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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - September 8, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 10 Airliner Pacific stars and stripes september 1983 from Page 1 conditions of bad visibility and was not answering the signals warning signals that the soviets have insisted their fighter pilots gave to the but the transcript of the tapes of the fighter pilots that were played before the United nations showed one fighter Pilot saying the air navigational lights on the 747 Are the Strobe the flashing outside safety warning Light of the Airliner is the United states played the tapes before the United nations Security Council on after warning shots were the intruder plane did not obey the command to Fly to a soviet Airfield and tried to evade so the interceptor fighter plane of the anti aircraft defences fulfilled the order of the command Post to Stop the the soviet statement the transcript of the fighter Pilot tapes gives no indication that the fighters gave the Airliner any warning the soviet statement concluded that the antiaircraft forces command of the soviet far East Region downed the plane after determining it was a reconnaissance aircraft per forming special tasks in the air space of the soviet in Reagan in the Reagan administration said the Airliner May have been shot Down in International not soviet territorial As reported administration officials said the plane May have been shot Down Over International Waters rather than in soviet As reported the 747 did intrude into soviet airspace before it was shot officials have White House press spokesman Larry Speakes said in Washington that the 747 was hit As it was exiting or had exited their territory West of Sakhalin the Jane was very close to being out if not out soviet air Speakes it very Well May have been Over International Waters introducing the fighter Pilot tapes before the United ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick on this tape you will hear the voices of pilots of soviet interceptors which included three and one mig23 including the us 15 Pilot who pulled the trigger which released the missiles which destroyed the korean air lines flight in the most dramatic a soviet Pilot was heard to say that the target was decreasing Speed and that he was increasing his own in Quick succession missile warheads locked on i have executed the launch the target is destroyed i am breaking off the attack what Are my instructions Beirut 5 Miles in the japanese govern ment also released transcripts of the fighter pilots be cause of differences in the wording of the japanese transcripts differs somewhat from the wording of the american transcripts but the messages Are the Kirkpatrick told the Council that two heat seeking missiles were used to destroy the presentation of the tapes was a dramatic departure from Normal Council not since ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge produced in 1952 the Seal from the american embassy in Moscow to demonstrate How a listening device was attached by the soviets has such evidence been displayed in the soviet ambassador Oleg Troyanovsky and his delegation sat dispassionately throughout Kirkpatrick either staring straight ahead or Reading Troyanovsky charged the United states was concerned Only with making political capital out of the downed As the United states and the soviet Union continued to Trade heated rhetoric Over the Downing of the ant soviet protests continued around the hundreds of thousands of demonstrators rallied in Seoul and other cities in South about employees of the Samsung one of the country largest business gathered at the Korea anticommunist league where they burned a 12foot effigy of soviet president Yuri the soviet missions Retreat in the new York City suburb of Glen Cove was under police Protection after unruly protests by to Rea americans Glen Cove mayor Alan Parente met with two members of the soviet ambassadors staff after 70 korean american protesters burst through the Gates of the estate and marched up to the Lawn of the 49room who ordered the police said the officers will maintain surveillance of the estate until emotions die in the governing Council of the worlds biggest commercial pilots organization called for a 60day ban on flights to Moscow to demonstrate its revulsion at the Downing of Kal flight but a spokesman for the International federation of airline pilots associations said not All pilots will be Able to respond because some countries do not permit Industrial the which has members from 67 including the soviet called for the Boycott to begin at an Early with a review after 30 Days to consider an Extension in both time and the pilots also demanded that the soviet Union guarantee it will not shoot Down commercial airliners in the if such guarantees Are not it additional action would be two marines killed in shelling near Beirut Ort druze Victory reported against Christian militia Alev Hamdoun Mediterranean Khalide far Malta Damour Shouf mountains lebanese army and syrian backed druze clash As israelis withdraw from Region Sidon Lebanon marines from Page 1 the latest round of firing attributed to an offensive the lebanese army has launched to the South and East to occupy the mountains of the said the marines Timothy the dissident druze militia has launched a sizable Geraghty said the marines blasted Back with machine artillery and Congress from Page 1 Peter staff director of the House defense appropriations chaired by Antimo Joseph said the panel still plans to begin drafting the spending Bill next week when Congress re turns from its five week summer he said he knew of no plan to delay floor at the end of a nationally broadcast address monday night in which he denounced the shooting Down of the wayward korean air line jumbo Jet and its 269 put in a pitch for his defense conceding that there has been legitimate difference of opinion Over defense Reagan appealed to members of Congress to Ponder Long and hard the soviets aggression As they congressmen consider the Security and safety of our people indeed of All people who believe in at the same he reaffirmed the administrations desire to reach arms control treaties with the soviet Union on intermediate Range and intercontinental nuclear Western analysts say the a continuation of an Lightyear Power could continue indefinitely unless there is a political Middle East envoy Robert Mcfarlane has flown to Damascus for talks with syrian officials to try to resolve the although Syria denies its forces Are participating in the Western sources said syrian artillery is aiding in the bombardment of the lebanese army and Christian East but Aspin argues that the administration must first allay doubts that it is As serious about arms control As arms the pres ident must take a bipartisan approach to developing a bargaining he despite the Airliner he arms reduction negotiations Are still though some right Wing Guys in the administration May conclude that the heat is off temporarily because of the wide spread outcry Over the soviet Aspin said the my would have been needed even without the incident and the Fate of the nuclear weapon should not be linked with the shooting Down of the Gary Hart of a democratic presidential candidate and Leader of an unsuccessful Effort to derail the my in the Senate earlier this made the same but with a harsher the he was mis guided in drawing a link Between this atrocity and production and deploy ment of the my this missile would further destabilize relations and Lead us closer to a hair trigger use of nuclear weapons in another

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