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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - September 22, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 10 Lebanon Pacific stars and stripes september 1983 from Page 1 up the army officer in the kal7 site of numerous Battles in the last two six rebels were killed tuesday while trying to infiltrate government the government the Side that controls the City controls Access to including ridges from which artillery shells can be fired on targets anywhere in though the rebels still do not control the they managed to fire on ambassador Robert Dillons residence and the lebanese defense ministry no one was Hurt in the which was answered by both lebanese army and Navy a spokesman for the warrant officer Charles said the marines were on a fac finding Mission in the Shouf to obtain information that would help them defend their positions at Beirut inter National below the from artillery attacks by antigovernment forces in the the americans presence at souk Al garb came a Day after Navy ships unleashed their biggest barrage since the Vietnam War in support of the lebanese army in the which was under heavy attack by Syria backed druze and palestinian the United states maintains that the defense of souk Al garb is necessary for the Protection of american military including the Marine a spokesman for the army in Lebanon denied that any army personnel were in the but a up photographer snapped a picture of a Man in an army uniform with ran Pathfinder and combat infantry men the mans Nam tag bore the inscription Green Beret advisers Are in Leba non to train lebanese not to act As in addition to providing this train the army office of Mili tary cooperation also is charged with expediting arms deliveries to lebanese a Western military source said the marines not the army recently provided 155mm shells to the lebanese army in souk Al garb when it ran Low on this suggests that the office of military cooperation asked the marines to help it carry out its function of expediting arms to the lebanese army a function that seems to put the marines outside their role of the commanding officer of the Timothy Geraghty from time to time has the need to Send observers so they can gather information for him to make Deci Rowe said of the marines presence in the that what they were doing in souk Al he said there has been a continuing need to gather defensive he declined to say if other Marine fac finding missions have been conducted since the marines arrived a year ago last the marines statement about their troops in the Shouf said nothing about a Forward observer role for the Navy the team of six or seven americans was seen by Western reporters get Ting out of a lebanese army armoured personnel Carrier in the Center of souk Al garb just an hour before the new shelling a up photographer saw four of the advisers consult Over maps with lebanese army officers before get Ting into the armoured personnel car Rier and leaving for the Village of like souk Al key foun also has been under heavy rebel the americans refused to speak to and lebanese military intelligence officers ordered the re porters into an armoured personnel Carrier and closed the an hour some insurgents tried to infiltrate lebanese army lines about Miles from the hotel the local army where the americans apparently were the attempt touched off an hour Long Battle in which hundreds of shells and rockets were exchanged around the in Addi Tion to the Navy lebanese army tanks shelled rebel the new shelling came after an undeclared ceasefire during the funeral in nearby Khalide of Majid a druze Leader who was one of the architects of lebanese Independence in Arslan had advocated druze reconciliation with Christian president Amin Gemay efs with the help of the firepower from the ships the lebanese army held souk Al garb during three attacks in other action monday and Early tuesday involving Navy jets flew a night reconnaissance Mission Over Pentagon sources said syrian troops fired a ground air missile at one of the f 14s but the missile the flying off the deck of the Carrier were trying to help Chart rebel positions for the Navy a Pentagon source said the Battle ship new Jersey is expected to arrive off Beirut by Friday to help in the its the perfect Job for the new the source referring to the warships dozen five Inch guns and nine 16inch the latter can hurl a on Eton Shell 25 the new Jersey was dispatched to Lebanon after taking part in an american show of strength off Cen trial the Compromise that congressional leaders and the White House worked out about the marines will limit the size of the peacekeeping Force to its present level of if the full Congress goes along with the under the worked out in Days of negotiations Between White House chief of staff James Baker and con Gressional the marines pres ence also would be restricted to the Beirut area except in situations where measures Are necessary to protect the the Compromise permits Congress and the White House to sidestep constitutional issues to the War Powers act and give the presi Dent Legal backing to keep the troops in it Calls for Congress to declare that president Reagan should have invoked the War Powers Resolution of 1973 after two marines were killed White House officials said that if Congress adopts the Reagan will sign it but state that he disagrees with Congress Inte Preta Tion of the Law and believes it usurps his presidential the question of whether the full Congress will accept the proposal was in because of indications that Senate democrats would oppose the republicans control the Senate but some Republican members might vote with the demo cratic majority against keeping the troops in a firefight Senate democratic Leader Robert Byrd said Senate democrats were not wired into the plan and he would not support an 18month Extension unless the administration offers a better Edward said that although he is encouraged by the agreement from the Point of View that it is a Reagan Concession to the War Powers he regards the 18month length of the agreement As a Blank Check for far too Long a from Page 1 flight is much different from the american and japanese the americans and japanese contend the soviets Are lying to try to soften angry world opinion against the the Narragansett first picked up the pings for about an then lost the the Pentagon the ship heard the beeps for about 30 the search is complicated by the Large number of ships searching the area and the Large number of sunken ships on the Navy sources in Washington search vessels have been work ing in Waters about feet the sources theres a lot out there and its easy to pick up false one source there were several false alarms monday before the real signal was picked the sources besides trailing a the Narragansett also is looking at the seabed with a Sid scan sonar which emits radio it is that sonar that has picked up a number of false reports of Airliner the sources the soviet Union informed the japanese embassy in Moscow tuesday that it will hand Over to japanese authorities next monday items and documents it found from the a japanese foreign ministry official in Wak Kanai told the associated the who asked not to be said the soviet Union did not elaborate on the kind of material it would turn he said the soviet government asked japanese authorities to come to on the West coast of the soviets Sakhalin near where the jetliner went the soviets specified that the japanese Send a civilian not a to make the the japanese official in another Kal related the japanese said another intelligence gathering ship has joined the Fleet of soviet vessels taking part in the the japanese said they recognized the ship As an intelligence gatherer from its but they could not determine its it brings to 20 the number of soviet search ships sighted by the Japa the soviet ambassador to Vladimir said 8 that the soviet Union would turn Over items from the downed korean aircraft in the near and that his country would report on its search in accordance with International so the soviet Union has since provided no details of its exhaustive both in soviet territorial Waters and in International Waters off Pentagon spokesman Benjamin Welles said the United states has protested to Moscow the soviet harassment of the vessels searching for the Welles and a Navy spokesman said the soviets have been running their ships at High Speed near the forcing it to Man Euver off its slow and have been creating electronic disturbances in the water to try to drown out the beeps from the Black there have been no confrontations As but there have been continuing instances where ships have mane Vered to avoid potentially Hazard Ous navigational he we believe every Effort is being made to hamper Pur search in International Welles our efforts out there have been impeded by soviet the aircraft carried recorders providing a wealth of detail about its flight especially the last 30 minutes of cockpit

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