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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - September 11, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 22 Pacific stars and stripes experts differ on condition of shroud Rome a an italian scholar says the shroud of Turin a length of Linen venerated As the burial cloth of Christ May deteriorate further because it is being kept in a poor condition that lacks humidity con in a forthcoming Maria Gra Zia Siliato expresses the fear that the bloodstains on the shroud May disappear unless it is Given better protect excerpts of the Book were made available to but monsignor Giulio a leading authority on the disputed her its always pos sible to improve the Way it is but i find her finding he the which bears the image of a bearded Man with wounds said to have been suffered by has been kept in the Turin Cathedral since it was transferred from Cham by the House of Italy former Royal family that owned the 400 years wrapped in red it is locked in a Silver Box in the Ion september 1983 the shroud of Turin briefs poll teens of prayer new York up a major Ity of teenagers surveyed by a Magazine favor some form of voluntary prayer in their the study was based on questionnaires returned by readers of seventeen fifty five percent of the respondents were in favor of organized voluntary prayer in Public and 45 percent were almost seven out of 10 65 j percent said they attend Reli i pious services nearly every and Only 16 percent said they never two kinds of jews new York a the pres ident of orthodox rabbis says Reform rabbis Are planting seeds of schism among jews by recognizing children of non jewish mothers and jewish fathers As this could result in two kinds of jew and destroy the Unity of the jewish says rabbi Gilbert head of the rabbinical Council of jewish tradition holds that a child must have a jewish Mother to be considered americas churches fail to teach ethics it is time for parents and religious leaders to reflect on a painful Paradox while two thirds of americans Are members of churches or and 41 percent have attended religious serv ices within the past according to the Gallup americas crime rate is vastly higher than japans or Europe where Church attendance is a Small fraction of the our astounding crime rate is largely due to Lack of in is due to Lack of ethical instruction in the schools aim a Tiger opinion forming the schools and churches Are Well Situ ated to teach individual ethical re but do not do says amoral a study by George Benson and Thomas i dont know Why churches in America Are doing such a poor Job in teaching character and re but i get irritated when such religious leaders As the Jerry Falwell who Calls himself though he has no earned say the answer is to put prayer Back in the it evades the primary ques Tion of Why the churches themselves Arent having a greater Impact in character there is no evidence that a govern men written prayer would have any Impact on and most there is every evidence that systematic character education can have a very definite positive Impact on Young people and on society As a for 20 the Thomas Jefferson research Center in Pasadena has been creating and distributing materials common to All religions that anyone can use to teach ethical principles to like what ethics and religion Michael Mcmanus mistakenly gives change for a kids then break up in Small groups to develop an ending for the they choose the honest and Are eager to explain free discussion is a key for children to develop their own positive attendance in 1979 was student Days better than which meant the system got More state Aid which is based on Pupil vandalism was held to a three year increase of while other California sys tems had a 20 to 30 percent increase t courage and use of time and Honor and can anyone disagree that these Are important qualities to learn for they were taught explicitly by most most parents and most Many parents and some churches still but As chief Justice Warren Burger has we have virtually eliminated from Public schools and higher any Effort to teach values of personal accountability and respect for others but thanks to the Jefferson some classrooms in such diverse places As Allegheny new san Antonio and have used the character education curriculum with astonish ing which Are summarized by Jeffersons founder and Frank Goble Young people Benefit through improved self esteem and schools Benefit through reduced vandalism and other disciplinary school attend Ance and income teacher morale teacher turnover is Parent school relation ships business firms Bene fit from reduced and the improved Quality of entry level the entire Community the Public senses this would be the a 1981 Gallup poll reveals that by a 4tol parents of schoolchildren favor instruction in the schools that would Deal with morals and moral be yet where is the evidence that Jeffersons curriculum really makes a difference Modesto assistant superintendent James Enochs directed a program to introduce the fourth r responsibility to the it already had included Jeffersons character education curriculum in every elementary classroom mainly pamphlets in which Short stories Are read to children on How a child might face different ethical Situa the stories Are followed by questions asked by the teacher or role playing by the one Story for second graders tells of Joe who was sent to the store with a Dollar to buy the clerk most student test scores soared from about 45 percent of the state average in writing and math to 60 to 80 that was partly due to higher academic but Enochs says character education is a critically important element of the Lawrence principal of los Angeles intercity 59th Street says that Jeffersons pro Gram creates an atmosphere where we just Haven had any and the average scores of first graders Rose 8 to 15 percent in average attendance in san Antonio jumped from 85 to 95 and theres been a reduction of 40 percent or More of discipline problems refer red to the i urge every interested educator and Church Leader to write to Frank Thomas Jefferson research 1143 Lake 91104 for inform Michael a former for eign correspondent for time is a practising

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