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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 28, 1982, Tokyo, JapanSunday november 28, 1982 Pacific stars and stripes Pacific sunday which do you prefer burgers from Mcdonald s or Burger King question of the week interviews at Sanno hotel Brenda Weaver Yokota Abs Japan urge King. In like the thicker bigger Bur Ger. E very time i buy Ai big Mac at Mcdonald s they put Athin layer of meat and another piece of bread and another thin layer and with the salad dressing by the time you get ready to eat it it s All soggy. Burger King s got a bigger Bun and it s not All soggy. But Wendy s is Thebes Overall. I usually order a deluxe cheese Burger at Wendy s. It s a Nice meal. And Wendy s has a Nice salad bar. That s another Good thing about it. Richard Douque Yokota a Japan Don t like Mcdonald s or Burger King. Idon t like food that if Youj wait 15 min utes after you buy it the staleness sort of sets in. It get hard. The French Fries after three min utes is like a piece of stick. I Don t care for Ham burgers too much. I guess it s because in the states there Are so Many hamburger d much rather eat a regular meal than some thing Quick. Sec Bob Levy Fen Yokota Japan i t s been Solon i can give you a honest Haven t been Back to the states in seven years. I guess it s six of one Halfa dozen of another. Whichever one that does t have Kangaroo june i m going Back to the states. Idon t know if i d head straight for a Mcdon Ald s. I might go to one of the others perhaps not so much for the hamburger. I understand that Burger King think it s Burger King has an exceptional salad bar. My wife was Back there two year Sago but i Don t remember which one she said. Marian and Keith Apple Tokyo Karen White Okinawa Arian can i say neither i m not a fast food person. I m very nutrition conscious and i rather make Good wholesome Ham burgers at be been to Mcdonald do you like Mcdonald s hamburgers Keith yes. Marian my children love Mcdonald hamburgers. I d rather stay away from them. I just Don t think they re pure ground re probably not the Best Quality meat. They Don t come from the Best part like the sirloin or the roast part. They re probably just the leftovers from All the trimmings. An they re not the leanest. They probably have a lot of fat in it. And those fast food places Adda lot of Salt which in t Good for you. I try to avoid them. The Only reason Why would go to them is to take the children. The kids like them. You know with All the neat things Keith let s go po1 Connie Altwies Misawa Japan " urge King. It does t seem to be so commercialized As Mcdonald s is. I think Burger King still has a certain amount of originality. It also tastes better than Mcdonald s. It s got Anulf fabricated taste to it. Eating with Ronald Mcdonald just does thrill me at All. At Burger King you go into a Halfway adult Type situation. Cpl. Mark Mouraview . Embassy Tokyo like Mcdon Ald s. I like the Way the make their be been to Burger King Man times but i just Don t like the Way they Grill them Over that open fire. It s got a different taste to them but i Don t like be had a Mcdon Ald s in Tokyo and thought there was a difference in the the worse. I be heard some stories that they made them out of soybean and things like that and i thought Mcdonald s would never do but there was a slight difference in the taste. I like Wendy better. It s go More beef Init. It tastes like real meat. I like the Way they make it and i like their salad bar. But think Mcdonald s has Good French them i d put Wendy s first Jack in the Box and then Mcdonald s. I can t re member going to a Burger King. Ben Caddenhead Misawa Japan i prefer Mcdonald s. I like Mcdon Ald s sauce. It s kind of like thousand Island. I order the big Mac. It s been a Long while since i be been to either one but i really remember going to Mcdonald s More so than Burgering. But Wendy s is prob ably no. 1. If burgers from Mcdonald s an Wendy s were both Side by Side i d have Wendy s. Wendy s is no. 1, Mcdonald s no. 2 and Burger King somewhere Down there. Spec. 5 Barbara Lindsay Camp Zama Japan m Cdonald s. Like the me it has More on it. Like Burger King but if had to make a Choice it would be Mcdonald also love Wendy a but Mcdonald s is my favorite. Henry Yaskal Tokyo i prefer Mcdonald s. Idon t like to walk into Burger King. I Don t like the Way the stores Are set up. Food is place does t at tract me. Mcdonald a does t bother me. Mcdonald s Burger you know the super duper thing. The big Mac i think it s Well prepared. With salad onit and what have you you be got a whole meal. What else can you expect out of a hamburger

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