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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - September 13, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 12 entertainment Erma Bombeck Pacific stars and stripes september the tribulations of a fashion wimp Ben Franklin didst know but he wrote my fashion Horoscope be not the first to try the new nor the last to discard the in in somewhere Between Bette Midler and Minnie i like it that i have a horror of walking into a room and having conversation unlike most i want to look like everyone the condition has a its called acute i had a Friend once who went to a formal dinner party dressed in a Nightgown Slit up to her sans if i had worn someone would have yawned and i had no idea it was so just toddle off and ill put out the lights As soon As i finish my some women dress from their husbands closets and Are considered i read where a woman in Chicago wears her husbands Boxer shorts to cocktail parties and i tried wearing my husbands shorts one Day behind a locked bathroom door and looked like the runner bringing up the rear in chariots of face in a fashion in 50 years of dressing i have never taken a firm stand on the ones in my closet go from Mario Thomas in that girl to Diane Keaton Annie every year i say i am not going to be dictated to by a group of but every year i Promise myself to learn How to pronounce Couturier and Ive never done if being conservative has any redeeming its that we never throw anything away we Are always on the fringe of remember that big shirt i bought the year we went camping that faded when i washed it with the sleeping bags All i have to do is rip the shoulder and id look like the Lead in but i cant do and Ive got All the apparel i saw recently on a girl at the shopping she had her jeans and a pair of leg warmers that went All the Way up to her hips stuffed into her i could do its just that i dont know where id put my on the few occasions Ive dressed a Little i worry about like a couple of sundays i put a Large fake Flower in my Lapel and wore a wide polka dotted Belt around my i said to my this int too is it he Shook his i that woman Over there is wearing the same i was the woman was sister Field enterprises Bridge talk by Charles Goren and Omar Sharif Tribune company both South North 4qj10 j654 010864 4a8 West East 4a74 49652 s71093 sq7 oa952 oqj3 4952 4k743 South 4k83 ak82 ok7 qj106 the bidding South West North East 2 4 pass 3 v pass int pass 2 v pass pass pass opening Lead nine of even the most experienced players can be fooled by a false this hand is from a recent rubber Bridge game at new Yorks renown Cavendish North employed the Stayman convention Over his partners no Trump open ing to Check on a major when the heart fit was in North made an invitational but with a with a Neutral Declarer would surely have made his he would have had Little alternative to cashing two High and the result would have been very but the West Bee led the nine of and Declarer found he had an alternative if the Lead was East held q10x of and they could now be picked Declarer put up Dummy Jack of covered by the Queen and won by the the club finesse lost to easts and the club return was taken in Declarer led a Low heart to his and was surprised to find West winning the West exited safely with a and Declarer still had one Chance to find East with the Ace of unfortunately that card was with and Declarer could not avoid losing two Diamond tricks for Down this hand bears out a Point that we have often it is not the dramatic plays that bring the Best a quiet bit of deception is Likely to be As successful sometimes even More radio Japan news on the hour Dick Clarks music machine inside Japan Jonathan Fields Friend health line Carmen dragon musical prime cuts Carmen dragon East of Midnight Roland Bynum Charlie tuna Mary Turner Harry Newman easy Riser Harvey easy Riser Charlie tuna Don Tracy Day tre Kicer Harvey Gene prices country world Mary Helen Barro Joe Ferguson Mary Turner kanto scene Okinawa news on the hour the clock watcher Harvey the clock watcher Charlie tuna the Day tripper Gene Price Don Tracy Mary Turner on the Road the Viteline Wol Manjack mystery theater Harry Newman Potpourri Roland Bynum Charlie tuna the clock watcher Philippines news on the hour news round up morning line armed forces digest Paul Harvey morning line Jim Pewter Gene prices country world Charlie tuna monday Brown paper bag Paul Harvey close up Harry Newman Don Tracy Road runner Jim Pewter Golden Days of radio face to face Joe Ferguson Mary Helen Barro Wol Manjack Mary Turner Roland Bynum Gene prices country world Midnight rambler Mary Turner Charlie tuna Don Tracy news round up Korea news on the hour morning headlines forces Harvey morning devotions bulletin morning headlines Charlie tuna Don Tracy Harry Newman news Golden Days 01 radio bulletin Board history