it just seems one out of every three people in this country is overweight according to someones we need new a Man in England promised his wife a new fur coat and Worth of new clothes if she would diet Down to what she weighed on her wedding Day 14 years Shes working on but a couple of years ago the same Man offered her a Holiday at a health spa if she would do the same she didst make earlier this there was a third baseman in Atlanta who carried a few extra pounds and was promised for each of the 13 fridays they played at Home that he maintained his if he pulled it it would have amounted to something like a the verdict is still the Point is no one can give a Dieter an incentive except i attended a series of weightless sessions in which the instructor tried to motivate me to lose the ten pounds that i had been working on for 17 you like to step on the Scales and weigh ten pounds less didst she realize All i had to do was to put the scale on the shag carpet and tilt one Side against the commode How about hearing panting and heavy breathing when you walk into a room All i had to do was to Start suppose someone told you youd be fired from your Job As a she hit a in thinking about that and that was 12 years Field enterprises Bridge talk by Charles Goren and Omar Sharif Tribune company neither South North j1095 v akj10 oq8 a63 West 4q73 73 ok9652 East 4k64 0 1074 j105 South 4 a82 0 aj3 q874 the bidding South West North East pass pass 1 pass 2 it pass 3 it pass pass pass opening Lead five of 0 there Are hands in which you have to develop two suits to fulfil your when faced with that the order in which you tackle those suits can be since he was a passed souths jump to two no Trump showed a hand of 1112 North had ample values for his raise to West led his fourth est and Declarer took time out to decide How he wanted to play the if he wanted to go after hearts it would be right to win the first trick in his own but since he needed tricks in both major a better line was to tackle Spades for the finesse would be taken into the Safe Declarer went up with the Queen of diamonds on the first when that he ran the Jack of West won the but he could make no damaging he exited with a a careless player might take the heart and then find after it he cannot make the contract if West had started with both missing Spade the thoughtful Declarer wins the King of hearts and repeats the Spade after Clearing Declarer finesse the ten of although it loses to the Declarer Doest mind he is already assured of nine tricks three three two diamonds and a radio Japan news on the hour kanto scene pro Gram Golden Days of radio Jim Pewter Cross country wolfman Jack mystery theater Lew Erwin reports face to face Pete Smith East of Midnight Roland Bynum Charlie tuna Mary Turner Harry Newman easy Riser Harvey easy Riser Charlie tuna Don Tracy Day trekker Harvey Gene prices country world Mary Helen Barro Joe Ferguson Mary Turner kanto scene Okinawa news on the hour the clock watcher Harvey the clock watcher Charlie tuna the Day tripper Gene Price Don Tracy Mary Turner on the Road the Viteline wolfman Jack mystery theater Potpourri musical Humble Harve Philippines news on the hour news round up morning line armed forces digest Paul Harvey morning line Jim Pewter Gene prices country world Charlie tuna Friday Brown paper bag Paul Harvey close up Harry Newman Don Tracy roadrunner Jim Pewter Golden Days of radio face to face Joe Ferguson Mary Helen Barro wolfman Jack Mary Turner Roland Bynum Gene prices country world Midnight rambler american country countdown history of country music Korea news on the hour morning forces Harvey morning devotions bulletin morning Charlie tuna Don Tracy Harry Newman news Golden Days of radio bulletin Board history of Rock and Roll Roland Bynum Mary Turner afternoon show news Jim Pewter Gene Price Don Tracy wolfman Jack to Irwim reports mystery theater Pete Smith King biscuit Flower hour adult contemporary headlines and sports Guam news on the hour Harry Newman top of the morning news top of the morning Charlie tuna Golden Days of radio Jim Pewter Gene prices country world Fen today Mary Helen Barrow Joe Ferguson Fen outbound Mary Turner news information program Roland Bynum Golden Days of radio Jim