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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 18, 1982, Tokyo, Japan Pacific stars and stripes november 1982 manufacturing drops sharply Washington up wholesale prices Rose a modest of a percent last but Auto factory cutbacks helped drive the nations manufacturing output into its steepest decline since the government reported the producer Price the labor depart ments Broad measure of Price changes for has climbed Only percent since the first of the it promises a big 1982 the feds Index of Industrial production for october was slightly above the third Quarter the producer Price Index for october finished before seasonal was that was equivalent to a wholesale Cost of it was the 13th month of deterioration since the recession began 15 months ago a grim reminder that even Small Price when linked to relatively High interest Are discouraging to additional layoffs of factory workers occur quickly when Assembly lines Are slowed by weak for goods and services that Cost business in r in the latest sign that interest rates have at the acceleration in the Price Index at what improvement Over last years percent annual least temporarily stopped chemical Bank a oui be an annual rate of percent was wholesale inflation of new York tuesday raised its Benchmark prime mostly due to a percent increase in 1983 new while new car costs helped to push prices rate a half Back to the banking Industry car prices to Good harvesting a stable world Oil Price prevailing 12 and the recessions discouraging effect on buyers the new government economic statistics were All were holding Overall Price hikes to a issued just before tuesdays closed meeting of the minimum Federal reserves operating the Federal but tuesdays Federal Reserve report on open Market the closed to somewhat less than the of a percent decline in october factory production showed output Down the could decide whether the fed helps Energy prices were Down of a of a the most since interest rates go up or without Auto prices the Index showed Little food prices were Down of a registration from Page 1 Hatter dismissed the indictment with meaning the govern ment cannot indict Wayte a second time on the same a crowd of Wayte supporters who had packed the courtroom burst into applause at the end of the pretrial the ruling was made before Waytes Case had come to ruling unexpected hatters ruling that the registration Law was illegally promulgated came As a initially confusing attorneys involved in the Case against a former Yale philosophy student who said after the judges decision i think we can win this Case on the judge agreed with a defense motion which had gone unnoticed in the controversy Over the govern ments refusal to let Meese the White House documents and the claim of illegal selective prosecution that claimed that the government had waited just 21 Days instead of the required 30 Days from the time the registration Law was published in the Federal Register in july 1980 to the time it actually was put into this court does not agree with the government Contention that statements made by president car at the time he issued presiden tial proclamation amounted to a clearly articulated and legally sufficient waiver of the 30day notice and comment the judge other cases jeopardized the court recognizes the wide spread effect that a decision Grant ing defendants motion to dismiss due to the illegal promulgation of the proclamation will have on this nations selective service registration Justice compels the court to Grant defendants the proclamation in question was neither expressly nor impliedly exempted from the 30day notice and comment the judges rulings could jeopardize cases against several other Young men who contend they were singled out for prosecution because they exercised their first Amend ment rights and publicly proclaimed their opposition to draft the whole draft is out what this Means is that All the prosecutions that follow from the same draft registration system would be illegal and discriminatory if the courts ruling is said attorney Mark who defended Wayte on behalf of the american civil liberties it Means the whole draft is government officials have insist that dismissal of the Wayte one of 13 indictments returned nationwide against the approximately Young men who have failed to Register for the would have no Impact on the governments policy because each Case is pursued on its own the government says million men have complied with the registration registration is a program for a possible the draft itself ended after the Vietnam in Waytes attorneys had focused most of their attention on the claim that the Reagan administration was illegally singling out Only vocal resisters for names available elsewhere the court finds it hard to believe that the prosecute be Arm of the with Access to social Security could not locate any no registrants other than those who were vocal in their opposition to draft Hatter in upholding the defense the government agreed last month to let Hatter privately study White House documents requested by the defense including memos of meetings attended by Meese where the policy was discussed but defied his order to turn them Over to the Meese testify prosecutors also refused to let Meese saying it would set a bad precedent because he was exempted by executive late last after reviewing the government Hatter ruled that Acle attorneys had a right to see them and that Meese could not be exempted from testifying in the the government announced 5 it would not comply with the order to surrender the and invited the judge to dismiss charges so it could during a visit to los Angeles last Meese insisted he knew nothing about the Case and said the administrations prosecution policy was drafted entirely by the Justice he said he did not mind taking the but said he deferred to the advice of government Adelheid Schultz Brigitte Mohnhaupt terrorist from Page 1 found along with hand sub machine guns and other documents in the Cache near Frankfurt where Mohnhaupt and Schultz were police commandos were watching the hiding place when Klar a a police spokesman he said who was armed with a pistol and carried false identity was flown by helicopter to police Headquarters in wanted since had escaped police traps on several the last time in when he and Schultz fled from a Hamburg apartment that had been under Klar studied history and politics at the universities of Heidelberg and Karlsruhe before becoming a terror police said last week that ammunition and weapons found in the arms Cache near Frankfurt showed the gang was behind the attempt to kill Kroesen As he was driving to his Heidelberg they said they did not know whether the band was responsible for a recent wave of bombings at military housing a Soldier discovered a bomb in a Frankfurt military apartment House sunday but police defused it before it went alcohol from Page 1 it is quite Clear to me that at least 50 million americans Are affected 12 million of those Are alcoholics and the others Are family members who said Joseph a member of presi Dent reagans commission on Alco Pursche compare alcohol treatment program commissioned the Gallup who treated Billy Betty Ford and former Herman Talmadge when Pursch was associated the naval regional medical Center in Long said Young people Are especially aware of the problems of a 55yearold says alcohol is a social drink and pot is a his 18yearold son is quite Clear that alcohol is a drug and pot is a said fort seven percent of those surveyed Felt that heavy drinking can Lead to other drugs 79 percent believed alcoholism was a disease that should be treated in hospitals and 59 percent said alcoholism treatment should be covered by medical the american medical association classified alcoholism As a disease in and 63 percent of people polled then Gallup Gallup said he planned future surveys on How reformed alcoholics recover and Why some people can drink safely and others

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