of Rock and Roll Roland Bynum Mary Turner afternoon show news Jim Pewter Gene Price Don Tracy Wol Manjock face to Irwin reports mystery theater Pete Smith Charlie tuna after Midnight show Mary Helen Barro Joe Ferguson Gene Price morning Guam news on the hour Harry Newman top of the morning news top of the morning Charlie tuna Golden Days of radio Jim Pewter Gene prices country world Fen today Mary Hellen Barro Joe Ferguson Fen outbound Mary Turner news information program Roland Bynum Golden Days of radio Jim Pewter wolfman Jack mystery theater Midnight crossing Mary Turner Don Tracy wolfman Jack Charlie tuna Harry Newman movies Japan Okinawa Sanno Benny Fleet Katsugi Katsugi Mon 1 2 3 5 13 Richard base gym tue 1 2 3 4 6 13 14 15 16 tue 17 18 Camp Camp tue 3 21 22 23 24 25 17 26 27 28 29 Grande John Korea Philippines Collin Subic tue 2 34 30 31 Yon san Camp Camp red Camp Camp Camp rec Center Camp Camp Suwon tue 32 33 19 35 27 tue 36 37 38 39 40 41 27 42 43 44 37 38 36 Friendship Camp Camp Camp Camp Kunsan Kwangju Guam Meehan sky View tue 27 29 34 6 43 45 29 46 39 40 34 47 tue Nana 1 Blue Thunder r 2 return of the Jedi pm 3 breathless r 4 Piranha 2 r 5 something wicked this Way comes pm 6 Tootsie pm 7 tender mercies pm 8 private Benjamin r 9 Waltz across Texas pm 10 psychotropic Man r 11 Carbon copy pm 12 image of Bruce Lee r 13 Superman Iii pm 14 air plane ii pm 15 two champions of death r 16 my Tutor r a not available 17 enter the ninja r 18 forced vengeance r 19 the Black stallion returns pm 20 the Man who saw tomorrow pm 21 things Are Tough All Over r 22 blood Beach r 23 fast times at Ridgemont High r 24 poltergeist pm 25 Porky ii the next Day r 26 Gandhi pm 27 oct Pussy pm 28 Paradise r 29 psycho ii r 30 throw out the Anchor g 31 Tough enough pm 32 Trench coat pm television 33 ten to Midnight r 34 without a Trace pm 35 Star wars pm 36 Cree show r 37 humongous r 38 the sender r 39 Barb a Rosa pm 40 taps pm 41 super fuzz pm 42 the Empire strikes Back pm 43 escape from new York r 44 the Pursuit of Cooper pm 45 Savannah smiles pm 46 the Looney bugs Bunny movie g 47 clash of the titans pm kanto Plain september 12 news Silver to guide Little House a new begin whats happening variety special the fantastic miss Piggy news baseball Chicago Kansas City Wacky world of Jonathan Winters Alice big country general Hospital insight news 1 1 30 1 25 september 13 info special Moiro a vision of blindness general Hospital ryans Hope Hart to Hart Chicago Story puppets electric company big Blue whats Hap pening family feud flight schedule Square to guide Happy Days again portrait of a whats happening the fall Guy Devlin Mac flight schedule to guide movie hold me general Hospital carry on laughing Misawa september 13 family feud you asked for it news women in jazz ryans Hope Peoples court Young at heart wild kingdom electric company he How Donahue general Hospital news in search of one Day at a time threes company thais incredible Hill Street blues movie Mechanic Wayne and Shuster news night owl theater in search of one Day at a time threes company thais incredible Hill Street blues movie Mechanic general Hospital Iwakuni september 13 1 1 55 general Hospital Povl ryans Hope Dukes of hazzard jazz Paulanka glitter thrill makers electric company sport Billy take Kerr family say the darn est things classified ads news Iwakuni scene that incredible Laverne Shirley different strokes Bonanza trapper John news variety special Anne Murray Caribbean cruise David Letterman jazz at the smithsonian 1 1 50 Glen Campbell Casebo september 13 pro football wild kingdom picture of health electric company Black Beauty ryans Hope general Hospital Kerr family say the darn est things Happy Days Loverne and Shirley 9to5 magnum Dallas movie Travis Logan David Letterman Okinawa september 13 pulse 8 you Magazine at ease family feud kids say the darn est things news general Hospital ryans Hope take five Gloria travel in music pulse 8 Hooker Silver spoons the electric company cartoons wild kingdom take Kerr news Devlin connection Kung fun dialogue threes company Remington Steele pulse 8 news movie White water rebels general Hospital Philippines september 13 Polanko talk about pictures family kids say the dam dest things news world track and Field puppets Stanley smog less Steamer beachcombers electric company ryans Hope news general Hospital whats Donahue news program highlights too close for Comfort Little House on the Prairie Devlin connection Dallas news movie trial of Lee Harvey Oswald Wayne and Shuster big country travelling music general Hospital Korea september 13 real people were Movin Peoples court Richard Simmons Donahue ryans Hope general Hospital sesame Street big country family feud news Wacky world of Jonathan Winters Mash movie Tea news Charlies Angels tonight show David Letterman

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