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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - September 2, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 12 entertainment Pacific stars and stripes september 1983 stripes looks at movies wonderful film on great people coping by Janet Maslin times Bob an american professor of has just finished delivering a lecture to some French As one of them puts a Day the sorbonne will never that same he is injured slightly in an Auto Accident and brought to the office of the Beautiful who is deemed the Best doctor in All of once Bob is patched he and Nicole stroll through a picturesque fishing now i understand Why so Many impressionists came Here to Bob he and Nicole share a romantic Nicole i have a tendency to use my studies and my patients As As a shield against personal relationships asks she that could he this All takes place to the tune of Plaisir and against the backdrop of a Beautiful Seascape and a picture postcard inspired by All Bob and Nicole impetuously go woman and child All has much the same Tenor As this but it int a movie about Bob and its about Bob Martin Sheen and his wife Sheila Blythe and what happens when the consequences of that Devil daycare Little swim become ten years after Bob sets the sorbonne on its ear this episode comes As a Flashback a Little while into the Bob receives a phone Nicole Nathalie Baye has been killed in an leaving behind a son Bob didst know he How will Sheila adjust Bob tells youre not Gonna let this shatter our whole Are you As a matter of Shes 5a7een woman and which bears the unmistakable stamp of its Erich is about wonderful people coping wonderfully with a situation that would seriously frazzle just about anyone Sheila who is played beautifully by much More imaginatively than this movie deserves invites Little Jean Claude to come visit with the Beckwith which also includes two Young if such a thing were to happen in any Normal there might be a Pillow fight or two among the theres no sibling rivalry even though Bob makes it Crystal Clear that he loves Jeanclaude much More than he loves either daughter and probably More than he loves his America is More than ready for an interesting movie about the problems of but woman and child int the Sheens like the Albert Finney character in shoot the is something of a self involved and the movie is pretty much on his As who has an Al Bangs haircut right out of a Keane painting and is ludicrously Well begins to please his father by displaying athletic prowess and wearing a baseball Bob just and the movie lets Jeanclaude is a great so perhaps its not fair to imagine theres any sexism its just that this like love exists at a mind boggling remove from anybody genuine experience or when the film takes a moderately realistic turn at the last its committing Box office by this its simply too late for anything Downto Earth to As directed by Dick woman and child has wholesome Good looks and a modicum of but its finally too lightweight and phony to be much makes without a Trace look like notes from the someone in the preview audience was heard to apparently trying to place woman and child within the spectrum of current films about Parent child can do stripes your printing Call stripes Job shop Ottovon radio Japan news on the hour Konto scene pro Gram Golden Days of radio Jim Pewter Cross country wolfman Jack mystery theater Lew Erwin reports face to face Pete Smith East of Midnight Roland Bynum Charlie tuna Mary Turner Harry Newman easy Riser Harvey easy Riser Charlie tuna Don Tracy Day trekker Harvey Gene prices country world Mary Helen Barro Joe Ferguson Mary Turner kanto scene Okinawa news on the hour the clock watcher Harvey the clock watcher Charlie tuna the Day tripper Gene Price Don Tracy Mary Turner on the Road the Viteline wolfman Jack mystery theater Potpourri musical Humble Harve Philippines news on the hour news round up morning line armed forces digest Paul Harvey morning line Jim Pewter Gene prices country world Charlie tuna Friday Brown paper bag Paul Harvey close up Harry Newman Don Tracy Road runner Jim Pewter Golden Days of radio face to face Joe Ferguson Mary Helen Barro wolfman Jack Mary Turner Roland Bynum Gene prices country world Midnight rambler american country countdown history of country