Pewter wolfman Jack mystery theater Midnight crossing All that jazz Tom Campbells playback live from Gillys Japan t in Nfn 1 2 3 5 17 18 1 2 4 6 12 59 Fri 22 Butler 4 24 2 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 Fri 34 39 40 14 Fri 41 42 43 44 45 46 30 47 48 49 42 50 Village 52 30 35 53 24 54 55 56 47 41 45 23 14 Fri 1 Carroll Yokota East Hay lamp Zama Korea yongsan2 Page 1 Katsugi Gateway Coiner red Cloud Shields Essa Yons Stanley Meehon Katsugi club Casey Richard Bong Hovey Center 4 showboat base gym theater Humphreys Sakura 1 Twilight the movie pm 2 Honky Tonk Man pm 3 kiss me goodbye pm 4 the sting ii pm 5 the spawning r 6 Flash dance r 7 kill and kill again pm 8 the Amateur r 9 for your eyes Only pm 10 blood Beach r 11 psycho ii r 12 smorgasbord pm 13 paternity pm 14 Superman Iii pm 15 Friday the 13th r 16 Friday the 13th part ii r 17 oct Pussy pm 18 stir crazy r 19 lovers and liars r 20 on Golden Pond pm 21 a not available 22 fire Fox pm 23 Rocky Iii pm 24 six weeks pm 25 beast master pm 26 halloween Iii r 27 Man with two brains r 28 Hollywood High part ii r 29 summer school teachers r 30 Enigma pm 31 Heidi song g 32 Jekyll Hyde together again r 33 the Happy Hooker goes to Washington r 34 the Black stallion returns pm 35 the sister inlaw r 36 fear no evil r 37 Waltz across Texas pm 38 breathless r 39 Tim Walker pm 40 old yeller g 41 the Soldier r 42 zapped r 43 the Best Little whorehouse in Texas r 44 Caligula r 45 Savannah smiles pm 46 without a Trace pm 47 Porky ii the next Day r 48 a sex Odyssey r 49 Cree show r 50 Trail of the Pink Panther pm 51 everybody gets it in the end pm 52 Midnight madness pm 53 54 run Virgin run r 55 absence of malice pm 56 the lords of discipline r 57 the Cannon Ball run pm 58 private lesson r 59 private Benjamin r 60 Rocky Mountain entertainers a television kanto Plain september 29 news mama to guide too close for Comfort whats happening Tarzan Remington Mac flight schedule guide movie Jimmy and Andre David whats Hap pening general Hospital Kodiak news september 30 Freedom to to guide news general Hospital ryans Hope dynasty Remington Steele beachcombers sesame whats Hap pening family feud Mac flight schedule news private to guide real whats Hap pening Benson serendipity singers trapper Mac flight schedule news movie the girls in the office Best of whats Hap pening Misawa september 30 family feud Richard Simmons news movie family reunion ryans Hope sesame Street big country Donahue general Hospital news Kung fun different strokes teachers Only fall Guy Devlin connection trapper John David Letterman news night owl theater Kung fun different strokes teachers Only fall Guy Devlin connection trapper John David Letterman general Hospital Iwakuni september 30 general Hospital ryans Hope Falcon Crest picture of health Gloria sports Billy Black Beauty sesame Street take Kerr family kids say darn est things classified ads news Iwakuni scene Benson Bret Maverick family classic theater crisis at Central High news movie wind from the South Wayne and Shuster movie Lindbergh kidnapping Case the Casebo september 30 Glen Campbell the beachcombers sesame Street you asked for it ryans Hope general Hospital take Kerr family kids say the darn est things in search of Sheehaw Dukes of hazzard bring Emback alive trapper John Falcon Crest movie a War remembered 2 David Letterman Okinawa september 30 chopper one big country David Letterman general Hospital Philippines september 30 pulse 8 cartoons Young Peoples special Peoples court family feud kids say the darn est things news general Hospital ryans Hope take five Dallas pulse 8 Fame dialogue Benson sesame Street cartoons take Kerr news Young Peoples 1 1 00 portrait of a family kids darn est foil 1 00 Chicago you sesame ryans general Phil Hart to movie electro Glide in David 1 00 general fall Guy movie the night the City screamed Square pegs pulse 8 Tony Bennett sings bring Emback alive Korea september 30 Falcon Crest Mary Tyler Moore Square pegs Silver spoons Donahue ryans Hope general Hospital electric company Rogers neighbourhood big Blue Marble family feud news puppets too close for Comfort chips movies Black magic Benny Hill tonight show Fri

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