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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - September 24, 1983, Tokyo, JapanSaturday september 24, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes viewpoint 11 Effort to Reform pics misguided a litmus test for the goo goo brigade is How vehemently one opposes pics political action committees. These nefarious though Legal groupings permit the Rich and powerful that s How the Good government gang refers to anyone with More than two bits in his Bank account to buy aldermen state legislators congressmen and presidents with political contributions and hold themis Servile custody. What s not often mentioned in the demonology of the anti pacers of course As they until singly howl for Reform in Campaign financing is that labor unions and save the whalers and wilderness forever types Are brisk formers of political action committees and insistent lobbyists with a Check Book themselves. They re burning out the bearings of their copying machines assailing the awfulness of special there s a loud demand now that something be done about these awful pics before the whole democratic Harvest is sold off. One of the most solemn combatants is the new yorker s howitzer in Washington Elizabeth Drew who has written an alarms and excursions Book on this Nasty business of supporting candidates with Bucks titled politics and Money the new Road to corruption Macmillan. She apparently can hardly get a night s sleep for fretting about the corrupting virus. Be callepthi6 meeting because some of us thought we should 6et together and use 50me Money to porn Ste to elected officials mho a melt wok to wife out political action committee. Smith Hempstone &8 Drew s Salvo goes like this we have allowed the Basic idea of our democratic process representative government to slip away. The Only question is whether we Are serious about trying to retrieve the culprits you got it dollars in politics and the Pac conduits for the academic front political scientists Are churning out study after study on Campaign financing and pics. Funny thing though the studies Don t unanimously validate the dour conventional that politicians can be bought by the Bushel at bargain the contrary pro Reform View is peddled with vigor leading to a chorus for Campaign financing Reform to Clear away this pernicious underbrush. Curiously enough the phenomenon of political action committees is a direct outgrowth of a spasm of Liberal Reform a decade ago. It was intended to dilute the presumed Potency of Campaign contributions by limiting the amount Sand specifying the e forms in which such Money could be mobilized at the polls. A with Man reforms it had so Little to do with the raucous reality of a pluralistic democracy that it merely added fog to Mist. Thus time to Reform the Reform before another idea of glorious Reform begins to pass beyond the ionosphere of critical examination it would be Well to reflect whether there in t less than meets the Eye in this horror Over the pics. An incisive View by Robert j. Samuelson of National review Grants the growing importance of Money in politics. That essentially reflects a decline in party loyalties a breakdown of party organization and a corresponding Rise in spending on television advertising and consultants. And contributions by pics have risen from 22 percent of the Money spent by winning candidates in 1976 to 29 percent in 1982, even As the committees were going through a population explosion from 600 to 3,400 Over roughly the same period. And Pac contributions were reasonably even As Between republicans and democrats in the last congressional electoral flirtation with Reform would not Only interfere with free speech rights Samuelson persuasively argues but compliance with the Labyrinthine regulations would inject even More account ants and lawyers into the a More serious defect of the misguided Reform Effort he contends would be further to undermine the moral authority of political leaders and the political the reformist Fervour also says Samuelson reflects an unrealistic and even undesirable View of representative government. The Burden and the glory of modern american democracy is the proliferation of these groups the special interests. Their expansion is the natural result of the growth of government spending and authority. If democracy is the people s right to be heard then government s growth could have had no other effect. Because government interferes More it is interfered with goo goos should find another Hobby horse to ride. England on the Road to americanization London England still has a Long Way to go units Effort to achieve satisfactory americanization. True the Tea bag is now triumphant everywhere. Thirty years ago it was sneered at everywhere from Penzance to Blackpool As a Barbaric american Absurdity. Londoners who had been to America and actually seen Tea bags giggled when recounting the spectacle. Nowadays it is almost impossible to get a cup of the National brew without having