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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 28, 1982, Tokyo, Japan Pacific sunday Pacific stars and stripes november 1982 books Miracle of Dunkirk a Marvel of research and recreation the Miracle of by Walter 232 by Herbert Mitgang n the world of Walter there Are always More heroes than even in his stirring new the Miracle of he has a Good word to say about almost All of the j historical personages on both sides of the Battle lines of the Retreat by the British in 1940 that turned into a famous once lord has assigned himself a Tough Book to write and brought it he has done so with his special style of research hundreds of personal revisiting the scenes of the soaking up the atmosphere of a time past and making it sound As if it happened building Small details into a Large other contemporary writers have done so with historical subjects but few with such consistency in a series of books from a night to on the sinking of the to his lonely about the civilian coastal watchers in the South Pacific who supplied information to the allies during world War there seemed no escape with a few Quick Brush lord sets the scene at Dunkirk there seemed to be no on May some Allied troops Lay pinned Down against the coast of Flanders near the French port of hitlers advancing tanks were Only 10 Miles there was virtually nothing in yet the trapped army was by june 4 just 11 Days later Over had been evacuated safely to England As one of the great rescues of All it was a crucial turning Point in world War Over the the Retreat has been seen in different lights to the for it suggested bitter defeat and one of the interesting conflicts in the Book is Between prime minister Church ills Effort to keep the French Happy As an ally even As the British troops were taking to the sea orders to both the French and the British to make a desperate last stand were ignored by Field commanders who recognized that the Only alternative to surrender was but Retreat was a dirty word in the military lexicon even As the soldiers made their escape it was called an when it became Clear that survival to live and fight another Day meant returning to the disorganized French generals sharply reprimanded the British prime min ister for not including More Poilu among the mommies crossing the English we Are companions in Churchill told the bitter there is nothing to be gained from recrimination Over our common he then ordered his commanders to use the British forces As a rear guard so that the French could the order was not carried out but tens of thousands of frenchmen were evacuated and formed the Vanguard of the free French who later symbolized the occupied nations will to what were germans doing Why didst the germans close in on the beaches and wipe out the near helpless British and French soldiers being evacuated lord said that several miracles were the usually rough English Channel was a milk Pond for nine the under the boastful Hermann was assigned the Job of pulverizing the but the Stuka although they did much did not do enough to prevent the another lord was hitlers order halting his tanks just As they were closing in for the revisionist historians have suggested that Hitler allowed the British to escape so that they could honorable sit Down at the peace but from his examination of the Field orders and talks with British and German lord knocks Down any such theory of hitlers Hitler had his eyes on not and he wanted to save his tanks for the main drive on the by the time Hitler discovered that Goering deliver and lifted the it was too eyewitness stories the lord treatment of Dunkirk is at its strongest in recounting the hundreds of individual stories by the Little ships that crossed the Channel showed the British seafaring tradition in its finest hour Miniver multiplied a thousand the authors generosity does not extend to the German is troops even this Early in the massacred surrendering British but including nazi was part of the learning process that War kills innocence and the difference Between the lord technique and that of any number of academic historians is the originality of his he Doest simply go to the books and records compiled by others wherever discovers the living it is Worth nothing that the list of persons interviewed some 500 including the germans far exceeds the list of printed materials he has consulted for the Miracle of this is contemporary history at its most times iboo1i by Louis Sabin across 1 6 10 14 19 Broom rider Flower Holder Glass Sheet hebrew Prophet Balbo noted Pilot 20 african Antelope 21 love god 22 exterior 23 fifes partner 24 certain spook 27 cavalry sword 29 Hodgepodge 30 English philologist 31 ancient silk fabric 34 Estuary 35 hindu garments 1 intelligence 2 Call Day 3 file Aid 4 concluding events 5 author Alger 6 Viva 7 Sandaran 8 thesaurus entry 9 bleeds 10 undesirable one 11 ancient pulpit 12 entre 13 go wrong 14 Sudan sorghum 15 yellow pigments 36 tune with a Las vegas setting 42 Pablos pal 43 originate 44 Parrot 45 it takes two to dance 48 garlands 49 wine 50 Apt 51 big band Leader numerical prefix 53 fright movie 60 French River 61 Sharpens 62 its for the Birds Del Fuego 52 63 65 pin site 66 the Mummy hand review 67 chaplains 68 Sophia of films 69 musical item 70 Bane of Many newsmen 73 data 76 excellent 77 freudian term 78 Beret 79 indonesian islands 80 gel 81 Abadan Money 82 Rhone feeder 84 Iowa religious group 85 fright sight at sea Down 16 purloined 17 assuage 18 25 Cream 26 Kitchen Riser 28 seek Relief 31 deep Blue pigment 32 to love 33 to catullus 35 the lord 37 Claros Cousin 38 threefold 39 got fun 40 Tower builder 41 disregards 45 inexpensive 46 Belafonte 47 out 51 did undercover work 53 Kitchen Aid 54 Hengist brother 55 Maureen or John 56 glum one 57 up tipped 58 the jealousy Heareth All things 59 not hidden 60 suit stuff 63 resort Lake 64 kind of for Short 65 Spanish 89 imps 91 pamphlet end 92 Christian society member 93 name on Wii bomber 94 far East gambling spot 96 intimidate 98 Lindbergh plane 101 City of France 105 of a Grain 106 Norse goddess 107 part song 108 water purifier 109 Gay fellow 110 autocrat 111 Austen novel 112 israeli desert ecclesiastic 66 harmonious sounds 67 school groups 68 legit 69 Spanish entertainer 71 thin disguises 72 gang Follower 73 for one 74 roman Date 75 banquet 79 buy on time 81 charge 82 cynosure 83 ski Flint 84 desert 85 put aside answers on Page 18 86 baseball Hallof Famer 87 Sweet drink 88 Dallas Grid Power Chicago news 89 Flower part 90 Loos 94 Industrial 95 global mass 96 per 97 addled 98 weep 99 frequently 100 Danube City 102 be in a Way 103 unit 104 Renos state

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