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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 16, 1982, Tokyo, JapanTuesday november 16, 1982 Pacific stars and stripes entertainment 17 radio Japan news on the hour . 4.05local afternoon pro Gram 6 00news, sports 7 05mary Helen Barro 8 05golden Days of radio 8 30jim Pewter 9 05wolf Man Jack 10 05mystery theater 11 05pete Smoth . 12 05east of Midnight 2 05roland Bynum 3 05charl in tuna 5 05harry Newman 6 05local morning program 7 00news, sports Paul har vey 7 30local morning program 9 05charlie tuna 11 05local noon program . 12 00news, sports Paul har vey 1 05gene Price 2 05don Tracy 3 05mary Turner 4 05local afternoon pro Gram Okinawa news on the hour . 5 05clockwatcher 7 00news, sports Paul har vey 7 30clockwatcher 9 05charlie tuna 11 05day tripper . 12 00news, sports Paul har vey 1 -.05gene Price 2 05don Tracy 3 05mary Turner 4 05on the Road 6 00news, sports 7 05nightline 9 05wolf Man Jack 10 05mystery theater. 11 05pete . 12 05harry Newman 1 05potpourri 2 05roland Bynum 3 05charlie tuna 5 05clockwatcher Philippines news on the hour . 5 05harry Newman 6 00news, sports Paul har vey 6 30morning line 9 05charlie tuna 11 05brown paper bag radio . 12 00news, sports Paul har vey 1 05gene Price 2 05don Tracy 3 05mary Turner 4 05the roadrunner 6 00news, sports 7 05mary Helen Barro 8 05golden Days of radio 8 30jim Pewter 9 05wolfman Jack 10 05mystery theatre 11 05pete Smith . 12 05midnight rambler 2 05roland Bynum 3 05charlie tuna 5 05harry Newman Korea news on the hour . 4 05afternoon show 6 00news 6 30jim Pewter 7 00bulletin Board 7 05mary Turner 8 05mystery theater 8 50point of Law 8 55lou Erwin reports 9 05pete Smith 10 05-soul show 11 05wolfman Jack . 12 05after Midnight 2 05gene Price 3 05mary Turner 4 05mary Helen Barro 5 05morning show 6 30news 6 50bulletin Board 7 00morning devotions 7 05morning show 8 30local scene 9 05charlie tuna 10 05roland Bynum 11 05harry Newman . 12 30golden Days of radio 1 05charlie tuna 2 05don Tracy 3 05country caravan 4 05afternoon show Guam news on the hour . 6 05am radio 7 00news, sports Paul Harvey 7 30am radio 9 05charlie tuna 11 05fen today . 12 00news, sports 1 05gene Price 2 05don Tracy 3 05mary Turner 4 05omnibus 6 00news, sports 7 -.05mary Helen Barrio 8 05golden Days of radio 8 30jim Pewter 9 05wolf Man Jack 10 05mystery theatre 11 05pete Smith . 12 05after Midnight 2 05roland Bynum 3 05charlie tuna 5 05harry Newman 6 05am radio movies Japan Mon tue Yokota West 1 2 Yokota East 3 3 cup Zama 4 4 Sanno hotel 5 Negishi 6 Benny Decker 7,8 9,10 Nagai Katsugi Gateway 11 Katsugi 12 13 Kam Seyan Nana tue Richard Bong 14 showboat Sakura 15,16 Okinawa tue Butler a Keystone 17 Mas a Foster a Kinser a olympic 18 Ora Wanna Camp Hansen a Chim Uwan a Torii a Camp Shields a Philippines tue Bobbitt 19 Colin Kelly 20 Subic Bay 1 Cubi 22 tue Bini Coican 23 Kalayaan 9 Grande Island 10 John Hay 24 Wallace 19 seafront a Korea tue Yon san 2 4 Yon san 1 2 Camp Coiner 5 Camp red Cloud 25 Camp Essa Yons 6 Camp Stanley 27 Camp Hovey 8 Camp Howze 29 rec Center 4 30 tue Camp Graves 31 Camp Humphreys 20 East Gate club Camp Carroll 19 Camp Henry 20 Pusan 32 Camp Page l Camp Long 1 Camp Colbern Osan a 32 Taegu a 28 Kunsan 5 Kwangju a 26 k-16 32 Guam tue Meehan a sky View a Nav Sta a 1 zoo suit r 2 air plane pm 3 on Golden Pond pm 4 teething r 5 humongous r 6 dead men Don t Wear plaid pm 7 con artists pm 8 intimate moments r 9 Deathtrap pm 10 Penitentiary 11 r 11 Continental Divide pm a not available 12 Atlantic City r 23 13 missing pm 24 14 Sharky s machine r 25 15 the chosen pm 6 16 deadly Harvest r 27 17 four friends r 18 venom r 28 19 Porky s r 9 20 Texas