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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 18, 1982, Tokyo, JapanThursday november 18, 1982 Korea Pacific stars and stripes Bronco runs super Jet interference by sgt. Marvin Kusumoto . Air Force Osan a the Gray twin boomed aircraft i Small in comparison with Many of the present . Fighter aircraft. And there s Noear shattering Thunder of engines Only two Turbo prop engines that have a whine reminiscent of a world War ii fighter. It s not a Point nosed sleek swept winged Birdoff prey like the air Force s f-15 Eagle or the f-16 fighting Falcon and it can t carry a lot of ordnance. In fact a Normal Load is White phosphorous marking rockets and 7.62mmmachine guns internally mounted. When the ov-10a Bronco Forward air control fac aircraft flies along the Forward Edge of Battle the Pilot lives up to the warning of the Squadron s triangular Patch. In bold red letters is the ominous warning we control the unsuspecting enemy below the ov-10 and the Pilot Are a Harbinger of very shortly after the ov-10 fires its marking rocket heavily armed fighters Roll in to Pound whatever lies in their path. Our Mission is to provide Forward air control for tactical air employment explained it. Col. Bob Taffet a 17-year Veteran of the air Force who commands the 19th tactical air support Squadron. The ov-10 Squadron is based at Osanai some 35 Miles South of Seoul. Controls All fighter activity the Squadron assigned to the 5th tactical air control group commanded by col. Robert Watson is just one element of the joint Saf Rockaf tactical air control system. The system controls All fighter activity in the close air support environment including . And Rok air Force fighters As Well As Forward deployed . Navy and Marine fighters. Built by Rockwell International the bronc has been in the . Air Force inventory since August 1967. It is equipped with four 7.62mmmachine guns and has five Pylon stations under the fuselage for up to 3,600 pounds of external stores including rocket pods flare pods or free fall fast can the ov-10 Fly the question is better asked How Well can we turn air plane can turn so Well and so tight that we can easily stay in the target area where we need to be and hopefully keep out of the enemy s line of fire. Additionally one of our greatest advantages is the Pilot s visibility which is phenomenal. We can sit in the cockpit and Loo almost straight Down below the army commander on the ground request close air support through army channels to the air support operations Center formerly know Nas the direct air support Center. The Center personnel look at the priorities for fighters available aircraft and an air fac to the scene. The responsibility then Falls on the ov-10pilot. We do the coordination both air to air wit the fighters and air to ground with the ground army commander to make sure that we put the ordnance he needs on the targets he has selected said have five different radios operating at one Usan Sra. . Deffner1st it. Brain will inspects his front strut in preparation for flight. Time in the ov-10, and we use them these include uhf vhf and of radios. How Long does coordination take it could Bea matter of minutes said it. Col. Dave Hooyer 19th tactical air support Squadron operation officer. Airborne with close air support aircraft in orbit we can put ordnance on the target in matter of minutes. We Mark the target with White phosphorous rockets which leave a distinct White smoke. Then we can use the smoke location to talk to our fighters on to the target. It All comes Down on the fac s shoulders tomake sure it All happens said Taffet. To bring the ground forces and fact close together members of both . And Rok ground forces and fact Brief each other on their capabilities and limitations. Each then knows the Arena that the other infighting in and it makes it easier in trying to help each other said fact Are working regularly with fighters from both nations and the newest aircraft to joining the defense of the Republic the a-10 Thunderbolt ii tank the 30mm rapid fire Cannon which can inflict heavy damage on armoured vehicles andean carry More than 16,000 pounds of ordnance the a los have Given ground army commanders More punch in close air support. Because we Are fact we can be expected Togo anywhere at any time and it s our responsibility to know the Lay of the land so rework the East As Well As the West from the Doz might think that there would be a language Barrier but that s not the Case he continued. Standard terminologies Are used. So we cause a . Air Force fac employing a Rok air Force fighter flight for possibly a Rok army ground he added that it s very possible that our Okay counterparts in their fac aircraft could be working with . Army forces. It s definitely multinational All the Way beginning next year the . Air Force will upgrade its fac Fleet in Korea by replacing its of los with the oa-37 dragonfly. Osan Sov los will join a fac unit in Hawaii. Similar in design to the t-37 Trainer the dragonfly acquired an excellent refutation during the Vietnam War As a Superb close air support aircraft. These qualities in close air support will bring an improvement in capabilities for fac pilots. The new aircraft has a 7.62mm Minigh which is the same Caliper As that of the ov-10 s machine guns but fires in rates upward of fourth five thousand rounds a in the Long run the benefactors of the aircraft transition willbe the ground forces in the Republic. The fact will be Able to provide faster air support and keep the enemy thinking seriously about the destructive Rok and . Air Power the fac air Power has never been More important in today s plans for tomorrow s study of military history will show the effectiveness of fact and close air support during the Vietnam War As Well As More recent conflicts throughout the world. Acaf announces 82 Media contest winners Hickam fab Hawaii Usan winners inthe 1982 Pacific air forces Media contest have been announced by it. Gen. Arnold bras Well Acaf commander in chief. The unit level submissions were evaluated by a panel of three civilian judges and the winning entries have been forwarded As the Acaf entries in the air Force and department of defense competitions. Winners Are Best official newspaper Kaden Falcon Kadena a Okinawa edited by tech. Sgt. Daniel l. Smith Best commercial Enterprise newspaper hawaiian Falcon Hickam fab Hawaii edited by staff sgt. Steve a. Mahnke Best published feature articles sgt. Steven dry electric Jet Gazette Kunsan a Korea bes published editorials sgt. Scott Van Horn hawaiian Falcon Hickam fab Hawaii bes published sports articles tech. Sgt. Daniel l. Smith Kadena Falcon Kadena a Okinawa Best published feature supported by photos tech. Sgt. James Armstrong Mig Alley flyer Osanai Korea Best published graphic Art Abel Laxamana philippine flyer Clark a special achievement product philippine flyer 35th anniversary special edition edited by sgt. Debbie l. Walters Clark a . Best published news feature or editorials on air Force family matters tech. Sgt. Lester Owen philippine flyer Clark a . And Best air Force family special achievement Sra. Jeffrey Isaacson Northern Light Misawa a Japan. Judges for the contest were Marguerite rho publications manager Alexander and Baldwin inc., Honolulu Hawaii Bud Bendix internal communications manager hawaiian Telephone company Honolulu Hawaii and Bonnie Stone Afree Lance writer and Public relations consultant. All three Are members of the International association of business communicators an organization of writers editors and other communications specialists. Pacific stars and stripes depends largely on Public affairs offices for contributions to this Page. If you have a Story that would be of particular interest to this newspaper please let your Pao know about it

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