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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 28, 1982, Tokyo, Japan 14 Pacific sunday Pacific stars and stripes november 1982 Pacific sunday 15 Novelty can bring Money and Fame by Mike Gose k Elly Contreras is a Brown wide eyed american Model whose Beauty and professionalism has earned her a healthy income from japanese clients seeking an Atten Kelly has had More than 40 jobs in her 2y2year most of them coming since she joined a Tokyo Model Agency nearly a year she does not come according to the zen Kelly earns about three times the salary of a japanese who has just graduated from that three times a the daughter of an air Force is 8 years he stage is bombarded from All directions by the Stark Glare of overhead the child models Are standing in the Center of that looking out into the studio and into the Lens of a Brent Farwick and Eric both Are helping to sell unlike they Are not under in this is erics first time under the although he has been registered with zen since Brent has had two other jobs in it has been 20 minutes since they climbed onto that they have been then to the staccato clicking of the every one move look at the look at the just with your the camera stops Only Long enough for the photographer to bark out some rapid fire instructions or to reload the seemingly endless Rolls of for the next four the Only break these children will get will be found in the dressing room while changing for the next no male Brooke sitting in the shadows outside the stage the boys mothers watch their sons Eric Lautenslager Catherin Whittock and Brent we dont know How much Eric is going to make for this but its not really that says Linda wife of Jay assigned to Camp i dont even know if hell want to do it when Brent first Judy Farwick saw modelling As a Chance for him to gain some Hes not a very athletic where he Doest succeed at he can succeed at she it would be very easy to exploit your but i think theres More to life than a child working at this i want it to be a fun there will be enough time to work when he grows in not about to create a male Brooke i want my son to have just a Normal while brents Mother sees modelling As a Confidence he is interested in a More material Brent wants to buy a four hours As he wearily trudges up the stairs to the dressing he is a few dollars closer to that Eric slowly in tired and he i just Wanna go but the Long hours Haven soured him on he nods and id like to do it k Laurie Banawa in the wings with some Ellys been there she knows How tiring it can be but Kellys a Strong her Mother and Shes Good at what she i she also contradicts the belief that japanese companies Are looking for Blond hair and blues that slowly says Masako president of k and m Model child models Are used throughout the far but nowhere is it the big bus mess that it is in practically a kindergarten there Are agents in Tokyo and Zens Akiko Taniyama says her Agency has 500 children registered with nearly half of them Are k and m has 80 from 6 months to 18 registered and the number is growing each according to our office looks More like a she most of the models come from military we were approached by a lady about six months after we got Gina Contreras she had taken some snapshots of Kelly while she was playing some Las minute and then came to us saying that she would like Kelly for a to it was just a Novelty thing Back adds Al we figured that it would be a couple of times and then it would be but after Kelly appeared in a japanese childrens clients began to ask about Kelly averages three jobs a week according to her has worked As Many As six times in one afterschool hours Kelly is popular enough now so that our Agency can Tell the client that she is in school until and is not available on the weekdays until after 4 Contreras some agencies dont realize that the kids need an they treat them More like models than i know that one Agency told a Friend of mine that children Are not paid to be there paid to be i resent the Only time Kelly is taken out of Contreras is when it would be something something where Shell do something for there might be a to com Mercial where there shooting it in Kyoto the face that launched a 350 Miles but when we go on these jobs we take her spelling a math Book and a Reading Kellys parents wont discuss the Money she is Only to say that their daughter has a very substantial amount in the the her Mother will go for even More Contreras is that Kelly is gaining you can have All the education in the she but without the Confidence to use youre too too soon there All according to at least one modelling often carries a High Price tag traps that Are All too easy to fall there is a problem with says Sandi who works with the family services Center at i dont think that children who Are placed for a Long time in a mature environment like modelling can come out Harold China with their own she she the possibility for exploiting the child is a constant in a lot of the child the parents dreams and everything of if those expectations Are but eight out of 10 times there Contreras says that Kellys modelling is a career while Shes in i dont want to think that were going to go Back to the states to do she Kelly May not want to do its her Shes a we remember that Shes a teens face More problems the most susceptible Bon Giorno seem to be there very narcissistic at that very aware of their she but at the same there in a its an i Between there but there not there but we have More expectations the safest Way to approach Laurie Banawa another instruction during a Long in the states youve got millions of Beautiful you Are a Little bit of a weve got no big ideas of going Back to the states and look Here we some people Bongiorno is in it should be used As an experience to enhance your Childs used in she it May Lead to an unrealistic expectation by the child when he or she returns to the United states and becomes just another pretty Kellys parents View her Success As just a Case of being in the right place at the right they Tell us Shes Good enough to Model in the United but who to say Contreras in the youve got millions of Beautiful you Are a bit of a so weve got no big ideas of going Back to the states and look out Here we some people some people who work less than Kelly really think there going to go Back and make it jealous adults with this Contreras goes a Little not with the children she but sometimes i think that what adults feel is reflected in jealousy also is a threat within the Bongiorno because that child is providing Money to the it would be easy for the parents to favor him or but Kellys Al and also though they Are nowhere near As Busy As they Are beneficiaries of her at birthday the boys can say heres what i want and Kelly can afford to get it for Contreras Kellys income also helps her she is Able to buy things for herself that we would have had to mom remembering a recent trip to Kelly had said that she wanted a new four poster brass so she bought she has also purchased a Walkman and new bicycle things her parents May not have been Able to Kellys monthly is her parents but when visiting the local Candy Kelly is allowed Only 100 yen about 40 i think its important to know that 100 yen is a lot of Money for an Contreras discipline is she adding that Kelly knows what a wooden spoon applied to a covered backside can Contreras describes her daughter As a kind of with few close friends on most of her friends Are japanese children she has met through i have a lot of Little friends on we say i and goodbye to each Kelly today i walked Home with a what was the friends name she gives it some thought and finally i cant sitting with her Mother and Kelly is rarely interrupts the and quietly asserts that while she is a daddy she loves her Shes my Kelly there a sense that the is not too far away from the children who Model have to i a very healthy Bongiorno a sense of so if their looks were taken and their picture we rent in a lot of they could still in what they need to remember is that they Are not of because they Are there models because there

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