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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - September 13, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 14 Pacific stars and stripes consumer september 1983 by David Sanger times new York there has been no Lack of studies showing that japanese automobiles and electro Nic equipment Are generally higher in Quality than their american but now comes a Harvard Busi Ness school study that has Amer ican room air conditioner manufacturers up in arms because it concludes that the japanese make a vastly Superior product in that line As More than the study con tends that japanese manufacturing in general produces products that Are far Superior to their american rivals because of worker participation in Quality control and intense attention to Quality prob lems by top executives in Japan not any technological this should be a warning Bell to american said Jackson Grayson who Heads the american productivity Center in Houston and has taught at several leading business this is the first time that someone has looked at a standardized where the technological differences Between the two countries Are very Grayson and the simple result is that Japan has bested american some representatives of the american air conditioning Indus try who participated in the har Vard which has been published in this weeks Harvard Busi Ness Are already Conten Ding that the results could not be made in Japan new findings from Harvard we regularly compare our air conditioners with japanese air conditioners and we believe we offer a first rate unit right said William Dent of North american operations for the Carrier a division of United we make no apologies for our for is Little direct Competition in this country for the air conditioners because few of the japanese machines Are imported into the United the by David an assistant professor at the har Vard business surveyed nine of the 10 american companies that make room air Condi toners one of them refused to participate and All seven of the japanese air conditioner Manu following the custom in such the company identities were kept and it is impossible to determine from the research results which manufacturers were the Best and which were the there was also no indication of the size of the japanese Industry com pared with that in the United among the most notable find Ings of the study Are these Range Between the High est Quality and lowest Quality producers was far greater than sex failure rates of air Condi toners made by the worst product which were All were Between 500 and times greater than those made by the Best All of which were the average american manufacturer suffered 70 times As Many defects on the Assembly line than his japanese and had to make 17 times As Many service Calls in the first year after the machines were failure rates of products turned out by even the worst japanese manufacturers were less than half of those produced by the Best american companies with the Best Quality records also had the High est productivity per extra Cost involved in making higher Quality japanese goods was about half of what american manufacturers spent on fixing defective asked to comment on the unexpectedly Large Range of Quality differences Between the japanese and american at we dont believe Bruce executive vice president of the association of Home appliance said that the Industry groups experts had not finished reviewing the study but much of the data was taken from and we feel that a Good part of the Quality Gap has been closed in the past two he what surprised me the most was that everybody in Japan was so much better than everybody in the Garvin in the study indicated that for every 100 units the average manufacturer found Assembly line defects and made service Calls in the first year of warranty the average japanese company found less than one Assembly line defect and made the equivalent of six tenths of a service Call in the first most american companies saw defects and breakdowns As just another Cost of doing Garvin now that is a serious competitive everyone talks a Good Deal about but it is an area which is easily Given Short companies in the United states also changed designs More fre opening themselves to More possible the study new wave Tupperware party by Jerry Schwartz associated press new York to the land of Magenta hair and mutilated to a club that offers transvestite mud wrestling and african tribal Vera Castellone brought a Little nug get of Suburbia a Tupperware a Tupperware party at a Dingy club on seedy Avenue a in manhattans East a Tupperware party where some participants seem to have come from another a Tupperware party for the new i love the so i enjoy demonstrating said on this Castellone brought with her from Long Island scores of Tupperware products and an indomitable will to sell she was greeted by men wearing mohawks others in unorthodox and a female Impersonator who made hours oeuvres with processed Tupperware is sold at parties at private in 28 years with Tupperware she and her husband Are now distributors for the new York area Castellone says the Only club dates Shes had were at yacht Castellone May never have set foot within a five mile radius of the Pyramid cocktail lounge but for Malcolm a 32yearold native of self styled impresario of the believer in Home improvement products and organizer of the Tupperware i always like to do something out of and i figure everybody needs said her blonde hair perfectly wears a red suit with a Button on the Lapel displaying Tupperware new theme youre in the company of i did this because Malcolm and i Are i Trust she the Man she trusts wore a lounge Lizard red Blazer to the Tupperware along with a Chain of tiny Tupperware containers draped Over his Bare you can put cocaine in any he ducts moaned the she introduced her Daugh Claudia Claudia they she said she would help them figure the sales tax on their purchases they for the next hour and a Castellone Sang the praises of Tupperware and dispensed household she told them How to make cheeseburgers with the cheese on the inside she explained that she cuts onions once a month and freezes them in miniature containers she who wears Small Orange glasses and his hair in a acknowledged he had attended Only one other Tupperware party when he was 6 years for Tupperware is and i love Kelso said in introducing the crowd Castellone climbed the stage to stand behind a table that appeared to support All of the Tupperware in the i Hope you Are comfortable i Ray the warmth of the friends that you make is More important than where you i certainly Hope that by the end of the we will be she to she said she would not be Able to demonstrate All the Tupperware pro described How she seals each Days leftovers in separate and then serves a saturday Morgas dont eat leftovers she eat said the numbering now about she explained the modular the Chees butter the won Delier bowl the Serveller the Pic Kadeli the audience was agog when she discussed the Crispin guaranteed to keep lettuce anybody out there like wilted lettuce she i dont mind if its left out of the refrigerator no longer than but overnight is said one his earring As Castellone entered the Home stretch the Popalo the shake mates a tall Man wearing a blonde wig and a quilted Gold mini dress walked kissed Malcolm and sat Castellone didst miss a beat her pitch she Drew an want the soup and Sandwich said the who is named David Wickstrom but performs As i work a five Day week and i take my and i think it would be very it was one of the Best Tupperware parties Ive Ever been said Stuart of who wears Small Orange glasses and his hair in a acknowledged he had attended Only one other Tupperware party when he was 6 years i think it was very said a Mohaw ked Man who identified himself Only Asim not going to buy i dont need any of Ray Castellone could not hide his disappointment at the Busi Ness they did about but he would do it he it was an he

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