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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - September 19, 1963, Tokyo, JapanE. Germany s rebels with a cause by Loyal Gould Dresden East Germany a Ever since the communists put up their Wall through Berlin two years ago they have Felt that time is on their Side that All East germans eventually will swing toward a View of the world As seen through red tinged glasses. They especially counted on winning Over the has the youth of this soviet satellite fallen in step with the Drill barked out by Raspy voiced Walter Ulbricht Moscow s chief lieutenant Here there Are indications that despite their Carrot and stick methods the reds still have some convincing to do. Ulbricht himself recently told a con Clave of party big shots he is certain that while East German Young people listen to required lectures on marxism leninism they have other thoughts running through their the communists Here have never caught on that we Young people just like Young people everywhere like to form our own thoughts and ideas a Dresden student told of those East germans Brave or daring enough to try to escape from the country Are Young East germans on this coun try s Baltic coast sometimes try to swim three Miles through the Baltic s cold and Choppy Waters to reach inter National shipping lanes. They Hope vessels from Neutral or Western countries will pick them up said a teen age member of the free German youth adj the communists youth they re usually shot by our police boats or drown he told , the escape attempts pressure to conform sometimes gets so heavy you just Don t think you can take it any longer a Dresden student told of required lectures on communism where you waste Hal your student years listening to propaganda of so called voluntary labor on government owned collective farms and of pressure to show a deviating party loyalty but the worst part he continued is the demand that you become a informer that you betray your closest friends and even family if the Opportunity people who tip off the police about would be refugees Are Given expensive rewards and Are celebrated As and then you hear even Chil Dren informed on their apprentice Mechanic told me teen agers court almost certain trouble by refusing to participate in youth dedication ceremonies of the adj a Pagan rite replacing religious Confirma Tion in East we reach our a the birthday " he said we go through a series of extra courses on marxism leninism and atheism to give us a socialist out look on life and then attend a swearing in ceremony where we Promise to follow the party the Reyer it who refuse to participate in the dedication ceremonies he said see their education ended get poorly paying jobs and Are virtually Cut off Young East German Soldier makes a dash for Freedom. The pressure to conform becomes unbearable from any possibilities of advancing in their parents he added can expect orders to appear before the Security police and that can Lead to almost any thing including if you play Ball you get an Educa Tion summer vacations in the other soviet bloc countries and the guarantees of a Good Job an adj member told me. Asked if this was not sheer oppor Unis a student who had joined the conversation replied you can Call it opportunism if you want. But the main qualification for studying and making your Way is a show of party Young people Are doing so and increasingly have taken Over leading positions in the arts and sciences Industry the party government and Young people have become the most privileged group in the country an elderly Dresden office worker said. They get the Best jobs High pay chauffeur driven cars Good apartments and sometimes even weekend Are not completely reliable though because they re basically opportunists who might just As Well swing Over to some other Side tomorrow if the Chance Are other Young people How Ever who try to change a bit the conditions under which they live. Ask a Young East German about persistent reports of rebellious Young artists writers or students and you re Likely to get an answer like this that s right. I did hear something about trouble Over in Leipzig but i Don t know the he does not know the de tails As reports of insurrection Are never reportedly the Leipzig students were accused of saying communist theories of physics degraded Man by making him an object of natural forces unable to think or act for party also was said to have accused the students of Western snobbish Ness by attempting to stress their individualism in refusing Tower pins showing membership in the signs of so called snobbish Ness the party wants to stamp put Are Short Western haircuts and Harrow legged trousers favored by German teen age youths and curve hugging blouses sweat ers and skirts preferred by amply formed East German would like to see us in form less chemises or in overalls As More befitting their ideas of socialist mortality " a Young girl in Jena , there Are some East German Young people whose minds have