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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 18, 1982, Tokyo, JapanThursday november 18, 1982 Pacific stars stripes world 5 guards up for killing . Women san Salvador Al Salvador a criminal court judge has ordered five National guardsmen stand trial in the murder of fou american roman Catholic Church women nearly two years ago. Judge Bernardo Rauda Murcia who conducted the nine month equivalent of a grand jury probe ruled there is enough evidence for a trial against the guardsmen. Details of the indictment have no been made Public yet. It Means the judge has found enough evidence against the prisoners the judge s Secretary Jose Anibal Jimenez said. He would take this step unless he had enough hang the judge made the announcement from Zacate Ecolua a town 35 Miles Southeast of the capital where pre trial hearings were held. The Case has added significance because of demands by the Reagan administration that this italian dig Sheds Light on history Washington up excavations at the site of Herculaneum a Seaside resort Between Naples Pompeii 1,900 years ago buried by a eruption or mount Vesuvius have unearthed the largest collection of skeletons survive from ancient Rome scientists said tuesday. This is the first population of theroman period that we have Eyer had study scientifically said Bisel a physical anthropologist classical archaeologist sent bythe National geographic society help italian archaeologists at the site. More finds Likely More than 80 skeletons have been unearthed in less than a year i think we shall find much More said or. Giuseppe Maggi director of the excavation. These people Are very comple Teand we know what came with them or. Bisel some 2,000 people perished at nearby Pompeii Only about 14 skeletons were found intact few give scientists an accurate idea of what the ancient roman were like she said. The first 26 adults she has examined at Herculaneum indicate she romans were Shorter International other cases of alleged government brutality be stopped As a condition for continued . Aid. The United states is providing $238.5 million uneconomic $81 million in military assistance this year help the government fight 3-year-old rebellion by leftist guerrillas. The three nuns a Lay worker who had been working with salvadoran peasants were detained shot dead by a National guard patrol30 Miles outside the capital dec. 4, 1980. Some showed signs of rape. Bodies found in shallow grave the bodies of nuns Ita Ford 40, of Brooklyn,., Maura Clarke 49, of Queens Dorothy Kazel 41, Lay worker Jean Donovan both of Cleveland Ohio were found buried in a shallow monday were sgt. Luis Antonio Colindres Aleman guardsmen Franco or Lando Contreras Jose Roberto Moreno Canjura Daniel Canales Ramirez Carlos Joaqui Contreras Palacios the judge s Secretary said. Under salvadoran Law the guardsmen have three Days name their lawyers Appeal the judge s decision before a higher court. Decision expected Early january after that lawyers for the government an defendants have two weeks prepare their cases. A jury of five citizens will hear the evidence Andrender a verdict which Jimenez said could be handed Down in Early january. Court sources bulk of the evidence i contained in testimony by Contreras Palacios who confessed the crime implicated the four other guardsmen. . Ambassador Deane r. Hinton said in speech before the american chamber of com Merce Here oct. 29 that would be Cut unless the government made Progress in the nuns Case the murder of two american labor advisers. T. a pm ww-""wfc-�is8s�ihbr�rf i is. G�., a this Skeleton of a roman lady her Gem studded were overtaken by a hot volcanic Avalanche As they Gold rings in place is proof that people in the area tried flee. A than modern americans about the size of greeks of the period had half the amount of tooth decay of americans. They seem very healthy pretty Well nourished she terrifying River of mud that buried Herculaneum a Seaside resort Between Naples an Pompeii cooled but remained Damp Over the centuries preserve intact cloth food Wood in its natural . Haraldur Sigurdsson professor of oceanography at the univer sity of Rhode Island eruption of Vesuvius on aug. 24-25, . 79, was the worst since the Bronze age 10 times More powerful than that of mount St. Helen s in 1980. Although excavations have Bee going on at Herculaneum since 1709, when a Well Digger acc Dently broke through the town s theater scholars had thought almost All the 4,000 citizens escaped the eruption of Vesuvius because fewer than 10 skeletons had been found exploration at the beachfront uncovered four digging trenches keep ground water from seeping into site at the Public Baths outside the town s Seaside Wall unearthed the rest. Afghan rebels bomb eateries new Delhi India up mosle guerrillas blew up three restaurants in the afghan capital of Kabul killing 16 afghan communist party officials injuring 27 others Western diplomats said time bombs which exploded thursday destroyed the three expensive restaurants frequented by party officials secret police the diplomats soviet controlled afghan press con firmed the explosions reported 16 people died 27 were injured the diplomats said. The three explosions occurred within 45minutes, the diplomats said quoting witnesses. The officials went the restaurants meet prostitutes the diplomats said. Another time bomb was discovered in fourth restaurant was detonated in a nearby Park by afghan Security officials the diplomats said. Air Force Jet fighter disappears Seoul up a . Air Force f-16jetfighter disappeared while on a training Mission monday in Central South Korea an american military spokesman said tuesday. The f-16, piloted by capt. Theodore t.,Harduvel jr., was on a Low level weapons delivery training Mission near Taejon about 90miles South of Seoul when last heard from the spokesman Pilot was the Only person on Board the plane which took off from Kunsan a on the West coast 120 Miles Southwest of Seoul he said. . Army Maneu vers in Japan Tokyo a . Army troops began their first Maneu vers in Japan in 25 years tuesday in a joint exercise at the foot of mount Fuji with the japanese ground self defense Force jugs of Japan s defense Agency defense Agency spokesman who asked not be named three Day Maneu vers which followed a six Day preparatory Drill was code named Yamato 82 with 200 troops from the 9th inf. Div., fort Lewis wash., 500japanese participating. The spokesman purpose of the exercise was repel a hypothetical enemy attack. The army has not carried out Maneu vers i Japan since 1957. On sunday police arrested three people among 3,000 workers leftists who joined protest demonstration against the Maneu vers at the jugs of training site 62 Miles West of Tokyo. Gas leak culprit in Tyre explosion Tel Aviv Israel up a Gas leak was responsible for the explosion that killed 90 people at the israeli military Headquarters inthe lebanese port City of Tyre state run Israel radio said tuesday. The report quoting senior israeli police sources said demolition experts who exam ined the rubble of the eight Story building found evidence that a Gas leak from the Kitchen of unit of Border police caused the sifting through the rubble investigators found the main cooking Gas cylinders in the facility s Kitchen intact. But two smaller containers were smashed. One had a Large Hole in its Side

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