lightning r 30 21 the Man with Bogart s face pm 31 22 crime busters pm 32 Arthur pm screamers r thief r Rocky Iii pm Star trek ii the Wrath of Khan pm Caveman pm the39steps pm love and Bulletts pm saturn3 r the grim reaper r television kanto Plain monday nov. 15 6 .news 7code red 8 05happy Days 8 35lewis and Clark 9 05nurse 10news 10 30flo 10 55cassie and company 11 50gunsmoke 12 40 .Mas h 1 05what s happening 1 10sixty minutes 2news tuesday nov. 16 11 30 .sounds Good noon news 12 05general Hospital 12 50ryan s Hope 1 15movie Hunter 2 30electric company 3speed racer 3 25presente 3 50you asked for it 4 15cno Strep 30 edition 12 4 40family feud 5 05what s happening 5 10donahue 6news 7laverne and Shirley 7 30variety special 8 20making a living 9american playhouse 10news 10 30gimme a break 10 55movie a doll s House 12 25 .police Story 1 15american forces perspective 1 30what s happening 1 35happy Days 2 05news Misawa tuesday nov. 16 12 05 .family feud 12 32you asked for it 12 53news 1 01wild kingdom 1 26images of the new world 1 54ryan s Hope 2 16family hour festival 3 02presente 3 31hee Haw 4 23donahue 5 15general Hospital 6news 6 35in search of 7alice 7 30happy Days 8one of the boys 8 25 in concert 9 15movie Gauguin the Savage 11 15banyon 12 06 .night owl theater 12 12rock show 12 37 in search of 1 01alice 1 27happy Days 1 54one of the boys 2 20in concert 3 09movie Gauguin the Savage 5 09general Hospital Iwakuni tuesday nov. 16 11 55 .general Hospital 12 40 .Ryan s Hope 1 05buck Rogers 1 55news 2dick Cavett 2 30bodyworks 2 5050 s connection 3 15images of the new world 3 40this was America 4 10cartoons 4 15fat Albert 4 40donahue 5 25family feud 5 55classified ads 6news 6 30iwakuni scene 6 35vietnam 10,000 Days 7happy Days 7 25laverne 8. Shirley 7 50dukes of hazzard 8 40one of the boys 9 10hart to Hart 10 05news 10 2016th annual country music ass n awards 11 45side Street 12 35 .in concert Casebo tuesday nov. 16 1 .sesame Street 2 05wayne Thomas 2 55donahue 3 40fight Back 4 05ryan s Hope 4 30you asked for 11 5 35family feud 6news 6 4016th annual country association music award 8 05house Calls 8 30diff rent strokes 8 55three s company 9 20hart to Hart 10 15news 10 25movie brotherhood of the Bel i Okinawa tuesday nov. 16 10 30 .cartoons 10 35eric Severeid s Chron icle 11this was America 11 30family feud 11 55kids say the darn est things noon news 12 15general Hospital 1ryan s Hope 1 30mash 2happy Days 2 30house Calls 3alice 3 30wild kingdom 4speed racer 4 30kodiak 5cartoons 5 05donahue 5 55take Kerr 6news 6 35taxi 7wai tons 8code red 9when the whistle blows 10news 10 15movie born again 11 45side Street 12 40 a. Thomas 1 30general Hospital Philippines tuesday nov. 16 Al 30 .family feud kids the darned stay things noon Little House on the Prairie 1presente 1 30bon adventure 2you asked for it 2 30electric company 3the Fly ing nun 3 30ryan s Hope 4general Hospital 5donahue 6news 6 30morkandmindy 7wonderful world of Disney 8gimme a break 8 30lewis and Clark 9cassie and co. 10news 10 15movie the girl called Hatter Foy 11 53an evening at the in prov 12 30 .lively special Korea tuesday nov. 16 noon news 12 15morkandmindy 12 40you asked for it 1 10dick Cavett 1 35richard Simmons 2donahue 2 45take Kerr 2 50ryan s Hope 3 15general Hospital 4sesame Street 5kids say the darn est things 5 05big country 5 30family feud 6news 6 30mr. Merlin 6 55lewis and Clark 7 20when the whistle blows 8 15movie the Hunter 9 30information special 10news 10 30from Here to eternity 11 20the tonight show 12 05 .David Letterman Erma Bombeck no Messy details for Dallas moms there s a lot of talk about a baby Boom and i think know Ewing mothers on Dallas and sue Ellen. If. I