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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 18, 1982, Tokyo, Japan 10 Pacific stars and stripes november 1982 regional Roundup and a former Fulbright they Community while wearing the headphones on violated a Trust we had with their i the Day the ban took feel sorry for some of my friends in who Gross said he wilfully and intentionally remain in the country and Are still in violated the Law to Challenge the constitutionality Laba was studying the polish working class of the ordinance one of the first in the country under a research Grant at the polish Academy of outlawing the wearing of stereo headphones the embassy said he was working while walking or jogging on streets or Onue on a doctoral thesis for the University of operating a motor Pennsylvania space mouse Iii a death trap new York a the launching of space falsetto of its div bombing pigeons rapped to mouse the launch scheduled to coincide with the Pittsburgh up fish gotta swim arid Inch of the space shuttle Columbia was Robert Braer launch of the space shuttle Columbia was engineered by 18yearold Anthony who watched As his space shuttle Model and two passengers soared to feet before crashing to the the Accident Cost the life of a 5monthold 7 months he was Birds gotta but Mariann and Robert Brayer wish their neighbors homing pigeons would soar somewhere Gene who lives next door to the prayers in suburban Shaler raises pigeons As a the who say the Birds Are a have been said Lafayette High school in the two mice were aboard a Craft that was charged by a car Battery and powered by solid kerosene asks for gets million although he was Hying Over their Home and dropping unpleasant Deblase packages on their and several other if the Chute had everything would neighbors have asked township commissioners to a senior at declare the Birds a but commission chairman Richard Schultz said the township can do Schultz said state Law allows Kaszubowski to have 50 pigeons and state Law supersedes anything the township might do about the township solicitor Ralph German said he will t investigate whether the pigeons can be cited a new York a a Man who thought he Blic in which they would have to had won in the state lottery waited three Days be grounded before coming Back to claim his prize and discovered that it was the Man walked into a Brooklyn Heights fit noes from riches to Raas presented his winning lotto ticket and Vei irom riches to rags told workers he had picked four of the six winning state spokesman George Yamin up Orval a the Man said he wanted his retired air Force Jet Mechanic from West the Bernard told has gone from riches to Amadeu Sci co us Mivi the Winner the computer showed he had picked All state lottery officials said they goofed when r six numbers correctly and directed the Man to the they identified As one of three winners a a stranded state lottery of fice at the world Trade of a million Jackpot in Pennsylvania lotto camper was airlifted from the Pine Mountain the Man at first did not show up and Yamin Ridge after stamping a message for help in the said it was feared he had but As it deep authorities have turned he arrived to claim his Thomas of Clarendon his name was not stamped an sos into the Snow after he ran out lotto winners have one year to claim their of said sheriffs Tom the there Are two Large prizes message was spotted by a private who Yamin people who won last 12 radioed officials in they alerted the and 276 last 16 still have not Antelope Valley sheriffs station and a helicopter two weeks after claiming his the lifted Scheltens to Gahry Winner will receive a Check for More than Scheltens had been camping out in his trailer then he will get a Check for More than in Pacific states California stamped sos saves camper officials said Dunk Les prize from the lottery drawing was not As they had told but Only this is Dunkle i thought there was something but everyone had almost convinced me i was the one that was i feel like the floor fell out from under when he became trapped by heavy each of the next 20 new Jersey sexist billboards coming Down lottery spokesman Raymond Shaffer said Dunkle appeared to be a Winner because an unidentified Vendor telephoned lottery Headquarters claiming he turned in a ticket bearing All six numbers selected in the Shaffer said lottery officials double checked Dunk Les ticket after Dunkle insisted it contained Only five of the six numbers Dunkle was Dunkle said he and his wife had discussed How to spend the winnings and planned to pay off buy a pickup truck and take a Florida he Hes considering talking with a the Northeast a Public criticism has prompted eight Jersey Shore car dealers to scuttle a billboard and Campaign featuring a woman in a shirt bearing the i get More at the the Shore Good Olds an association of Oldsmobile put up the 16 billboards in August protests began almost and the dealers now say the ads will come Down after lawyer to see if he can a the eight of us have probably received a total of 25 or said Warren president g of the group and owner of Abelson Oldsmobile in be that i didst think there was any protesters sentenced exploitation of women we had a Choice of using a Man or a and those Are your Only audiophile walks afoul of Law a a 64yearold Retiree convicted of wearing stereo headphones on a Public Street has received a suspended Fine i a vat nov cont new up prison terms have been ordered for five of nine antinuclear protesters convicted of a breaking at a shipyard where Trident submarines Are the other four defendants received suspended new York poles Deport student spy up Poland has deported an american graduate student accused of being an american spy in Contact with the outlawed Solidarity but the 38 year old doctoral student has denied the roman Laba said that he was arrested in War saw when polish police arrived at the apartment in which he was staying in he was taken into he accused of being a spy and he was not m i want doing anything a a toss was i sauce a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin the main intersection of this Middlesex county for damage to the a pump the nine were convicted last month of first but said he would have preferred being sent to degree criminal conspiracy and third Jall degree criminal trespass for their part in the Oscar who has waged a Oneman War breaking at the electric boat shipyard in against the Headphone ban in this Central new nine including two roman Jersey Community about 30 Miles South of new sentenced to a year in York said he will Appeal his sentence could have been sentenced to up to he said he hoped to be sent to jail to draw prison for the breaking and the attention to his vandalizing of the Trident nuclear submarine its a Railroad Gross said after the 15minute non jury trial in which he never got a Chance to ask the judge for the full penalty of 15 Days in jail and a Gross was issued a summons when he crossed new London Superior court judge Seymour in imposing also ordered eight of the nine defendants to repay electric boat

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