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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - September 13, 1983, Tokyo, JapanTuesday september 13, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes consumer 15 buying a Diamond some tips by Louise Cook associated press diamonds May be a girl s Best Friend but they re not always a consumer s Best investment. The Federal Trade commission says thousands of people invest in diamonds and other gemstones each year lured by promises of immediate profits with Little or no but it warns that the promises can be misleading and says Amateur buyers can easily lose Money. The Agency says anyone who wants to invest in the precious stones must first learn about the different grades their Market value and their potential for appreciation. The difference in the Grade of gemstone including size color clarity and Cut can make the difference Between a Good and bad investment says the Etc. Once you become familiar with the grades of stones available you should compare the stones you Are being offered with others on the Market and find out what they Are being sold for. Don t let yourself be pressured by someone who urges you pet care mythology debunked by Charles s. Taylor United press International Atlanta if a dog s nose is cold it does t necessarily mean it s healthy. Animals do not heal themselves by Licking their wounds and a dog s Tongue is not sterile. These Are among myths Many pet owners cherish about their animals says or. Paul c. Glouton a veterinarian in nearby Lilburn ga., and a spokesman for the american animal Hospital association. Glouton and the association say veterinarians spend a lot of time debunking such ideas. Some Are amusing said Glouton but others can Lead to incorrect decisions about pet care or delays in making the right decision. Glouton said the myth that a cold nose Means a healthy dog is a persistent prognosis of amateurs. In fact he said some dogs with a cold nose May have pneumonia and a temperature of 105 degrees. Dogs and cats also get much More credit for Healing themselves than they deserve the vet said. ". Licking can actually slow Down the Healing process and cause further damage to the wound unless the Licking is stopped. And that s not easy the myth that a dog s Tongue is sterile maybe even cleaner than a humans is an untrue variation on the wound Licking idea Glouton said. The fact is that a dog s Tongue besides being non sterile is actually he said false notions about cats include one about a feline s sense of balance being in its whiskers. They act As feelers and have nothing to do with balance he widespread tale about cats always Landing on their feet is a vicious Rumor that undoubtedly has brought misery to Many cats. The Many broken Bones cats have suffered disprove this idea time and time another myth involves Bones being Good for ," Glouton said. Bones can cause a lot of problems for dogs such As constipation impaction of the intestine laceration of the intestinal Walls and other some pet owners Are convinced there is an association Between fleas and a dog s eyes thus the myth that Flea collars control fleas by preventing them from getting into the dog s eyes for said the notion is wrong that declawing a cat is cruel inhumane and deprives it of its Normal Jungle urge to climb. Declawing a cat usually involves Only the nails on the front feet he said. Surgery is performed under general aesthetic and there is no real discomfort to the cat can Lead a Normal life even outside and defend itself with its major weapons Back feet and to buy immediately or warns that an offer is Good for a Brief period Only. Take the time to investigate the Market. A Good Stone can be a bad investment if you pay More than you should. Find out How prices have fluctuated in recent years for the specific grades of stones you Are considering. Beware of vague or exaggerated promises like diamonds have appreciated 300 percent in the last five the claim May refer to stones of a different Grade. If you get an unsolicited phone Call or mail offer from a gemstone seller Contact state and local consumer Protection offices the postal inspector or the better business Bureau to find out about the firm. No matter who you Deal with get All the terms of the Sale in writing including information about return privileges or resale arrangements. When you buy a gemstone you probably will get a certificate describing its characteristics. The certificates generally Are provided by laboratories established specifically to perform this kind of service. But the Etc says the certificate simply reflects the opinion of the lab doing the grading other labs May have other opinions. Check the reputation of the lab before you buy. If you do decide to invest you probably will have to keep the stones for a number of years before you make any Money. Gemstones Are not a liquid investment the Etc warns. They Gener ally cannot be resold quickly for a the Market in faceted or Cut gemstones the kind available to individuals fluctuates and if you have to sell quickly you May take a loss. Selling your stones at any level May be difficult. There is no organized Market in Gem stones. Dealers and jewellers May be reluctant to Trade with you because they have regular sup pliers. You will probably have to find a private buyer and the process can take months. The Etc says some Sellers May Promise to buy Back your gemstone or resell it for you later but the Promise May not be Worth much. There is no guarantee that their efforts will produce a profit the Etc says. And you probably will have to pay a fee for this there also is the possibility that the company will go out of business making the Promise useless. Something s fishy five year old Kumi Aizawa of Tokyo examines three minnows which were kept alive in a can containing oxygen enriched water. The tiny minnows Are canned by a hokkaido fish breeder and sold by a Tokyo department store for $2. They Are guaranteed to survive in the can for at least two weeks. Up

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