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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - September 9, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 12 entertainment Pacific stars and stripes september 1983 stripes looks at to racism charge hits Hollywood Hollywood Yaphet kotto knows Hes asking for but feels he must speak out against those who Are accusing Hollywood of the Way he perceives the such charges Are not Only untrue and unfair there they carry a message to Young Blacks that theres no use trying to become an and i know that not who costars with Michael Douglas in Star chamber and is one of the leads in abcs new love and Honor in talking As a Black actor who has made 25 movies in 15 i did it without and without the a act but with the help of a lot of people in this based on my i just dont see Hollywood As a race conscious he is Well aware his words wont gain him popularity among Many members of the Black he also Doest deny that Many Black actors Are out of but the Way he sees its not its economie ism that going on in there just Arent enough movies and to shows to go around for everyone in the All these complaints about Black actors not getting a fair shake whoever said this business was fair its a crap shot which has nothing to do with but Talent and All i can Tell you is that when i made pictures like alien and i want hired for Socall Eji Black color didst concern those filmmakers and i cant believe there Are executives sitting behind desks somewhere dont hire Hes he does believe that protests being mounted against Hollywood by Black groups often do More harm than and in a final he now there saying t is bad for the image of and that a team should be taken off the that maybe the role t is playing Doest have All the dignity in the but its a a respectable we cant All be Paul but we can All strive to realize our potential and Stop using racism As an excuse not to from the inside looking out David Bowie and Lionel Dart Are collaborating on a musical sequel to Mary Poppins Lynn who once starred on Broadway in my fat will be getting a Cool million dollars Over the next three years As weight watchers spokesperson James Brolin has Given up race driving for the duration of his hotel series under orders of producer Aaron on the personal Side now that theres so much talk about Mick Jagger and Jerri Hall expecting a the couple is suddenly talking about tying the knot though there not saying exactly the latest Jagger heir wont be his As the Media has in addition to daughter Jade by a wife theres also his 12yearold daughter by Black Singer Marsha Jaggers parentage of Karis remained a secret until when a los Angeles court ordered him to up his child support payments from a week to per let the Good times re Roll with editing on their scar face epic still dragging Al Pacino and filmmaker Marty Bregman Are already hatching their next big screen Endeavor a biopic of italia american congressman Vito the firebrand politician from East Harlem who opened the floodgates for puerto rican and Burt Reynolds and filmmaker Blake Edwards hit it off so Well during production of the upcoming the Man who loved there looking for other projects in which to 20th Century Fox be happier about the business Warner is doing with risky the picture has made Young Tom cruise one of the hottest draws of the summer and 20th happens to have him starring in its upcoming All the right foreign affairs Britain Center television is gearing up for production of a million miniseries about the entire Kennedy no casting As Irving Wallace is setting off for Scandinavia where his bestselling the about Sweden Nobel was banned in the 60s to promote the release of his the almighty in Oslo and Nipsey russells voice wont have to be dubbed for the French version of dream the Columbia film Hes just completed for produce director John Boorman in Nipsey Speaks French hell be heading Back to Paris next month for looping of the which Marks his first dramatic role and his first turn before the cameras since he played the tin Man in the Ugo the italian Star of the film version of la Cage Aux will be working with his two Young sons in his next big screen ii for producers Luigi and Aurelio de Japan news on the hour Konto scene pro Gram Golden Days of radio Jim Pewter Cross country wolfman Jack mystery theater Lew Erwin reports face to face Pete Smith East of Midnight Roland Bynum Charlie tuna Mary Turner Harry Newman easy Riser Harvey easy Riser Charlie tuna Don Tracy Day trekker Harvey Gene prices country world Mary Helen Barro Joe Ferguson Mary Turner Konto scene Okinawa news on the hour the clock watcher Harvey the clock watcher Charlie tuna the Day tripper Gene Price Don Tracy Mary Turner on the Road the Viteline wolfman Jack mystery theater Potpourri musical Humble Harve Philippines news on the hour news round up morning line armed forces digest Paul Harvey morning line Jim Pewter Gene prices country world Charlie tuna Friday Brown paper bag Paul