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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 22, 1982, Tokyo, JapanMonday november 22, 1982 Pacific stars and stripes 13 Louisiana Bride or Groom or. Gator Ponchatoula la. A the witness atthe wedding of Billy Young and Thelma Ann reels gave a solitary Grin to the couple the watched the rest of the ceremony with his eyes poking above the water Only thing that was scared was the Alligator said Young 37. He made one move when i said i do he popped his Chin a Little bit and gave me a Grin. Other than that he stayed inthe water with Only his head and eyeballs sticking last month Young proposed to reels 26,outside the Cage of old hard hide the town owned Alligator. In Observance of that tender moment an because Young Hunts alligators for their hides the couple decided to marry in the Cage. The were joined inside by police chief Ernest Peltier the Best Man but the Rev. Vincent Beute remained discreetly outside. I just Don t think it s responsible for minister to get involved in that kind of thing said Beutel pastor of the Church of god i Robert. Old hard hide 40 years old is about 12 fee Long and weighs about 1,200 pounds. A newspaper article invited the entire town and about 150people watched the formal 20-minute ceremony. Afterwards the couple was presented with Woof old hard hide s Teeth each etched with their names. Kentucky paper swallowed up in merger Lexington by. Up after 95 years the afternoon Lexington Leader newspaper will cease publication and merge with the morning Lexing ton Herald beginning Jan. 1, the Herald Leader publishing co. Has Creed Black said there was no Way to Tell if the Leader was actually losing Money because the books of the Herald and the Leader were combined. He said the decision was made to head off any problems in the future. The newspapers owned by the Knight Ridde group now publish separate editions monday through Friday and combined weekend re not pleading poverty in this Black said. We just had to move now rather Black said the decision was part of nationwide trend of afternoon newspapers failing to attract readers in the television age. Virginia space conversationalist scarce Hampton a. A while there probably is other life out there in the universe humans should t expect to find Good conversationalist in outer space a scientist says. Within the next few decades we almost certainly will become aware of our status with respect to Eti extraterrestrial intelligence said or. John a. Ball a radio astronomer at the Harvard smithsonian Center for astrophysics i Cambridge mass. But i Don t think it will be anything so Sim pleas saying of wow i just picked up a message. They re talking to us i think it will be a Muchmore complicated phenomenon than Ball talking with reporters before a speech atthe National aeronautics and space administration s Langley research Center said he disagrees with the conventional scientific View that life exists beyond Earth on an intellectual level similar to that of humans. Instead i m convinced that extraterrestrial intelligence probably exists he said but that our chances of finding somebody at approximately our level of development that we can actually carry on a conversation with is whatever we eventually find out there Ball does t think we have anything to fear. The fact that we re still Here and functioning Means that the chances of finding someone who s benign As opposed to somebody who s out to Squash us like a Bug is the most Likely court bars surgery on suspect Richmond a. A a Federal judge has blocked the surgical removal of a Bullet from a crime suspect s shoulder because it would violate the Man s constitutional want the Bullet for evidence in the trial of Rudolph Lee or. He is charged with attempting to Rob and shooting a Market owner. . District judge Robert Merhige or. Said hews appalled at the Prospect of doctors rendering a person unconscious cutting him open and probing around inside his body for evidence which might or indeed might not Ai them in convicting him of a Georgia Diplomat won t be prosecuted Atlanta a. A Fulton county District attorney Lewis Slaton has decided not to prosecute japanese Consul general Ryo Kawade who was charged in August with drunk driving and assaulting a police , 55, is scheduled to leave Atlanta for reassignment in Japan s foreign ministry i Tokyo but the Transfer has nothing to do with the Case said consulate spokesman Stephen dropping the charges Slaton said Kawade has suffered More than most first offenders in embarrassment. Kawade was arrested aug. 17 after a police officer said he saw Kawade s car weaving across several lanes of an Atlanta Street. He was charged with driving under the influence aggravated assault on a police officer improper Lane changing and disobeying a police officer. Kawade s attorneys had argued that the Consul had diplomatic immunity. I Don t concur with that Slaton said but Idon t want to tie my court system up when i think this was