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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - September 8, 1983, Tokyo, JapanThursday september 8, 1983 Pacific Pacific stars and stripes group reports on East Asia trip by Laura Neitz ass Guam Bureau chief Nimitz Hill front line nations in East Asia Are looking to the United states to help them modernize their military forces to defend against soviet adventurism in the Pacific according to information released from the office of Melvin Price chairman of the House armed services committee who led a committee delegation to South Korea Thailand and China. They recognize that the threat to world peace and to the Security of their own Borders is posed by the soviet Union and its client states Vietnam an North Korea Price said. Ranking minority member of the delegation rep. William l. Dickinson said i am particularly they recognize that the threat to world peace and to the Security of their own Borders is posed by the soviet Union and its client states pleased to report that . Popularity in Eastern Asia has grown significantly in the past few years since Vietnam. It is obvious that Friendly nations there want us to play a Strong leadership role in maintaining peace and political stability in that Region of the assessments Given the delegation estimate that Russia has one fourth of its total ground forces one third of its naval forces and one third of its total air Force deployed in East Asia. According to the report Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam has become a major staging base for the soviet Pacific Fleet of 25 to 30 ships for projecting Power into the South China sea and the Indian Ocean. Guam s congressman Antonio won Pat said of the visit to China that he detected that the chinese wanted a warmer relationship with the United Dickinson expressed similar sentiments. Won Pat said that China wants some of our High technology. Price said that the chinese do not expect to buy the most advanced . Military technology but neither would they accept offers of greatly outdated equipment even though it was Superior to their own. Won Pat was concerned that the Transfer of much of our High technology to Allied nations would allow some of these nations to eventually outstrip the . Economy and cause a severe imbalance in Trade. However he noted that it has been brought out that if the . Does t share their High technology someone else won Pat said that Secretary of defense Caspar Weinberger is scheduled to visit China this fall to discuss High technology items that China requires. Dickinson also said that any improvement of relations Between China and the . Is a Long time off because of the soviet push for Hegemony in Asia and that ironically China is serving As a counterweight to any vietnamese designs on Thailand and that Thailand is in some degree a moderating Check on North Korea s ambitions to reunify Korea by Force. Won Pat said that the delegation met with prime minister Prem tins Vanonda of Thailand. Tins Vanonda said that increased . Military sales to his country will help modernize its forces to meet the threat from 80,000 vietnamese occupation troops in bordering Cambodia who Are supplied by the soviet Union. He told the delegation that thai military forces successfully repelled a vietnamese attack across the thai cambodian Border last april due in part to prompt equipment deliveries from the . Won Pat said the delegation also visited a cambodian refugee Camp at Khao i Dang just inside the thai Border. Many of the 55,000 refugees there have been waiting since 1979 to be resettled to third countries. According to the report the prime minister had said that Thailand has accepted the refugees plus another 40,000 Dien Bien Phu refugees residing in Thailand placing a heavy Burden on the govern ment and the thai people. He said the United states which already has accepted 610,000 refugees since 1975, has agreed to take in another40,000. While in Korea the delegation met with presi Dent Chun Doo Hwan and visited the demilitarized one do according to won Pat. Price and Dickinson reported that . Military sales to South Korea represent 5 percent of that nation s Force modernization Cost. Korean leaders Price and Dickinson reported that . Military sales to South Korea represent 5 percent of that nation s Force modernization Cost. Predicted that by 1986, South Korea will reach military parity with North Korea which now enjoys a 2-to-l Edge Over South Korea in major components of military hardware. The delegation made a Brief three hour stay in Guam where they were hosted to dinner by governor and mrs. Ricardo Bordallo. Members of the delegation also included Marilyn Lloyd Bouquard Tenn. Solomon Ortiz Texas William Whitehurst a. Floyd Spence . Robert Badham Calif. Bob stump Ariz. James Courter . David Martin . Roy Dyson my. Bob Mcewen Ohio Eldon Rudd Ariz. And russe Rourke assistant Secretary of defense. Battleship s Crew keeps tradition of holy stoning decks by ph2 Paul Soutar . Novy aboard the battleship new Jersey legend has it that British sailors in the Days of Iron men and wooden ships used frag ments of religious statues to scrub the decks or that most of the scrubbing was done on sunday. Whatever the origin of their name holy stones also called ecclesiastical bricks were both the Bane and Balm of sailors for Many years. Holystone ing the decks of a Man of War was an All Day Job that left Many a Sailor stooped and sore. It also bordered on recreation As sailors with Bare feet rolled their pants legs up breathed the fresh Salt air and Sang shanties to keep the steady stroke of the stones across the deck. Today the shanties Are gone for gotten after decades of steel decks. Now the Only wooden decks on a Man of War in the . Navy Are those of the reactivated battleship new Jersey and her soon to be re commissioned sister Iowa. Most of the main deck and parts of the next higher deck of the 887-foot ship Are covered with teak the same Wood usually found on expensive yachts. While technology in the forms of computers and missiles have been added to the 40-year-old ship sailors of the ship s deck divisions have no new technology to keep the naturally dark teak decks clean and smooth like Driftwood. It still takes the same ingredients a solution of cleaning agent called so ogee a mop handle a soft Brick and lots of muscle Power. Each Board on the deck gets a. Periodic scrubbing of at least 40 strokes. Considering that new Jersey is 887 feet Long and 108 feet wide that adds up to a lot of muscle Power. According to tradition the Large stones with a depression on top for a mop handle were called bibles and the smaller stones used by hand in tight places were called prayer books. Most of the old salts who walked the wooden decks aboard ships of the line Are gone and with them much of the tradition and history of the old Navy. But the need for a clean ship and the Pride in serving aboard a battleship Are still the same. Sailors Holystone part of the ship s main , ph2 Paul Soutar

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