Harvey close up Harry Newman Don Tracy Road runner Jim Pewter Golden Days of radio face to face Joe Ferguson Mary Helen Barro Wolf Mon Jock Mory Turner Roland Bynum Gene prices country world Midnight rambler american country countdown history of country music Korea news on the hour morning forces Harvey morning devotions bulletin morning Charlie tuna Don Tracy Harry Newman news Golden Days of radio bulletin Board history of Rock and Roll Roland Bynum Mary Turner afternoon show news Jim Pewter Gene Price Don Tracy wolfman Jack Irwin reports mystery theater Pete Smith King biscuit Flower hour adult contemporary headlines and sports Guam news on the hour Harry Newman top of the morning news top of the morning Charlie tuna Golden Days of radio Jim Pewter Gene prices country world Fen today Mary Helen Barrow Joe Ferguson Fen outbound Mary Turner news information program Roland Bynum Golden Days of radio Jim Pewter wolfman Jack mystery theater Midnight crossing All that jazz Tom Campbells playback live from Gillys movies Japan Okinawa Yokota Sanno Benny Fleet Katsugi Katsugi Fri 2 3 4 thur 1 3 4 68 5 6 16 Fri 23 24 25 26 6 27 17 18 2 65 Fri 19 2 Richard base gym 31 32 Camp 33 Philippines Fri Collin 36 39 40 a not Grande John Korea Yon san Camp Camp red Camp Camp rec Center Camp Camp Suwon available Fri 41 42 43 Fri 44 45 46 47 48 44 31 49 50 51 45 52 53 Friendship Camp Camp Camp Camp Kunsan Kwangju Guam Fri 54 31 55 56 57 58 59 60 49 61 48 62 63 Fri Nana 68 1 Best friends pm 2 Firefox pm 3 Stroker Ace pm 4 stripes r 5 some kind of hero r 6 Tootsie pm 7 Carbon copy pm 8 blow out r 9 Condo Man pm 10 image of Bruce Lee r 11 Snake fist fighter r 12 curtains r 13 Tim Walker pm 14 tender mercies pm 15 fun House r 16 old Teller g 17 Harry Tracy pm 18 sophies Choice r 19 Friday the 13th part Iii r 20 free kiddie show 21 times Square r 22 american pop r 23 Pink Floyd the Wall r 24 the barbarian r 25 chariots of fire pm 26 High Road to China pm 27 in trading places r 28 Bruce Lee fights Back from the grave r 29 lady Chatterley Fanny Hill r 30 Porky r 31 absence of malice pm 32 tron pm 33 Soldier r 34 return of the Jedi pm 35 the Beach girls r 36 Savannah smiles pm 37 pay or die r 38 deadly Blessing r 39 Max Dugan returns pm 40 car crash r 41 second thoughts pm 42 table for five pm 43 Lone Wolf Mcquade pm 44 the sender r 45 neighbors r 46 kiss me goodbye pm 47 squeeze play r 48 Cree show r 49 psycho ii r 50 bad timing a sinful obsession r 51 52 Twilight the pm 53 zapped r 54 this is Elvis pm 55 girls Wholl do anything r 56 fist of fear touch of death r 57 the watcher in the Woods pm 58 mansion of the doomed r 59 Star wars pm 60 the sting ii pm 61 the lords of discipline r 62 the Best Little whorehouse in Texas r 63 without a Trace pm 64 Looney bugs Bunny movie g 65 Star trek ii pm 66 the sword in the Stone g 67 my Tutor r 68 Waltz across Texas pm 69 Piranha 2 r 70 scanners r kanto Donahue general the beachcombers sesame september Kung you asked for september 9 different ryans teachers general Young Peoples special mama Malone to Bret take family feud kids say the too close for an evening at the family kids say things Paul Anka whats trapper David in search Remington St Elc Mac flight news night owl Sheehaw Dukes of news big country love Sydney news movie 1 love 1 55 Kung fun Shannon trapper John you Magazine sesame Street 1 1 50 David whats different strokes teachers Falcon Crest movie Mission Monte ryans Hope news general Hospital 1 25 39 Bret Maverick an evening at the improve trapper Wayne and general Hospital whats happening Donahue news David Letterman general program highlights september september Hen son Hart to Hart you Magazine to pulse movie the family Rico Iofi september i1cw i u i d Uovino Letterman general general you asked for 1 Ati Kunn fun ryans 1 05 Peoples i re ryans 1 35 family Remington 05 Falcon 1 55 kids say the darn est Hee Haw 55 picture of general Hospital sesame Street whats pening family feud Donahue Mac storybook Black Beauty sesame general Hospital 1 00 ryans Hope 17s Unkn september 9 Donahue take i ukr ivc 1 30 family feud kids say Palco Falcon Crest private Benjamin to iui56 o different strokes real people whats classified Square pegs pening news Iwakuni Silver spoons Donahue serendipity singers trapper Mac flight lome greens new wilderness Archie bunkers place Bret pcs Krnc a Traci cartoons Donahue take Kerr ryans Hope general Hospital electric company news movie electro Glide in family classic theater in the Good old fall Guy movie Young people special Stanley smog less Steamer Misawa september 9 family feud Richard Simmons movie million Dollar news movie prime suspect Wayne and Shuster movie Buster and Billic Square pegs pulse 8 news bring Emback alive Shaun Cassidy special chopper one family feud news puppets too close for Comfort movie West Side Story news carry on laughing 1 1 00 tonight show ryans september big Fri sesame David big Glen general

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