to Cope with a Tea the american tradition London re fuses to provide a sensible dish for disposing of the Tea bag though English ingenuity is obviously capable of such invention. It was English ingenuity after All that created the Toast cooler an elegant Metal device which holds several pieces of Toast upright and Well separated from each other so the Cooling Breeze can flow rapidly Over them. I regret to say that even the most modern eating establishments of London still refuse to give up the Toast cooler and take to the american system of serving two pieces of buttered Toast buttered sides Cheek to Cheek on a cold plate so that the butter saturated Toast can Cool and congeal into one soggy Glutinous the other hand though London has taken to american cuisine As enthusiastically As a station Wagon full of teen agers. All America s most beloved Brand names now line the streets. I have for example just finished a lunch of Kentucky Fried Chicken washed Down with a can of or. Pepper. The Chicken to be sure had no parts recognizable to the american drive in Gour met. What i took to be the leg was attached to the breast but this May be because the pakistani Russell Baker Cuisinier in charge of the business had partitioned the Chicken according to some obscure moslem convention. Anyhow it tasted like Chicken and the accompanying French Fries As Crisp As Over boiled cabbage were a tribute to the global March of american fast food. As an american you can t help feeling your bosom swell with Pride at the Zeal with which London has copied our efforts to strangle our own cities with automobiles. That s Why my bosom swells with Pride every time i approach Hyde Park Corner once a magnificent Urban Center of Fine avenues stunning architecture and Parkland vis , in tribute to the memory of Detroit s Golden age it is completely Given Over to motor traffic of such density and ferocity that pedestrians can negotiate it safely Only like rats by using a vast underground Maze. Hitler would have Given everything to have ruled this Corner yet could not. London was saving it for sacrifice to the memory of Detroit. In some respects the English Effort to americanize is poignantly out of Date. This doubtless explains the passion for driving at the Breakneck speeds fashionable years ago in Amer Ica when gasoline was cheap. Speeds of 85 Miles an hour Are commonplace on Good highways though gasoline costs upward of $2.50 per gallon and 50 Mph seems routine on roads where 25 Mph feels hair raising to a sane can t help admiring the flattery implicit in everybody s driving As though the winding lanes of England were the Nevada Salt Flats. Yet there is something eerily out of touch about it As there would be if americans having decided to emulate England took to wearing 1970 miniskirts and Early beatles milk pot haircuts. . Times an authorized unofficial publication of the . Forces overseas published daily except 1 january at 23-17, Roppo Ngi 7-chome, Minato Kun Tokyo 106 Japan Apo san Francisco 96503 this newspaper is on authorized unofficial publication of the department of defense for authorized persons overseas. Contents of ass Are not necessarily the official View of the government or the department of defense. The appearance of displays in this newspaper concerning commercial publications or advertising does not constitute an endorsement by the deportment of defense or the commander in chief Pacific. Available to authorized personnel for 25 cents daily subscriptions Are $6.50 monthly Aid in Advance per a 230-1 afr 176-1. Mail subscriptions Are available for minimum six month periods for $39.00. Third class postage paid at Zabu Minato Kun Tokyo for local mailings second class postage paid at son Francisco calif., for Apo Fpo and offi col . Copyright restrictions preclude acceptance of subscriptions for delivery to individual addresses within the Continental United states. Pacific stars and stripes col. Joseph e. Burlas Usa commander editor in chief u. Col. P Denis m. Mehigan Usa Deputy commander business maj. John w. Higginbotham Usan Deputy commander marketing operations or. Timothy r. Hutchens executive editor 229-3310,3140 Don Webb acting Pacific editor Tokyo 229-3152 Dwight trimmer Washington Bureau chief Pentagon 227-6695 Helen Webb Japan Bureau chief Tokyo 229-3374, 3153 Dave Ornauer Pacific sports writer Tokyo 229-3153 Danny Layne Okinawa Bureau chief Mak Minato 637-1680 Pete Maher Philippines Bureau chief Clark 31-55358, Subic 88-46381 Laura Neitz Guam Bureau chief Navy regional medical Center 671 342-2190 Rico Johnston Korea Bureau chief Yong son 7650/7050/7447 circulation Telephone numbers Japan military 225-4505, 4506. 4507 or commercial 404-9449 Singapore 2931422 Kuala Bumpur 237237 Hong Kong 3-025251 ext 20 Korea Yon san 7650 Okinawa Butler 635-2010 Philippines area manager Clark 25202. Clark distribution 43296, 25284, Subic Bay distribution 4-8123. Manila embassy 59-80-11 ext 2752 Guam Andersen 366-2187

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