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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - September 19, 1963, Tokyo, Japan Stah dont Fence my baby in an authorized publication of the armed published in four among daily at by Pacific stars and Apo for he cinc Pac under operational control of editorial opinions expressed Are not necessarily those of the department of Pacific stars and stripes is distributed to authorized personnel in the Pacoma area for 10 cents 15 cents saturday or subscriptions Are monthly or yearly and must be paid in Advance per a 2305 and afr second class postage paid at Post san Ralph Mcgill goes search for a Champion p politics is a struggle for and the contending forces frequently become the gop Campaign is now in that the Republican for once gave ear to those who said the gop should give the people a Chance to vote for a genuine Alf Landon was those with Long memories still recall that and today grow a bit restive at the clamor of Barry Goldwater who Are sounding All possible brass and cymbals from All available roof tops in behalf of their demands that the party again give the peo ple an Opportunity to vote for a genuine far right it is a measure of the times that Alf Landon today is an elder statesman who has kept apace with needs and world he is a flaming Liberal com pared for former president Eisenhower has let it be known he does not think the Republican which in 1956 proclaimed from the cow Palace at san Francisco the slogan of modern my Gilje can we a nominee from either end of the party this would exclude both Rockefeller and the Eisenhower position is theoretically the in it is that the modern Scranton of Pennsyl hat Fiell of and Romney of not Well Kentucky Thruston whose Public and private record establishes him As a Man worthy of the is rather wistfully regarded by Loyal friends As one of the party really first rate unhappily for he appears to have entertained this very admirable ambition to the Point where he has or come dangerously close to the error of trying to be All things to All the inevitable result of such tactics is that ones speeches in the South Are contrasted with those made in the and and eyebrows begin to raise and questions Are it presently appears Only an actual deadlock would make a dark horse of one of the real surface puzzles is Why Romney of Michi Gan has not generated More he seems to have All the attributes of Many of his qualities Are those that made Eisenhower a popular and appealing the explanation seemingly lies in two one is that the republicans and independents who toiled to elect him governor Are strongly de manding that he stay on the Michigan they be depends on his carrying out his program and his the other Side of the Romney Coin is that the mood of the gop right Wing does not seem to be receptive to the quiet the father image the right Wing extremists with typical determined that if they cannot have Gold water they will Many of them never once voted for candidate but stubbornly sat it out in 1952 and angry be cause the 1952 convention did not nominate Robert t y the time the sessions of 1964 Are the republicans May have a Bell Ful of the party extreme the groups Best symbolized by the Birch which views Eisenhower As a communist Stooge and Richard Nixon As a dupe of the will be clamouring about the convention Hall by Day and by blowing their trumpets and trying to make another Jericho of these groups now in clude vocal leadership that is anti negro and they if they stretch things top be a sort of Blessing by giving the nation an example of just what the extreme political right has in Rockefeller apparently intends to make a his Hopes for the nomination apparently Are but he seemingly feels he must help prevent the party from being destroyed by the extremists on the Goldwater is against most things now he does not want the Federal government to bother about the welfare of the people or their economic he is against but what he Means by or which ones he would is not he says he is not a he simply wants the race problem left to the he apparently views social Security and International Security pacts with equal he opposes the present policies of the the negro and the Eisenhower the Republican Power is it will remain so until Early 1964 when the professionals will have it in will have lost words of the Wise you cannot antagonize and influence at the same Knox a fight were losing nation or a society which is not Able or Wil Ling to solve its problems can not America today is assailed from without and within with problems and threats that Are perhaps unequalled in its his it is spending billions of dollars and investing billions of work hours year in and year out to protect against the problems from is it doing As much to save itself from the problems from within the answer has to be the country is torn with internal discord and worker against group against race against we americans Lack the capacity to resolve these at least we have not resolved and this failure is perhaps the gravest National danger