had seen motherhood depicted on this show when iwas younger i d probably have had a dozen or so kids. Both of these characters Are about As maternal As an unmarried teen age either of them does is come in pick up the baby say hello to it and give it to a nurse to do something with. I Cando that. It s All stuff in Between that made me look like an 85-year-old Avocado by the time i was 25.i Don t know How they do it. How come their babies never spit up on their ultrasuede for the first two years of life that s All babies Ever do is leak from every opening in their come they can place them lovingly in their Beds on their backs and the next scene shows the baby smiling an gurgling. Every time i put one of my kids Down anywhere they made poltergeist look like a Day at the Beach. The crib rattled lights swung Back and Forth toys and bottles flew through the air and there was a cry that made you rears ring for about three Days. Television babies seem to sleep a lot. What a Boon this must be for the Ewing women who have such Active sex s possible motherhood has undergone some changes in the last 20 years but i m willing to bet that a steady Sitter like miss Ellie is an endangered species. On a recent episode i saw sue Ellen Rush into the Ewing Kitchen where miss Ellie was feeding her son who was snatched by his father the night before. Why Don t you leave him Here for a while said miss Ellie. Okay said sue Ellen and with that took off to visit with an old Lover without so much As a wanta give mama a Sticky sugar maybe when the kid starts voting his own Stock option things will be different. Field enterprises Bridge talk by Charles Goren and Omar Sharif �1982 Tribune company Syndicate inc. Both vulnerable. South deals. North 4 aj1052 v 10863 0 a7 107 West East pass 4 pass pass pass opening Lead Queen of 0. Some end plays cannot be avoided. But you Don t always have to be ensnared in Declarer s web. Preventive measures Are possible. North s decision to jump to four Spades on a hand con Taining two aces is unusual. However no better bid suggests itself the hand is too weak for a jump raise but too Strong for a single raise and no descriptive waiting bid is available. The jump to game was a practical Solu Tion. West led the Queen of Dia monds. Declarer realized that even if he guessed the club position correctly he was in danger of losing four tricks two in hearts and one in each minor. The Only Way out was to Engineer an end play. So Declarer allowed the Queen of diamonds to hold the first trick and won the continuation with the Ace. A Low club from the table went to the Jack and West s Ace. Now West shifted to a heart but it was too late. Declare took the Ace Drew two rounds of Trumps cashed the King of clubs and ruffed a club in Dummy. With the minor suits eliminated Declarer exited with a heart. The defense had no counter. West could not overtake East s heart Honor because that would set up Dummy s ten. But when East won the heart he was forced to Lead Back a minor suit. No matter which he chose Declarer would stuff his remaining heart while ruffing on the table. We attach no blame to West for failing to find the heart shift at trick two the culprit is East. East should have realized the danger of his heart holding and Dum my s two minor suit double tons. He could see that there was no future in continuing with a Diamond so at trick one he should have Over taken his partner s Queen of diamonds with the King and shifted to the Queen of hearts. The defense has now gained a Tempo and Declarer can no longer set up an end play. Eventually he will be forced to concede two heart tricks

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