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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 15, 1982, Tokyo, Japan 26 sports Pacific stars and stripes november 1982 Federal mediator joins strike talks new York a Kay chief of the Federal mediation and conciliation stepped gingerly into the National football league strike saturday at the request of the nil players but management was still playing hard Ball sticking resolutely by its last offer and insisting the Union would have to significantly alter its position if it wants to resume who Heads the Federal Agency in met with Union chief de Garvey and spoke by Telephone with Jack the owners chief in what he characterized As very preliminary talks aimed at ending the 54dayold a reversal the meeting in Mcmurray office Friday reflected a reversal of previously held Early in the management suggested Federal but the Union in part because Donlan once worked for the Media Tion service and had personal ties with Many of the Mcmurray finally had a Small role he brought the two sides together to decide on an outside mediator Sam who pre sided Over negotiations for a month before leaving Here last weekend for his Home in san this it was Garvey who initiated the meeting with the mediation he said saturday that if the two sides sat Down together with he could preside at one lengthy meeting where Basic issues could be re but Donlan said he simply read Mcmurray excerpts from the letter he sent to Garvey earlier in the in he said the owners were willing to clarify ambiguities about their final contract offer that have Arisen in player but that they were sticking to their final Money we thought the mediator would have been helpful in trying to Avert a he but theres no sense going there to talk about meal Money and other fringe he added theres no sense in beating around the the seasons about we gave it our Best confusion continues confusion continued Over which teams have at least in managements the Union concedes that new Houston and Denver have accepted it in principle management says Treyve been joined by the los Angeles Minnesota and Cin but player representatives of those teams deny two members of the Ahmad Rashad and Eddie said they Felt the Union had misrepresented their teams Posi which they said was 305 in favor of accepting the contract in then i read where our player rep David Huffman says we Are behind the wage that absolutely Rashad questions to be answered and the new York who rejected the management Council offer a week ago without a formal will meet again sunday night to answer questions that have Arisen Survey dont care Pittsburgh up seven Tathree percent of the Pitts burghers responding to a radio stations phone in Survey said they dont care if the nil players strike is Ever during its daily phone vote Kov radio asked callers to answer the question do you think the nil strike will be settled they were to answer either or i dont the vote totals were 50 and i dont among some players about the that follows decisions by several teams the Union says management says nine to accept the contract if questions Are cleared giants coach Ray Perkins said he had received Calls from several players asking him to clarify the management big names in new York and Beasley the teams player said ten or 15 Guys got hold of me and said they wanted to have another i can Only presume that some Guys have a or want to take a formal vote on the proposal or want to change their in 13 players led by Dallas Cowboy quarterback Danny White arrived in new York to make their position Clear to Union repro most of them Are big High salaried players who have publicly criticized the Union position at one time or another in the some of those players met with a Union and Dune of the Miami dolphins said saturday they basically restated their position but that the Union still remained Gene president of the had said earlier were in a tremendous struggle and were not about to lose it in the last few we feel we can reach but it must be to Miami he Rode to the Orange bowl in a limousine Friday night and when he arrived at people stared and nudged each Henry they were that Henry the Only Boxer Ever to hold three world titles simultaneously is 69 years old now with thin Gray he sat Down with his wife Gussie to watch Alexis Arguello try for a record fourth title against Aaron Pryor for the world boxing association Junior welterweight As Long As they keep the standards they have Henry Armstrong had said ill be an outstanding Guy for according to today if a Champion wins a title in another division in the Aba or the world Box ing he can keep Only one title within each governing the idea is to provide other boxers with an Opportunity to win a title that to can use As an but when Henry Armstrong was a Boxer could defend As Many titles As he had As Long As he made the f i i was always Henry Armstrong Henry Armstrong when i fought Barney Ross for the welterweight i was Only about 138 at the weighing i had Little Lead weights in the pockets of my Bathrobe to bring me up to about you had to be within five pounds of the division limit to fight for the through the some boxers have been accused of using Lead weights in their Henry Armstrong didst need Lead in his gloves Only in his in his career 14521 record with nine he registered 98 including five in 21 Days during in five welterweight title he was stopped Only in his first pro bout in 1931 and in 1941 by Fritzie but even if the boxing politicians were to change their nobody might Ever do what Henry Armstrong in 1938 he held the world lightweight and featherweight titles at the same and each title was not shared by the Aba and the wac As they Are in every division but one middleweight Marvin Hagler is the Only undisputed i had to give up the featherweight title because i make the Henry Armstrong said of the 126pound later on i thought i won a fourth title but my fight with Ceferino Garcia was called a that meant he kept the with a muscular Torso on slim Henry Armstrong had come out of California in a style that Nick named him hammering Hank and Hurricane Hank during those depression he was Joe Louis in seven months after he knocked out Petey Sarron at Madison Square Garden to win the featherweight title on he challenged Barney Ross for the welterweight bypassing the lightweight Lou ambers had the lightweight title then and his manager knew it would be a Tough Henry Armstrong so he told me to get More prestige and then fight so we Dave Anderson went after Ross i beat Ross so he was a straight up punching he handle i beat him so i carried him the last three in the Corner my Eddie told me to carry Ross the last three i guess he had a Deal with Ross but i told him i wanted to talk to Ross when the 13th i Howe you Barney and he in i told All just shoot your left but if you shoot your youre he just leaned on me the last three the toughest fight Henry Armstrong now had two that unanimous 15round decision Over Barney Ross on in the old outdoor Madison Square Garden bowl in Long Island City having added the welterweight title to his featherweight less than two months on 17 at the he challenged lightweight Champion Lou ambers and won his third title in what he now its of his Robe Calls the toughest fight of his 14year career that ended in i got Cut inside my it needed about a dozen stitches he after the 10th i think it the referee wanted to Stop the fight but i told him not to Stop that i was leading on the Billy but what the referee didst know was that from then Henry Armstrong swallowed the blood from the Cut inside his Mouth rather than let it smear his when the bout Henry Armstrong was awarded a split he now was the Only Boxer to hold three world titles not Only simultaneously but also at the same As boxing master of the Mushy intoned at the ambers was he threw a lot of upper cuts that caught me coming he but then i started to come Over those uppercuts with my own three months on Henry Armstrong earned a 15round decision Over Ceferino Garcia to retain his welterweight two years after having abdicated the featherweight title and having lost the 147pound title to Fritzie Zivic in a 15round he challenged Ceferino Garcia who by then was the middleweight the referee left in a hurry we fought in los Angeles but you could Only fight 10 rounds in California even for a he Eddie Mead asked me if i wanted to make some meaning take a dive in the third i told him i thought i won seven rounds in that but the the Only called it a draw and left in a Henry Armstrong estimated that he made nearly million in the i still got some Money but Eddie Mead played the horses a he said of his late Eddie lost a lot of Money on the a lot of my Money i cant say he robbed but he got a lot of my after having supervised the Herbert Hoover boys club in Louis for several he lives in los Angeles i dont do much Henry Armstrong except make appearances like in doing Here for this times

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