an adequate disposition. He will not be driving an automobile in our state lard Slinger is sentenced Tifton a. A a Man accused of slinging chunks of lard at women from a car he drove in the nude has been convicted of Public indecency and placed on probation. Tommy St. John 31, of Tifton was arrested after a car Chase by officers investigating the latest escapade of the assailant dubbed the Crisco kid " said sgt. Mitch Williams. St. John was charged in a similar stunt a year ago but never brought to trial officials said. This time a state court convicted him of three counts of Public indecency. He was sentenced to two years on probation and ordered to see psychiatric treatment. Williams said the assailant drove naked through the town and country mall parking lot throwing chunks of lard at women. The South West Texas chickens Don t sweat it College station Texas up keeping Cool head is the secret of productive egg laying researchers have Cain Texas am University poultry scientist developed a Money saving air Condi Cooling Only the Heads of broiler breeder hens. He Cooling Only the Heads of broiler breeder hens. He said the same technique could be used to increase sperm production by Don t perspire and Don t have sweat glands he explained. They Cooling system supplies air to the Birds through a tube attached to the top of each the chickens want to Cool Down they put their Heads in front of the tubes blowing out the Cool air. The system has helped Stem an 8 to 15 percent drop in egg production of Southern chickens during the summer. The decline results in a estimated $20 million loss to poultry producers each year Cain welfare is important to producers because stress reduces reproduction resistance to disease growth rates and life spans he said. Keeping animals Content translates into Lowe prices at grocery phantom candidate out polls foes Austin Texas up Hank was Rule ineligible for student body president at the University of Texas even though he had nearly twice the number of votes of any challenger but supporters honoured him with a Victory part anyway. Hank t. Hallucination a comic strip charac Ter in the Campus newspaper the daily texan received just Over 3,000 of the 6,550 votes cast inthe first student elections since student govern ment was abolished on the 48,000-student Ca Pusin 1978. Two of Hank s human opponents Pat Duva land Paul Begala will face each other in a Runoff. Hank s Campaign manager Steve Patterson said the candidacy helped spark interest in the student elections. He said Only about 4,600students voted four years ago. Exercises held to a gospel beat piano Texas a the 100 women in Cath Stout s exercise class lift up their spirits As they firm up their s believer Cise exercise to the beat of gospel oriented pop words of Rock suggest so much said Stout 27."i m a pro family person and a lot of things in Rock lyrics were getting away from pro family husband wife relationships. The music in exercise spas started to affect my mind. I started to get wild and crazy thoughts thought patterns i had never had decided to put her dance and exercise training to work and devised choreography to go with gospel music. Some of the Christian songs have a Strong beat nowadays Stout said. We dance to . Thomas and Leon Patillo who used to be with the Rock group Santana. It s All the music s so uplifting said Connie Nicholson 23. You feel better inside and minutes later Nicholson and eight other women were dancing to a rhythm and blues beat while belting out i m Gonna keep on shouting tithe world knows Jesus saves. Rape victim awarded $1 million fort Worth Texas a a 20-year-Oldwoman has been awarded $1.05 million by a jury that found the managers of an apartment comple liable for the woman s rape and stabbing because a sliding Glass door lock was improperly repaired. The fort Worth jury agreed that the apartment management was negligent when it covered a Small Hole in the door with a Meta plate. Police said the woman s attacker who was convicted of aggravated rape pried the Meta covering off the door with a screwdriver and gained Access to the lock. Arizona these cops take the cake Tucson Ariz. A the officers a Tucson s Adam 1 police substation Are tops As far As Lorraine Childs is Ray Valenzuela and Larry Harris responded to a report of a woman in an electric wheelchair needing help. They found Childs her chair learning she was almost completely Blind suffered from multiple sclerosis and live Don a social Security pension the officers put up $100 of their own Money found spare parts an got the wheelchair running. Then they kicked in another $120 for new would have been a bed patient without that chair Childs said i thought my world All the substation s employees were invite Dover for cake she baked As a thank you. I m just so shocked i Don t know what to do she said. This is not just a police Force. They went Way beyond their duty to do something like this for someone in the

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