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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 21, 1982, Tokyo, Japan Pacific sunday Pacific stars and stripes november 1982 18 books tedious moments overwhelm the vivid in Carters memoirs keeping memoirs of a by Jimmy 622 Bantam by Christopher leh Mannhaupt one hefted Jimmy Carters keep ing Faith memoirs of a president with a heavy the weight and length of and the awful predictability of such randomly sampled sentences As this one in my inaugural address i had pledged to work toward the ultimate goal of eliminating nuclear weapons from the but i knew there was no magic formula for accomplishing this the memory of the authors made grave by the nerve racking hostage crisis the Prospect of reliving that especially after having read Hamilton Jordans briskly succinct account in his own crisis these were just some of the things that made the Prospect of Reading Carters memoirs seem tedious in the to a considerable this dread is borne in about a third of his Carter tries to push along All his marbles using quotes from his diary As his he ranges in a Given Section from the hostage crisis to inflation to his brother Billy to Afghanistan Back to the hostage crisis the resulting narrative tension is to say the very particularly in his chapter on human he succumbs to the preachy tone that sometimes made him such a Boring even As Rosalynn and i and in the Early he somehow strikes a personal note that rings false in the magisterial context of his becoming president of the United states after completing our walk and reviewing the Parade from a Pavilion in front of the White Rosalynn and i entered the mansion alone together for the first time since we had begun our official As we quietly approached our new i told Rosalynn with a smile that it was a Nice looking she i believe were going to be Happy in the White we were silent for the and then i i just Hope that we never disappoint the people who made it possible for us to live Rosalynne prediction proved to be and i did my utmost for four solid years to make my own Hope come one is certain that All this is accurate and but something has gotten lost in and however much one is tempted to one has to take care not to miss occasional entertaining our first movie in the White House was All the presidents Carter reveals in a diary soon after discovering what his workload would be i arranged for and All my key aides to attend weekly sessions of a Speed Reading course in the Cabinet after the first couple of my Reading Speed finally it to win a vote from he took the trouble to Speed read one of the California senators books on vivid portrait of Brezhnev and titbits Are not the Only dividends that perseverance the account of the 1979 Salt ii meetings with the russians in Vienna yields a wonderfully vivid closeup portrait of the late soviet Leader Leonid and Carters detailed report on the Camp David Middle East peace Summit is absolutely what with such scenes As the one in which Carter had literally to Block a door in order to prevent Egypt president Anwar Sadat and israels prime minister men Achem begin from abandoning the in these intensely dramatic the author truly rises to the role of peacemaker that elsewhere he is All too inclined to pay Mere pious Jimmy Carter something gets lost in the this High the narrative reverts to its formless Here bringing us up to Date on the operation to Rescue the there acknowledging the eruption of briefing Reagan one still has to pay of there for a very dry but funny account of the authors initial briefing of Ronald in which the president elect first claims not to need to take and then when the going gets if he might perhaps have a copy of when the author brings up South governor Reagan made his first real he expressed with some enthusiasm his envy of the authority that korean president Park Chung Hee had exercised during a time of Campus when he had closed the universities and drafted the he had been with me almost an hour and it had been a pleasant but i was not sure How much we had such mischievous moments As these do not occur quite often enough to Stop the Reader from breathing a considerable sigh of Relief when the last Page of keeping Faith has been nor do any other kinds of absorbing times Best Sellers fiction by James random the Story of the american space program told through master of the by Sidney the hidden truth behind a woman business tycoons Rise to the Valley of by Jean continuing the Saga of human survival at the Dawn of civilization begun in the clan of the Cave the extraterrestrial by William profusely illustrated version of the novelization of the current 2010 Odyssey by Arthur Ballanti Nedel continuing the journey through the solar system begun in 2001 a space foundations by Isaac the struggle to keep civilization alive in a crumbling fourth volume of stories in the foundation by Danielle a Clandestine transatlantic Romance survives the stresses and strains of world War different by Stephen four novellas with no horror themes by a modern master of second by Judith two emotionally battered a Man and a Are healed through the act of Healing an emotionally battered runaway the parsifal by Robert random Michael Havelock saves the world from nuclear nonfiction Jane fondas workout by Jane Simon an exercise Book for and More by Andy by Andrew a new collection of essays by the journalist and television when bad things happen to Good by Harold comforting thoughts from a Massachusetts the one minute by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer How to increase the productivity of those with whom you work As Well As your life by Durk Pearson and Randy ways to add years to your life and life to your years a medical science Book for the Loving by Leo inspirational talks by a University of Southern California the g by Alice Kahn Beverly Whipple and John Rinehart recent discoveries about human Jane fondas workout Book for birth and by Femmy Simon and advice from a colleague of the film keeping by Jimmy the 39th president recalls Asfour years indecent by David the scandal at Columbia pictures and Wall streets part in crossword d Uigh Smaill Siniah Louir t in r in tie Wii in in cryptogram wild mushrooms Are wonderful tar amateurs to and balloon meet had to Combine launching and Lush Garden vegetables had better flavor than store bought when odor like Wood smoke is abroad in the land it brings some

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