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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - September 24, 1983, Tokyo, Japan Pacific stars and stripes september 1983 Tina Quintana was 8 years old she attends the West element Ary school at Yokota Tina likes rollerskating and swim she says i to her friends and relatives in the Angela Turman will be 8 years old she lives at Kadena Okina Angela enjoys swim and keeping life interesting for her older she Hopes she can celebrate her next birthday closer to mom Nan and Gus Goose in births stripes will print the announcement of your Childs birth it you Send us the form provided at your military Hospital or Send a note with your both parents the baby sex and birth Tell us the Hospital where he or she was born and either parents organization and duty unsigned requests cannot be mail the information to Pacific stars and Pacific Apo Japan Donald and Brenda Donald Andrew Yokosuka Karl and Marilyn Kristopher Yokosuka Richard and Sakae Richard Yokosuka Jimmy and Modesto Jessica Yokota and Milo Justin Yokosuka Dennis and Patti Derek Yokota t l Darin and Dee Tabitha Yokosuka Steven and Shuk a Karl Yiu Yokosuka Okinawa Timothy and Renatta David May Bobby and Sylvia Nathan Camp Tina and Kraig Dustin Daytona Roy and Darlene Candis David and Michiko Joshua Steven and song Shani Rex and Sandra Stormy Jesse and Elaine Pinky Amanda Joe and Susan John Richard and Cathi Natasha Richard and Lisa Heather Theodore and Tina Amber William and Renee Anthony Paul and Donna Paul Edward Michael and Terry Nathaniel Keith and Patricia Pamela Philippines Gary and Lisa Colby Clark Frank and Kathleen Altoyna Clark Guam Steven and Jena july Darrell and Joyce David and Robyn Eldridge and Onita Danny and Lisa Samuel and Josephine Steven and Nancy Joseph and Kathleen Ernest and Yoshimi Robert and Elizabeth de and Kothy Robert and Teresa James and Vika James and Tonja Brian and Martha Dean and Linda Chuck and Clare Dale and Angelia Sean and Barbie Ralph and Dolores Larry and Margaret Stephen and Carol Antonio and Cecilia Christ Donald and Lisa John and Linda Gary and Theresa Terry and Maureen Robert and Yvonne Randolph and Nonni Elii Alec and Patricia Frank and Carolyn Joseph and Cindy John and Colleen Robert and Janice Mark and Beth Brad and Erin William and Nicolosa Maurice and Paz Randy and Imelda Rebecca Scott and Sharon Thomas and Angela Allah and Victoria Gener and Rosa Paul and Gail Jose and Amelia James and Katen Donald and Betty Kurt and Vicki Fernando and Maria Felisa Shirl and Elisa Sandy and Carlina Shonna James and Katherine Lawrence and Rochelle Johnnie and Patricia Peter and Celine Corey and Jacquelyn Harold and Sandra Mark and Joan Joe and Emeliza Benny and Julia Carl and Jone and Carolyn Dennis and Julie David and Lora Jacob George and Barbara Rosette marshal and Tamy Rembrandt and Richard and Lucy Martin and Vera Timothy and to Raul and Jacqueline Racquet wanted Junior shutterbugs Pacific stars and stripes is looking for Upland coming photographers who would like to display their work on we will pick what we feel Are the Best of the entries and run them from time to time in this please mail your entries to Pacific desk Pacific stars and stripes Apo san Francisco 96503 we will return photos that Are accompanied by a self addressed please let us know your full your address and your we will run photos from children 14 years old or Center helping autistic children up autistic kids Are detached from living in their own Little its very difficult for other people to get through to some of them dont like to be they take toys and dont use them As Ordinary they do something like put them in lines and they keep on doing the same thing Over and Over or they stare at one thing for some of them cant they dont like to pay attention when someone is trying to teach them just look Patricia co director of the Princeton child development says that if i were to characterize them in any single its the Institute is a school for autistic they have 21 kids at the it was founded in 1971 by a grandmother named Peggy Pulleyn whose daughter had an autistic we visited the Institute and talked with then we went around and saw some with some of them we were trying to but they look but a lot of them you could barely Tell were any different from us if we passed them on the Street we know they were we talked with one child who was about to graduate and go into a regular his name was Brandon has been with us three and when i first saw he did not Krantz yet he was about he was very withdrawn and would cry a he didst play with other he would spend hours just standing and staring out the but Hes Learned about All of these things while Hes been Krantz also told us about a child named the things that kids normally can do at age Bunkie she he use his fingers to pick up objects and he had Only eaten three things in his life baby Orange pudding and he he and he want toilet he was very withdrawn and he didst in five weeks we taught Bunkie to accept most but it took us a year to teach him to Krantz yet while we were teaching him to Chew he was Able to learn to Doest that seem incredible that he could read but Chew he had a lot of Kenichi trouble knowing what to do with his Tongue and in order to have him communicate with he carried a portable memo writer so he could Type Hes coming along very Well now Hes doing Hes doing Reading yet speech is still hard for but someday maybe hell go to Public at the they put the kids in classes and treat them they try to get their attention and they Reward them if they get something they have a lot of teachers so they can give individual teaching these kids requires a lot of it May literally take trials to teach a child Krantz but whats interesting is that while some things Are so hard for our in other things there very some kids learn to read the Wall Street journal at age 2 and some kids learn to read before they can one of the children absolutely floored his parents because they never heard him talk and suddenly he was Reading the signs in a shoe these Are the mysteries of our five out of every kids Are mostly boys get there is no known autistic people used to be thought of As they put them into institutions and their problems just kept on getting you cant learn to be Normal in an Krantz you never get to decide so you never learn How to one of our students had been in an institution for two years before coming to us and he was pretty a lot of times in institutions they use behaviour control there very powerful and make you so you cant do but none of our children takes any kind of medication or we were wondering How Many kids Are cured at the we tend to look at it by How Many kids have left us and Are functioning completely normally Krantz pointed some kids Only get a Little better and they have to keep being in but right now we have also got nine kids in Public school and who look perfectly that a very High percentage to be totally then we asked Krantz if there Are any children whom they just give up on and Call we never say that a child is she we say that we have to develop better we have children with whom we wish we could make More but we keep working so that each child can move to his or her own fullest

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