of take the Railroad for this threat to the National Economy and welfare should have been met Long machinery to Settle it should have been available and put to use As soon As it became apparent that the two sides could not or would not reach an agreement under their own Labo management disputes should never be permitted to endanger the Public the Public the Public the Public or even the Public yet we have endured and tolerated Over the years pro longed work stoppages in news Public civic and even in schools we seem As a nation and As a society to be strangely and of an under Heable of Compromise and often mean just the it can mean that persons or groups or races with conflict ing views have put Public Wel fare above personal Pride and and have yielded a bit to reach agreement that May save Many people acute inconvenience if not actual it is True that Webster de fines Compromise As a sur but he first defines it As a reciprocal abatement of extreme demands or America and needs the capacity to Settle its internal conflicts before they get out of As they too frequently a Good Way to help acquire this capacity is for each of us to develop and use a spirit of give and a willingness to surrender self interest in the Public to substitute humility for stubborn Pride and understanding for even a casual review of the National and International Situa Tio will confirm the suspicion that we have no newspaper Enterprise mixed opinion the Washington daily news on presentation by the Philippines of the Ramon Magsaysay award to the peace corps the news from Asia has been mostly bad lately South pakis India Are All trouble but there is one recent about Amer mostly have been tapped to receive the Mon Magsay say Given by the Philippines annually in re cognition of persons in Asia who exemplify the late Filipi no presidents greatness of integrity and Devotion to they Are the peace corps volunteers now serving in 10 Asiatic nations from Afghanistan to the the award citation noted the volunteers belong to that Small but growing fraternity who by their individual efforts do make a the new York times on communist chivas plans their first major objective seems Clear it is to drive All foreign in fluence russian As Well As of Asia and to establish their control these circumstances it would seem elemental Pru Dence for All the threatened nations to get together in com Mon instead of dissipating their energies in battling one such re conciliation in the interest of Mutual Security would be of special value for India and Washington Post on rising prices in France for the United higher prices f in France Promise some improvement in the bal Ance of but the measures announced by the French government show that general de Gaulle is not minded to let things get out of general de Gaulle sees inflation undermining his position As the american bal Ance of payments deficit has undermined president Kenne certainly Frances leadership in the common Market would end if France were to become the financial weak sister of the a and up Pacific stars and William Usa Oitice Richarge Larry Usan executive officer Gordon Skean general manager business manager Kelly Quito dual department and news bureaus Ernest Richter managing editor Howard Peterson editor Forest military Richard Larsh feature offices City desk and reporters 4024101 414257 night editorial duty North Japan Misawa 2369 Okinawa news 31213 night phone Korea Yon san night phone Clover circulation department and District offices circulation manager Mcbride Jane thrower books Lee sports Guam Asan bldg Taiwan support Taipei night phone Yang Ming Shan Philippines Clark air 31186 Subic Bay naval 442123 48086 Langley night phones Clark air 27141 tragically lacking capacity sp4 Settle civil rights issues it Pacific stars stripes september to which have been simmering for More than a and which now Are we seem to Lack the capacity and even the desire to give and to and without willingness to Compromise in honest differences of any any any any world is in to Many com Promise is a dirty it suggests that someone has it implies a Usa Elm Maag phenom penh 281 Guam Asan 518 446112 446293 Hawaii Hickam fab 417233 Hong Kong Swindon Book Nathan Kowloon 62040 Japan Katsugi Nas 55767 Kuma station 2447 Camp Zama 31312 Kuehu As 45705 Gozemba 878 Grant Heights 7273 Ila Zuke a 66693 Iwakuni Mas 2745 surrender of it hints Johnson As 55030 Kobe District 37649 Tachikawa East 24875 Misawa a 3444 Casebo 9890 Tachikawa West 23350 Tokyo 4024105 Wash Heights 5133312 Yokohama 206638 Yokosuka is 4236 Yokota a Korea area supervisor Clover 210 or 352 Carnap Casey 483r3 1st 324kr2 i corp up red Cloud 2770 Osan 2014 Pusan 3400 Seoul 2184 Ascom a Taegu 2701 Taejon 210 mid was ct1 Harry Smith Midway 2428 Okinawa Camp Hansen Hansen 652 Sokiran 32296 and 54110 Kadena Naha a Wabash 7119 Philippines Clark 31186 of base Angeles 1163r3 Manila 48086 Langley is 507 Subic Bay 442123 South Vietnam Saigon 60076 Taiwan 48313 Tainan As 502 Thailand Bangkok 141

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