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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 25, 1982, Tokyo, Japan November 1982 Guam Pacific stars and stripes pole guards end Snake Barbecue by Patricia Clark Navy employees of Jess Pablos distribution maintenance Branch of Navy Public works Center pc Guam utilities department seized on a suggestion and worked out a Way of finally keep snakes off Guam Power the critters have been slithering up Power poles and shorting things out since Guam has had electric this group of High voltage electricians experimentally wrapped Sheet Metal around some of the Power poles that have been hit most often by the idea was completely successful no snakes have caused a Power outage on a Meta wrapped pole since As a a regular program of instal Ling stainless steel girdles on Guam Concrete Power poles started about a month the Story began Back in when two engineers from Pacific naval facilities Engineer ing Pearl were on Guam studying problems in Guam electric Power the Michael Hadano and Thomas got into a conversation with Navy pc employees about the old Pacific Island custom of wrap Ping Coconut tree trunks and the supports of Chicken coops with Sheet Metal to keep out on this has been used to keep snakes out of Chicken although Hawaii has no the rat is an equivalent Jimmy Nakamura of Navy pc Guam production engineering Divi Sion explained the rat likes to climb up and make a nest in the tree you wrap a piece of steel around the trunk to keep him from making a mess and ruining your one experienced Navy pc line Man believes the snakes that climb poles Are looking for Birds to he says the Birds nest Between the where the wires Are far enough apart that the electricity Doest sizzle of the Snake crawls too close to the wires when stalking the nest Zap High voltage electricians report snakes have been seen actually slithering straight up the navys new Concrete typhoon resistant Power poles on at least two their bodies were not wrapped around the the Concrete on some poles is rough enough to provide sufficient traction for the once a wayward Snake gets to the pole it Doest even have to touch a wire carrying electrical current to cause problems and Short out the the voltage on some lines is so High up to volts that there is an electrical a magnetic All around the Vicinity of the the electrical Power in the transmission line can actually reach out and grab any nearby some particular poles have been hit time after time by a the Power poles struck by the most snakes sit at the top of the Nas Agana Patricia Clark pole at the top of the Cliff at naval air has a single Guy wire that rises out of the Boonie near the top of that pole is a burned area where numerous snakes have come to a grisly on a pole directly across the Street from the Tamuning Post office and Bank of two snakes found Fried together caused another Power out even iguanas cause trouble on some Power such As those Between Harmon and lizards Are found climbing wooden poles about three times a morning clean up marines from 3rd platoon help keep the Island clean by picking up the marines started picking up the litter from the naval Magazine and finished at the naval station during a recent morning clean up Keith Rollins briefs new Squadron Boss Andersen fab the University of Southern californian Institute of safety and systems management has opened a new study Center at Andersen fab and the naval air station in the new study Center is a part of uses master of science in systems management degree systems management is a 36unit degree program designed to provide management training and skills needed to work in organizations involving people who use technology for administration or product for More information on the Contact Robin Hyatt at computer equipment at Nas naval air station us Central Texas College at the naval air station has received Worth of computer equipment consisting of eight student data a main computer and related according to John from the the Basic goals Are to provide equipment for student use and to store College such As student the computer will be used for classes building toward an associate degree in applied science leading to a fou year Pacific stars and stripes depends largely on Public affairs offices for contributions to this if you have a Story that would be of particular interest to this please let your Pao know about

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