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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - November 17, 1963, Tokyo, JapanRebel Booth faction crabs control in k4 Val a ithe Bow of the 325-foot . Tanker Dyna Tiel shows above the surface after capsizing and sinking Stern first in shallow water Buzzard s Bay mass. A a crippled Oil Tanker a 20-foot Hole gouged in her Side by a collision with a norwegian freighter Sank Friday 50 minutes after the ships were disengaged. The end for the 3,100-ton Dyna fuel came some 25 hours after she collided with the 6,732-ton Fern View 10 Miles West of the southerly Entrance to Cape cod canal in Patchy fog. The coast guard said water poured into the gaping opening in the Dyn fuel s Side. The ships were hauled apart by a commercial tug. Dyn fuel in shallow water her Bow protruding above the sur face. During the night the Dyn fuel drifted from the Point of collision. She firs capsized then Sank near Quick s Hole the coast guard said. There was no one aboard when Dyn fuel Sank. The Fer View s Bow sliced into the port Side of the 3,100-ton Tanker thursday morning 10 Miles West of Cape cod canal. Both ships caught fire almost immediately. Five Tanker men were hospitalized with Burns and other injuries but none was in serious condition. Non tobacco cig Aret being Dallas up a cig Aret is being developed that does not have tobacco just papaya leaves. Frito Lay inc. Of Dallas said wednesday it has entered an agreement with Sutton research corp. Of los Angeles to evaluate and test Market a non tobacco cig Aret. Sutton research has developed the cig Aret and it is now undergoing tests. Frito Lay has an option to Purchase 51 per cent interest in Sutton if the tests Are successful. Fladger t. Tannery frito Lay president says people who have smoked the papaya Leaf cig Aret like the taste although it does not taste like tobacco. Friday in blizzard s Bay off new Bedford mass. The end came 25 hours after she collided with a norwegian ship. A ital Mohoto the world compiled from a and up United nations . General Assembly s main political committee approved by acclamation Friday a Call for new Geneva disarmament talks aimed at reducing the risk of War. The committee accepted a Resolution setting out guidelines for the 18-nation disarmament commission expected to Convene in Geneva after the first of the year. The Resolution sponsored by 47 nations was introduced after a .-soviet Compromise on the wording broke a week Long deadlock in the committee. The Compromise was negotiated by an eight nation group taken from the Roll of sponsors. Leaflet bombs in Caracas Caracas Venezuela leaflet bombs exploded in Caracas streets Friday thrown by terrorists from speeding cars. The bombs were filled with leaflets of the fall terrorists organization calling on All sympathizers of communist and other opposition parties to Boycott the dec. 1 elections and to join forces in an Effort to overthrow the government of president Romulo Betancourt. Statement of Faith in Britain London new British foreign Secretary Richard a. Rab Butler Friday made a ringing declaration of Faith in Britain s ability to build an Ampler and More peaceful at the same time he warned the soviet Union s fundamental Aims remain unchanged and listed three conditions of the highest importance in any talks with Russia. 1 the West must agree to nothing that would have the result of upsetting the military balance to its disadvantage for its very survival might be at stake. 2 no negotiations should be concluded with the East that might impair the cohesion of the Western Alliance. 3 where the Western position in West Berlin is concerned self determination remains the vital interest for the free nations. Selassie warns outsiders Addis Ababa Ethiopia emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia warned Friday against the danger of foreign intervention in turbulent North Africa and expressed Hope for peace Between Algeria and Morocco. The emperor opened a special conference of foreign ministers of 32 african nations called to seek a solution to the moroccan algerian Frontier dispute. It is the major test for the 6-month old organization of african Unity formed in the same Africa Hall in Addis Ababa. Any misunderstanding which arises among the brotherly members of this organization must essentially be considered a family affair in which no foreign hand can be allowed to play any role whatsoever Haile Selassie said. Police quell Argentine reds Buenos Aires an estimated 500 communist demonstrators struggled with police tear Gas squads thursday night in a rally supporting the Argentine government s decision to cancel .and european Oil contracts. No arrests were reported police said they hurled a great Quantity of tear Gas against the marchers distributing handbills signed by the Buenos Aires committee of the communist party. Selassie Low yield blast is in 2 Days Washington up the atomic1 Energy commission age announced another under ground nuclear test Friday at its Nevada test site the second in two Days. The Low yield test was the 100th weapons related test at the Remote and secret Nevada site since sept. 15, 1961. All but four of these have been underground tests. The 1961 Date is when the United states resumed nuclear test ing following a round of testing by the soviets that broke a three year abstinence by both countries. The ., Britain and Russia last summer negotiated a treaty that bans All but underground testing. Beirut Lebanon up the International com Mand Council of the baath party ousted the ruling iraqi National command Friday and announced it has assumed control of the Oil Rich country. A statement by the party s supreme Council composed chiefly of party leaders from Syria and Iraq was the latest develop ment in the split within the baath s iraqi leadership which erupted in an abortive revolt in Baghdad. Wednesday. The International command Council headed by syrian Secretary general Michel Aflak declared Over Baghdad radio it was undertaking responsibilities of the regional com Mand in Iraq until new party elections could be held within four months. The a a the International com Mand dissolved the party s iraqi Council which has run the country since september and also the new Council elected nov. 11, which it declared it was that election which ousted the strongman Deputy Premier slash Al Saadi and touched off wednesday s Short lived revolt by his supporters. flew to Madrid in exile on tuesday. The International baath com Mand retaliated by ousting the organizers of the election fore Ign minister t a 1 e b Hussein Shahib and Interior minister Hazem Jawad who were exiled to Beirut thursday with some of their followers. Reports circulating in Beirut said iraqi president Abdul Salam Aref a non baathist figurehead once considered a Strong supporter of car president Gamal Abdel Nasser May be ousted and exiled shortly. Political observers Here said nothing1 was Likely to be settled now until Saadi s. Return from. Madrid. He reached the Spanish capital less than 24 hours be fore iraqi air Force jets at tacked the presidential Palace in Baghdad and Street clashes broke out. But the attempt to overthrow Premier maj. Gen. Ahmed Hassan Bakr was put Down. Saadi is a Leader of the extremist faction in the baath party. His followers favor a tight one party Rule for the country. Computer wins in vegas Las vegas Nev. Up a $21,500 computer picked up an easy ,$360 at Blackjack this week. The 80-Pound "Lgp-21" com Puter was carted into the hotel Tropicana s gambling Casino wednesday afternoon. Fifty minutes later it was $360 of the House and called it a Day. Emmett Hutchins 29-year old programming director at general precision co. In los Angeles handled the computer chores and Sam Radan unruffled by the 3-foot High mechanical brain dealt for the House. The computer decided whether or not to draw a card or hit As it is termed in Gambl ing circles and How much to bet from $2 to $42 on the basis of information fed to it on each play. Blackjack or "21" is a card game in which the dealer and player attempt to get a hand totally As close As possible to 21 without going Over that number. Hutchins would indicate to the machine on each play what his two cards were and what the dealer was showing in his hand. If nothing happened this meant not to draw a card. But if Lgp-21 flashed a Green Light it was time to take another card. Commented dealer Radan the machine had a run of . 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