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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 25, 1982, Tokyo, JapanThursday november 25, 1982 Okinawa Pacific stars and stripes marines take shot at fraternizing by Cpl. Glen Gutjahr . Marine corns Camp Butler it was Aesop who originally warned familiarity Breeds marines have for two centuries said something similar and now they re warning that familiarity not Only Breeds contempt but trouble for those involved. This Point was emphasized when maj. Phillips commanding general Marine corps base recently issued a policy paper addressing the corps stand against fraternization Between senior and Junior marines regardless of the Marine corps policy in the matter has Long been situations that invite or give the appearance of familiarity or undue informality among marines of different grades will be avoided or if found to exist Phillips stresses the Point by stating that familiarity. Will not be tolerated. Marines who fail to conduct themselves within acceptable Bounds of behaviour in their social or professional relationships with other marines will be subject to appropriate administrative and or disciplinary explaining the purpose behind the general s policy it. Col. Russell b. Tiffany Marine corp base inspector said it s not that we have a problem Here but by issuing this policy paper the command is bringing this area to everyone s attention. It s a but some May ask what s the harm i marines mixing socially according to three of the top four enlisted marines Here there s plenty. Marine corps base sgt. Major John Nozar declared when you have staff non commissioned officers dating Junior enlisted marines or hanging around with them it creates a breakdown in the feeling is the same in the 1st Marin aircraft Wing. We live on High standards in the corps said 1st Marine aircraft Wing sgt. Major Jesse Naihe. I be been in Over 20 years and the Marine corps has never believed in fraternization. It s not just policy it s a matter of keeping our standards Tiffany agrees with the senior staff non commissioned officers and took it one step further saying a person engaging in fraternization is liable for violating a Marine corps order. However this does t mean Well immediately punish a first offender. The individual s Case will be sgt. Major Morris Larson of the 3rd Force service support group said it was t Long ago that there weren t Many female marines wit even fewer assigned overseas. It was More controlled then. Now we re talking about 8,000women in the corps and 750 to 800 right Here. Men and women Are going to get together but we should try to be professional about maj. Edward Cassidy Deputy staff judge advocate for the 3rd Marine division explained his command s reaction to the problem. The rank Structure is still there he said. We Are still going by Marine corps policy in this matter so there Are no questions about where we stand. We feel it comes Down to education. Fraternization has been discussed at All Levels to keep everyone aware and avoiding the Pitfalls of fraternization can be difficult but the key word seems to be leadership. It can be very hard to get around the problem for some people added Naihe. You have to be Strong and maintain a professional a senior Marine loses his leadership credibility when he engages in fraternization warned Larson. It s a problem throughout the department of defense but it can be handled by being professional and also by giving Junior marines the leadership they Nozar summed it up saying we be got to Lead. This is policy and staff non commissioned officers and officers should be aware of it. It just like the Battle against alcoholism. It s healthy that the corps is addressing the problem an getting it out in the open so it can be dealt with in a professional manner and eliminated. Fraternization is everybody s travel requires document Check by Lance Cpl. Sue Gausby . Marine corps amp Butler service members stationed on Okinawa travelling to different countries Wither without dependents should be aware of the documents needed to insure travel into and out of the country they Are visiting. A service member must acquire the proper documents for himself and his dependents prior to leaving , especially should make sure they have a passport and visa when required but also they must have an exit and re entry stamp to insure passage in or out of exit and re entry stamp is absolutely necessary for any travel outside Japan according to gunnery sgt. Davie Lawrence administrative chief of the base adjutant s office Here. A person May be denied re entry into the country if the stamp has not been acquired. The following is a list indicating different countries and the documents required for successful travel. Where there s no indication of different documentation for military Airlift command or commercial flights then the requirements Are the same in both cases. Korea dependents need passport visa exit and re entry stamp. Military need passport if Mac and passport and visa if dependents need passport. An exit and re entry stamp is Only required if they Are leaving the country. Mac and commercial. Military need Only have leave papers and i card. Hong Kong dependents need passport an exit and re entry stamp. Military need id card and leave dependents need passport visa and exit and re entry stamp. Military need passport and visa. Taiwan dependents need passport visa and exit and re entry stamp. Military need passport and visa. Uniforms Are prohibited forbear in this country. Thailand dependents need passport an visa. Military need passport and a visa if staying Over 15 China dependents need passport visa and exit and re entry need passport visa and permission from their Branch of dependents need passport visa and exit and re entry stamp. Military need passport and visa. Australia both military and dependents need passport and visa. Service members Are urged to obtain the proper documents before leaving to visit another country. There is nothing enjoyable about vacation when detained or held in a country because of a Lack of proper May be obtained from a travel Agency the . Consulate or by calling the base adjutant s office Here at 635-6424. V. 1943-Era infantryman gunnery sgt. Danny Bun enjoys both the stubbed Cigar and the attention he s getting during the Marine corps 207 birthday Celebration at the Camp Foster baseball Field. Buh represented a 1943-Era infantryman during Foster s historic uniform pageant. Ass Danny Layne Marine navigators Chart course through skies by sgt. Doug Weatherman . Marine corps futenma Mas according tothe school definition navigation is the Art of determining the geographical position and maintaining the desired direction of the aircraft relative to the surface of the for the 14 navigators assigned to Marine Aerial ref Ueler transport Squadron 152 it s what they Chart ac-130 Hercules flight with. It s the Best Job in the Marine corps said sgt. Robert Sam Samick who s been a navigator for two years. There s never a Dull moment. The thrill of flying to Distant lands and meeting new people is very currently one of the few special Fields that sports both warrant officer and enlisted marines per forming the same role each must attend a six month navigation school at Mather fab in Sacramento Calif. When i attended the school there was a 75 percent attrition rate Samick said. Now i believe it has been reduced to around 60 course of instruction during the course of instruction students learn navigation terminology tools of the Trade Basic navigation weather and radar and daytime and nighttime celestial navigation. Even though a student mus achieve a 75 percent or higher Grade to successfully Complete the school training does t Stop there says Samick. In fact most of the learning comes after school when we re assigned to our averaging about 60 flight hours month the navigator s knowledge of sextants Lorans stations that trans Mit navigation signal inertial navigation systems which measure aircraft movement pressure Altime ters that Tell How much the plane i Drifting radio aids and radar Are put to use As they plot the course of their c-130. We have different publication such As charts flight plans and weather briefs for everywhere in the world to Aid in plotting and keeping us on course Samick navigation Field is currently open to All enlisted and warrant officers. Navigation billets aboard c-130s Are manned by 60 percent enlisted and 40 percent officers. Having the responsibility for ensuring the aircraft arrives at its destination is extremely Gratifying Samick said. New adventures continually unfold every time you Pacific stars and stripes depends largely on Public affairs offices for contributions to this Page. If you have a Story that would be of particular interest to this newspaper please let your Pao know about it

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