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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 14, 1982, Tokyo, Japan Pacific sunday Pacific stars and stripes november 1982 18 books first biography of Reagan Rich in anecdotes and detail Best Sellers by Lou 464 Putnam by David Rosenbaum he Basic framework of Ronald reagans Rise from a Humble background in Small Illinois towns to become a Union corporate spokes unsuccessful presidential candidate president is familiar by now to most what Lou Cannon does in this full scale biography of the president is fill in the gaps with a mortar of Rich anecdotes and details that give new perspective to reagans political for in his television address on the Economy last the president said he could empathize with the unemployed because he himself was unemployed right after he graduated from College in at the depth of the readers of cannons Book that after a Short period of looking for still Only landed a Job for a month As a radio about what a skilled machinist earned in those and that soon he was being paid a handsome Homegrown views on Charity Cannon notes that reagans despite her modest was always helping even to the Point of having convicts paroled into her that no a Factor in the presidents View today that private Charity Rattler than the government could Bear primary responsibility for the on still another we is not a recent convert to the View that income taxes should be his Cannon increased sharply in the mid1950s when he signed a contract with general and he Felt the Pinch of a steeply graduated income which in those pre averaging Days disproportionately affected wealthy individual taxpayers who lacked the tax write offs available to this is not the typical american Success Story of the poor boy who becomes Rich and famous through hard ambition and Reagan never worked particularly Cannon but rather recognized opportunities when they and seized he was not personally ambitious but was pushed into first by a Small group of conservative californians and later by National conservative leaders looking for a spokesman after the Barry Goldwater debacle in most Cannon the Reagan Rise to Power was a Triumph of glib Ness and personal Charm Over ignorance about Public policy Cannon has followed Reagan longer than any other newspaper first for California newspapers since for the Washington where he is now White House he acknowledges in the foreword that he likes and fiction by James random the Story of the american space program told through master of the by Sidney the hidden truth behind a woman business tycoons Rise to the Valley of by Jean continuing the Saga of human survival at the Dawn of civilization begun clan of the Cave the extraterrestrial by William profusely illustrated version of the novelization of the current 2010 Odyssey by Arthur Ballanti Nedel continuing the journey through the solar system begun in 2001 a space foundations by Isaac the struggle to keep civilization alive in a crumbling fourth volume of stories in the foundation by Danielle a Clandestine transatlantic Romance survives the stresses and strains of world War different by Stephen four novellas with no horror themes by a modern master of second by Judith two emotionally battered a Man and a Are healed through the act of Healing an emotionally battered runaway the parsifal by Robert random Michael Havelock saves the world from nuclear n nonfiction admires and the Book reflects those sentiments when he is writing about the presidents personal wiping Hospital floor it was characteristic of Cannon says in telling another of the illuminating anecdotes that Are sprinkled throughout the that when the president was in the Hospital last year after he Riad been he got Down on his hands and Knees and wiped the bathroom floor himself one lest his nurse be punished for letting him take a sponge Bath against doctors but Cannon pulls no punches in describing the president As intellectually to the heroic world of make believe and the real world Cannon he could not always distinguish one from the and he came to believe in Many things that we rent what he came to for was that taxes could be military spending increased and the budget balanced by eliminating fraud and waste that nuclear waste could be disposed of by compressing the waste into tiny balls and dropping them in the Ocean that people who wanted work could find it if Only they would read the help wanted ads that Trees cause More air pollution than automobiles that racial discrimination is for the most part a thing of the past that the United states is More popular abroad than it used to his mind and Cannon were locked in the where Energy was american Industrial and military supremacy was and personal Charity was the Basic Channel of social 80 election overlooks Carter when Cannon stops writing about that past and begins writing about the the Book becomes less he seems to feel that reagans election in 1980 resulted largely from his personal political skills and the strategy devised by his but probably the Wisest thing Reagan did during the Campaign was to run against Jimmy who was widely by the electorate As mean and while the Book covers the first 15 months or so of the Reagan Cannon offers few original insights into that there is Only the briefest discussion of the Reagan foreign and military and even less about the administrations social Cannon says that some of the presidents closest advisers were opposed to his economic but he never makes Clear whether they informed the president of their views and if Why the flaws in Reagan Are far outweighed by the the Book will surely become a Standard reference work for reporters and besides its a Good times Jane fondas workout by Jane Simon an exercise Bookfor and More by Andy by Andrew a new collection of essays by the journalist and television when bad things happen to Good by Harold comforting thoughts from a Massachusetts the one minute by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer How to increase the productivity of those with whom you work As Well As your use by Durk Pearson and Randy ways to add years to your life and life to your years a medical science Book for the Loving by Leo inspirational talks by a University of Southern California the g by Alice Kahn Beverly Whipple and John Rinehart recent discoveries about human Jane fondas workout Book for birth and by Femmy Simon and advice from a colleague of the Fil m keeping by Jimmy the 39th president recalls his four years in of f indecent by David the scandal at Columbia pictures and Wall streets part in crossword cryptogram italian visitors observation i believe pizza has become More american than Apple unruly students gleefully fled As angry teacher reached for in no Young Jogger jumps rope at the same old Soldier sold berries to bored Teeto tales at

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