been captured by the of them a blonde buxom adj East Germany s top communist Walter Ulbricht looks out from a propaganda poster. The slogan reads Walter Ulbricht a life of struggle for peace and a photos Leader in her late teens wanted to have me arrested after she discovered i had taken her picture on an Outing near Weimar. No Westerner is going to take my picture and get away with it she snapped. Only the intervention of an East German communist party member act ing As my guide prevented the girl from pressing charges to curb the craze among Youn people for Western dances the party has established a commission in Leipzig that Cle vises new social dances. Some How they fair to catch on. One that is currently being pushed Isa slow paced de sexed version of the Samba called Cuba. Libre or free Cuba. The twist is officially condemned Asan example of Western degeneracy. But a frequent sight in East German night spots Are Young East German troopers in full uniform twisting away until the wee hours of the i once get started twisting i can t Stop until the band goes Home uniformed East German Soldier told me in a Dresden night or not he answered in reply to my question if the twist is Nota Western dance the twist is simply crazy. Russ Flag is familiar sight in Canadian port by Leslie Cohen Halifax Nova Scotia up the mighty United states aircraft Carrier intrepid steamed majestically into , a few Hundred Yards in its Wake steamed a soviet trawler bristling with radar and other sophisticated electronic residents did t raise an Eyebrow. For this East coast part is becoming a Home away from Home for hundreds of russian sailors and their ships. And it i commonplace to see . And soviet ships berthed Side by Side Here. At one time recently seven russian ships operating out of Cuba were berthed at piers adjacent to a visiting . Navy Carrier sigh of the Gold and red Hammer and sickle is increasingly familiar off Canada s East coast sometimes in areas where Allied warships exercise and in Halifax Harbor which claims to handle More russian ships than any other port in the Western to the russians they come Here strictly As fishermen. They deny their mazes of radio and radar antennas or their complicated apparently Navy style sounding or listening equipment Are used for anything other than to catch fish and navigate. About 50 of the communist ships use Halifax As their Home port while fishing the Georges an grand Bank i this year. Soviet seamen play soccer at dockside or walk the streets of Halifax in twos and threes but almost never officials say there Are no better behaved visitors to this City of about 100,000 than the rus sians. The supplies the soviets Purchase include Al Coholic beverages but we never have any trouble with them said one official. And no russian has Ever jumped ship Here a Halifax customs official noted. The russians who seem to strive to give a continuous appearance of correctness do not encounter. Any clearance difficulty with Canadian immigration and customs officials who find them very co opera the soviets have proved to be an economic Bles sing to merchants. In addition to Trade in such traditional Sailor fare As souvenir trinkets and nylons the soviets occasionally spend As much As $1,000 in replenishing seamen Are Friendly but do not invite intimate contacts. They normally will pose cheerfully for news paper pictures and while Many speak English the will Converse in their native Tongue until they Are certain of the stranger s purpose. More often they will refer the stranger to the russians recently let newsmen tour two of their ships a trawler out of Cuba and a water Tanker serving the Atlantic fishing Fleet. But the guides did not divulge anything More than cursory information on some of their More Complex and sophisticated radar each ship the 502-ton Oka a trawler from Kaliningrad Russia which operates out of Cuba an the Tanker Vyrus from Tallin Russia Estonia most of the Crew have their own rooms equipped wit bed desk bookshelf and chairs. The officers rooms were distinguishable by the addition of food and drink. In the Galley of the Oka Hung pictures of Lenin and of Fidel Castro posing with an unidentified per son. There were russian newspapers and reels of movie film exchanged Between ships while in port. The Sovic ships usually spend up to seven months at sea. They generally fish the grand Banks beginning in March and then move on to Georges in , Georgy czech thin has a 29-Man Crew aboard the Oka. Tim average age of the soviet seamen is 25 and they All Are salaried. The Vyrus has a Crew of 23, including two highlight of the two inspection Tours was inter viewing the Captain of the Vyrus 31-year-old estonian Axel Siemar to the background strains of Rock n1 Roll music in his Cabin. Siemar who has been coming to Halifax aboard the Vyrus for the past three years is an avid pop music fan and records collector. Pacific stars & stripes 9 thursday september 19, 1963

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