music Korea news on the hour morning forces Harvey morning devotions bulletin morning Charlie tuna Don Tracy Harry Newman news Golden Days of radio bulletin Board history of Rock and Roll Roland Bynum Mary Turner afternoon show news Jim Pewter Gene Price Don Trucy wolfman Jack to Irwin reports mystery theater Pete Smith King biscuit Flower hour adult contemporary headlines and sports Guam news on the hour Harry Newman top of the morning news top of the morning Charlie tuna Golden Days of radio Jim Pewter Gene prices country world Fen today Mary Helen borrow Joe Ferguson Fen outbound Mary Turner news information program Roland Bynum Golden Days of radio Jim Pewter wolfman Jack mystery theater Midnight crossing All that jazz Tom Campbells playback live from Gillys movies Japan Okinawa Yokota Yoko a Camp Sanno thur 1 2 3 4 5 Fri 1 2 3 Benny Fleet theater Katsugi Katsugi 16 17 18 19 Camp 34 35 Camp 36 Fri 3 27 28 16 29 30 Grande John Korea Philippines Fri 22 23 Fri Richard base gym Collin 38 39 40 a not available Yon san 1 Camp Camp red Camp Camp Camp Camp rec Center Camp Camp Suwon Fri 41 42 32 Fri 46 47 48 49 50 51 34 52 33 16 47 53 54 Friendship Camp Camp Camp Camp Taegu Kunsan Kwangju Guam Meehon sky View Nrec Fri 55 34 56 57 58 59 60 54 52 61 50 38 62 Fri Nana a 4 1 Stripe r 2 Porky ii the next Day r 3 the barbarian r 4 old yeller g 5 my Tutor r 6 Tough enough pm 7 Robin Hood g 8 crossbar pm 9 nuclear terror r 10 Eddie macons run pm 11 something wicked this Way comes pm 12 private lessons r 13 Yeti giant of the 20th Century pm 14 woman and child pm 15 american Werewolf in London r 16 17 Ghostkeeper pm 18 up River pm 20 Trench coat pm 21 ten to Midnight r 22 Porky r 23 fail Safe pm 24 free kiddie show 25 the Road Warrior r 26 times Square r 27 Friday the 13th Iii r 28 of heavenly dog pm 29 forced vengeance r 30 Superman Iii pm 31 lady Chatterley Fanny Hill r 32 tron pm 33 the sinful bed r 34 the Soldier r 35 chariots of fire pm 36 the Best Little whorehouse in Texas r 37 forbidden world r 38 everybody gets it in the end pm 39 Star wars pm 40 outland r 41 the Day time ended pm 42 the Psi Factor pm 43 the Trail of the Pink Panther pm 44 the Young Cycle girls r 45 the grim reaper r 46 Twilight the movie pm 47 the watcher in the Woods pm 48 zapped r 49 pets r 50 escape from new York r 51 52 without a Trace pm 53 the sting ii pm 54 six weeks pm 55 Caveman pm 56 fist of fear touch of death r 57 the Beach girls r 58 liars Moon pm 59 the Crete fold girls r 60 the lords of discipline r 61 kiss me goodbye pm 62 Savannah smiles pm 63 escape to Witch Mountain r 64 Piranha it 2 the spawning r 65 Cinderella g 66 Blade runner r television kanto Plain september 1 news mama to guide too close for Comfort Paul whats happening Tarzan Remington Mac flight schedule news movie pork hop Hill David whats Hap pening general Hospital Kodiak news september 2 you to guide news general Hospital ryans Hope Dallas Remington Steele beachcombers sesame whats Hap pening family feud Mac flight schedule news private to guide real whats Hap pening serendipity singers Benson trapper news movie von ryans express 1250 Best of whats Hap pening Misawa september 2 family feud Richard Simmons news movie the enforcer ryans Hope sesame Street big country Donahue general Hospital news Kung fun different strokes teachers Only Bret Maverick an evening at the improve trapper my David Letterman news night owl theater Kuangfu different strokes teachers Only Bret Maverick an evening at the improve trapper David Letterman general Hospital Iwakuni september 2 general Hospital ryans Hope Falcon Crest picture of health Gloria storybook Black Beauty sesame Street Donahue family soy the darn est things classified ads news Iwakuni scene lome greens new wilderness 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town at ease David Letterman Kung fun Hee Haw general Hospital Korea september 2 Merrie melodies movie longest Hunt nil team highlights Buffalo Bills different strokes Mash Square pegs talk about pictures Donahue ryans Hope general Hospital electric company for oodles Stanley smog less Steamer family feud Hee Haw puppets science screen report movie von ryans express news Ebony Jet celebrity showcase tonight show saturday night live Kodiak

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