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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - September 20, 1983, Tokyo, Japan Pacific stars and stripes viewpoint september 1983 dear Nik Samantha More schooling int certain to be better shuffle the kids out to the school Hustle them upstairs to do their shut the and lets talk about lets talk about More Over the while the classrooms were the papers were full of Many of the spent our summer vacations diagnosing we identified the most communicable disease As now it appears that the favorite National prescription is More classroom if kids need More we May be giving them a bigger dose of in the the National commission on excellence recommended that we increase the school year from an average of 180 Days up to 200 or 220 and increase the school Day from five or six to seven this two school districts in North Carolina added Twenty Days to their and Many High school students in Florida added a seventh period to their Day to fulfil new graduation in the longer Days and hours voted by the state legislature were Only tabled for Lack of Ellen Goodman in new the Board of regents has proposed adding time and education officials in Illinois and Ohio Are Likely to follow by Winter this particular cure May be the Best seller in overt counter education it simply appeals to a varied and mass Market of adults who Range from punitive to there for the son Niks among who think we should do As the japanese if japanese children attend school for 240 Days and have 25 percent More instruction time than american then ours should they blame our economic problems on the education of children rather than the management of business and then there Are others of us who simply want kids kept off the streets or out of the adult world for longer longer school hours Are always popular in rough economic it took a depression to popularize the idea of Universal High the age of compulsory schooling was raised deliberately in the 1930s to remove teen agers from the Job lengthening school Days today would effectively remove a mass of Par time teenage workers from the Job in the same economic More and More two percent working and single Parent worry about supervision of their school age breathes there a working Parent so secure that he or she has never thought its 4 do you know where your children Are one of the dirty Little secrets about the attraction of private schools is that they keep the children for each hour added to you May subtract one hour of parental i am not suggesting that these Are evil theres nothing malevolent about wanting to keep children off the away from the to to keep their Days Idle for Many a longer school Day and year would be a but most of these it should be social not educational americans have always looked to schools to solve social problems of its understandable that Many of us support this new cure to relieve the latest symptoms of a changing family but if we Are also talking about talking about there is no guarantee that More school begets More Back in the 1940s Only 40 of every 100 Young people graduated from High school by 75 of us finished High school and we remain discontented with the the problems of teaching and learning Are still the whether the Days Are five hours Long or whether the year is 180 Days Long or another hour or week in a school which incarcerated teachers and students in the same dreary environment is an extended the same time in a learning environment is a its easy to add the trick As to fulfil after hearing the educator Horace Mann speak in Emerson wrote in his we Are shut in schools for 10 or 15 years and come out at last with a Bell Ful of words and do not know a let the kids Back in and read that one to Washington Post on racial sensitivity White because they dont have to be preoccupied with sometimes fail to take into account the racial sensitivities of Black witness the Howard Cosell Little Monkey Black forced by circumstance to think too much about sometimes see racial implications where none witness the Bill Raspberry sur Williams you know about he was broadcasting the season opening monday night football game when Redskin receiver Alvin Garrett caught yet another look at that Little Monkey go shouted even before the game was a ctr had gotten so Many phone Calls from people who read racial offence into the remark that the garrulous Cosell had to Deal with the Issue right on the he dealt with it by denying he had said what millions of football fans clearly heard him now let me Tell you about that Raspberry he wrote a column in which he praised the heroism of 11yearold sur Williams of Louis who biked off to fetch the police to Rescue a 14 year old girl from a sexual the column included a report on an outpouring of plaudits and Cash for the Young it also included this paragraph and yet the question nags is race at least a partial explanation for this outpouring sur Williams and the two teenagers charged with rape William Raspberry and sodomy in the Case Are the girl is would the reaction have been the same if every body involved were Black All White if the races of those involved were reversed Ive just returned from vacation to find a spate of indignant letters demanding to know just what the hell i was talking i have known the race of those involved in the incident except for your said a Pennsylvania woman who said she was proud of Young sur Williams for reasons that had nothing to do with a Florida Reader complained that my cynical questions took away the Beauty of surs heroic How Many in the country knew that they were two Black teenagers raping a White girl she my papers made no mention of or if they did i didst give us credit for just wanting to do something to help a Fine Young a Man charged me with a hypersensitivity to alleged racism which Many Black authors Ever since i saw sur on television and heard his i planned to do something for i did not plan to Send it through but in doing so As a Means of getting your attention re your his attention getter was a Check for sur at the time of the original that the questions were i am delighted to learn that they i am of but i am also enormously encouraged to note judging from the outraged letters that were waiting for my racial sensitivities were co Sells Chagrin is or ought to be of the opposite sort he was too he should have known that his remarks might offend people whose alleged Simian characteristics have been the subject of racist jokes for Ages even though he said later in a radio broadcast that he often uses the term Little Monkey with reference to his own i am based on his Long standing that he meant no racial i know i we both the least we can do now is admit we goofed and say were i and in How about Howard Washington Post

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