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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 28, 1982, Tokyo, Japan Pacific sunday Pacific stars and stripes november 1982 viewpoint readers forum even 2nd hand smoking a Hazard Broder gop governors feel abandoned readers forum i am writing in reference to your 31 question of the do you say anything when annoys you Why did you not limit your participants to nonsmokers obviously a smoker is not going to be annoyed by another smoker since both Are enjoying the same Nasty perhaps Many smokers Are not aware of the lethal consequences nonsmokers face when they breathe the secondary smoke that smokers blow into the the smoke not Only increases my Chance of developing but it also causes a nonsmokers clothes and hair to makes their eyes water especially those who Wear invariably causes one to get a headache above Blacken the lungs of anyone who breathes the awful in Why should my family succumb to an Early grave simply because a smoker cannot break the Gross habit Why should my nonsmoking Peers suffer As Well no one has Ever proved there is anything advantageous health Wise about so Why dont All of you smokers out there simply quit the habit As so Many physicians have done they should they Smith Korea More on Dodds teachers thank you for publishing the articles by David Sullivan and Joyce these articles enlighten the readers with information to form intelligent i have always been an Active member of the overseas education association and i wish the readers to know that the association supports and protects the rights of All teachers whether they be local hires or nonunion i am one of the career teachers with 21 years of Dodds service and i do not know the exact number of Days i have Given to the government because of the 75 Days Cap on teachers it must be considerable because i am very Seldom As mentioned in the previous i am Only one of the Dodds teachers who would not take leaves unethically and consequently lose Dodds reasons for trying to remove the 75 Days leave Cap for its teachers Are com but for the wrong reasons saving Money is but being equitable is Fred Nakagawa Yokota Japan no slight intended i wish to take this Opportunity to apologize to anyone who took some of my statements in my 31 letter As having discriminatory i most certainly did not intend my letter to convey any such i believe most strongly that any whether possessing or any other lineage As being equal and having the same rights and privileges As anyone it world be a horrible if we fail to forget the manner in which americans of japanese ancestry were driven from their Homes and businesses and herded into american concentration Camps in the desert during world War ii just because of their family Douglas Shames Seoul address letters to readers Pacific stars and Apo san Francisco David Broder sixteen years in the Wake of a midterm election in which voters rebelled against the inflationary Side effects of the newly enacted great society programs and the newly expanded Vietnam a group of democratic governors gathered in White Sulphur it had been a rough election for the eight governor ships had fallen to the republicans and House losses were Iowa Harold Hughes said the governors believed that if their party continued the same policies for another two it would be turned out of the message to the White House from the Republican governors who met in Kansas City two weeks ago was less pointed but just Illinois James Thompson put it this Way the 1982 election was a cry for and those in Power have two Short years to Licking their wounds the governors came together some some shaken survivors intending to lick their but not to Light the fires of like others who have been confronted with the seeming indifference of the Rea Gan White House to the import of the recent they moved quickly from shocked disbelief to barely suppressed like the democrats of who said through Hughes that their losses were basically a trend from the National level anti Thompson and the others attributed their casualties to National Lance the Houston pollster who worked in Many of the governors they got exactly the same 43 percent of the vote in their races maybe youll feel better in the Ronnie bad As the House Republican Candi dates this was a National tarrance also said the election had roused the governors from their Long period of political As a they played almost no part in the selection of Reagan As the 1980 but As tarrance they Are ready to raise their voice in the Republican party and say to republicans in if you dont understand whats going on in the we top priority work one of the things the governors understand is As Thompson putting people Back to work has to be our top another is that the Reagan administration has foolishly and perhaps fatally antagonized major voting groups Small business Union the women and most often cited Texas William Cle Defeated for told How he was overwhelmed in the Barrio boxes by a democratic challenger who had opposed Extension of the voting rights act and criticized bilingual Pennsylvania Dick Thornburgh told How his margin had been sliced in Philadelphia Black wards he had carried four years even though his democratic opponent was a stranger to those voters and to the civil rights Thompson himself told How the outpouring of Black votes in Chicago had almost Defeated we have to reach out to Blacks and Thompson could be its Only a they voted straight against Liberal mod Erate republicans and conserva Tive even when they didst particularly like the demo they were sending a message to and that message must be there was some muttering among the governors about Rea Gans bypassing their meeting and making a to a savings and loan convention in new in that Reagan vowed to continue on the same accelerating the de sense cutting taxes across the and attempting to close the huge deficit Gaubys lashing Domestic reagans speech was Clear proof that the message of Kansas City has not reached Washington Post

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