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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - September 22, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 6 analysis Pacific stars and stripes september 1983 Lebanon How far will we go by Jack Redden United press International Beirut the guns of the 6th Fleet this week drove the United states deep into a lebanese quagmire in which the troops of Israel and scores of private militias have been trapped for almost a the statement terming the largest naval bombardment since the Vietnam War defensive could not disguise the essential change that has taken place from retaliating against attacks on Marine peacekeepers to fighting in support of the lebanese the lebanese armed three Days after starting what advisers thought would be a Quick found themselves under extreme pressure at the starting Point in the Village of souk Al garb outside successful Lap lebanese armed forces defense of the area is vital to the safety of including multinational other military and the diplomatic corps the statement the original policy called for the marines to fire Back Only when but the involvement has increased forces Are now operating under Broad guidelines that appear to tie actions to the Success of the lebanese armed forces in what started three weeks ago As a civil it is a role no one expected a year when the marines arrived with italian and French contingents to ensure peaceful reconstruction following israels invasion in june isolated individual attacks forced the marines first to abandon their unloaded weapons then to return Light arms fire and then to Pound Back at attacking artillery with their own 155mm next came the use of the naval warning flights by the f14 tomcats of the 6th Fleet and on this the most massive naval bombardment since defensive actions Are no longer just for the marines based around Beirut but for any government including the Green berets who Are training the lebanese army and helping plan the governments offensive against the the United states and the lebanese now totally dependent on american have tried hard to prove the conflict raging just outside Beirut is not a civil there seems no doubt outside forces Are involved the palestinians and now the United but these troops Are superimposed on what started As a Domestic lebanese if the pro govern ment Christian militiamen had not attempted to encroach on the traditional areas held by members of the druze religious the Shouf mountains would never have been engulfed in now the United states and its More than fighting men in the Region Are openly aligned with the governments army and its Christian allies against the lebanese druze and their palestinian and syrian across the Middle Friendly and hostile governments have begun wondering How far the United states is willing to go to ensure the lebanese army of president Amin Gemayel is lessons of Vietnam not easily forgotten says a by Charles Hanley associated press san Al Salvador they labor today in the Cool Green shadows of Central american but for these hardened american struggling against yet another guerrilla the memories linger of Rice Jungle trails and debacle half a world were going to do it right this senior military adviser Al Salvador and linking the two wars draws Quick rebuttal from the Reagan there is no comparison with presi Dent Reagan said at a july news and theres not going to be anything of that kind in in a key the situations differ greatly at the wars american combat troops were in the american military presence is limited to several dozen some shuttling in from bases in nearby but the advisers the men closest to the repeatedly invoke Vietnam and its lessons As they plot strategy and Appeal for a stronger commitment to Al and they frequently sound dont talk to me about Why we didst succeed in Nicholas Holder of the vietnamese Cross of snapped to a i did the Best i like Many of his fellow this Crew Cut 30year who is training hundreds of salvadorans As commandant of a army school in is More confident about the chances for Success this time if support remains the senior who for Security reasons cannot be spent three years in two working with vietnamese army there Are two lessons in particular i think we Learned in he said in an interview weve got to keep away from the body count exaggerated reports of guerrilla casualties in Vietnam chipped away at government we now know that Small unit operations at night Are the Way to we we rent doing that Early enough in it takes away the guerrillas War of and that is the Way the salvadoran army is going As it tries to seize the initiative in the Foury Earold encouraged by Vietnam seasoned american the army has turned to new tactics to Clear an estimated guerrillas from the Central salvadoran province of san sending Small Hunter units on nighttime patrols to keep the insurgents off the guerrillas appear to have pulled in the the operations were with minimal the army would leave an area after a and the guerrillas would come Back explained an army an Al Salvador specialist and Vietnam at Southern command Headquarters in advisers have gone into the ruggedly Hilly dominated by the foot Chincho Stepec to help prepare the Hunter but the americans Are under strict orders to stay out of the salvadorans Are coupling these new tactics with a program similar to the pacification plan of Vietnam of training local militiamen and rebuilding the provincial to a the almost one dozen military men interviewed said More will have to be done the salvadoran army will have to be enlarged to about men from the advisory Force of trainers will have to be at least and the United states will have to ship More Aid dollars to the Many in Congress oppose such a St Pup in american similarities Between the two wars Are in marxist led guerrilla forces Rose against what was perceived As undemocratic in Washington perceived the uprising As engineered by foreign communist in the strategy for Victory included a land redistribution program and elec but the differences particularly in scale can be just As the salvadoran guerrilla Force is Esti mated to number the Viet Cong guerrillas numbered As Many As the salvadoran guerrilla is not nearly As Well equipped and tactically not nearly As said the other differences give the american advisers reason for Confidence Al Salvador neighbors support Washington there is no North Vietnam sending its own troops i think one major said an Intelli gence is that we can understand the salvadorans better than we Ever understood the Many salvadoran officers have been trained in the United and advisers in the Region include Many native Spanish speakers mexican and and puerto but perhaps the lesson Learned Best in Vietnam is the one that has kept combat troops out of the Central american Reagan says there Are no plans to Send american troops to Al Wallace Nutting noted in a recent interview after ending his tour As Southern command a pragmatic Nutting the lesson we Learned 10 years that we cannot fight someone else War for Treyve got to fight their own

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