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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 10, 1982, Tokyo, JapanPacific stars and stripes wednesday november 10, 1982 times Are changing but corps in t by Don Tate ass staff writer for those who fight for it life has a special flavor the protected never know. Inscription on Back of Fla jacket of Marine machine gunner Vietnam 1968.the Roar came again. It hit about 50 feet to the right. There was a hot wind and flashing Anda busting sound like a kick in the ear. Men began to run and dive and crawl. Two marines kneed up ahead and plunged for the Bunker. They squeezed Down past a water can Dow narrow Slimy sandbag Steps into a dim Low dirt room with cots and a Candle burning then into deeper Darker Hole Heads Down helmets banging tangled equipment bumping. Crammed into a Hole five by five popping sweat Kneecap to Kneecap. The faces of the marines flickered up in the Light of another Candle. Inches Over their Heads was a ceiling of planks beams Shell casings and layers of sandbags. There it was again that a Hoodoo in the sky. The Hole shuddered. The Candle blew out. The sound came again and again. No setup. Chunks of mud spat Down the Hole shaking All to hell. Closer muttered a voice in the , close As can be said another. Pretty Damn close. Listen at that. Of they brought the world Down on us that what s it rockets naw bigger. .130s." the Candle a. Fat yellow one was Active in your old age giggled a Marine brushing the dirt out of his Mustache that s the what grunted another. What re you talking about when you get old stay Active giggled the first twisting his Mustache. It s the secret of Long life. I read that. Just stay ? did you say old you crazy mucker giggled the other. Who in Here s Ever Gonna retold they sat there for a Long time four marines inthe mud laughing watching the Candle dance getting old. The time was october 1967. The place was Little Patch of Shell churned hell called con Thien near the Doz in Vietnam. Tough marines. Tough War. And Tough times followed for some of the military services. Uniforms were not too popular. Marines walk through the bunkers at con Thien. Up old sergeants were heard to grumble that their outfits were turning into mobs of watery eyed milk lapping pussycats who would t take order Sand could t shoot a can of shaving Cream straight. Recruits were heard to complain that they were being addressed Overly harshly by rude crude was even rumoured that the marines the fighting marines were going soft in those dreary Days following Vietnam. Going soft the United states Marine going soft it never happened asserted master gunnery sgt. Louis r. Bob Green a28-year Veteran. We still blew bugles. We never compromised in that chaotic period after Vietnam even when it was the thing to and by any standards the marines Are no compromising today. On the 207th anniversary of the founding of the Marine corps the outfit that John Wayne always wanted to belong to seems Tobe going great guns. That Marine in Lebanon he s the Sam Guy said Green one time machine gunner chief scout and sniper in Korea. Break out the photos of marines in the Meuse Argonne Belleau Wood and chateau Thierry in 1918, and you la swear you re looking at the same Man. He looks the same he s got the same attitude hell he even smells the the marines said Green is a Tough club to join and you never forget your membership. Get two businessmen together and one minute they retaking business the next they find out the other s been a Marine and the whole atmosphere changes. They Stop talking business and Start talking marines. Because listen you Don t los that spirit what the marines put into you. You never lose it. Never myths and legends flourish in Marine corps by pfc. Robert Johnson . Marine corps amp Butler beginnings. Everything has a beginning and the . Marine corps Isno exception. The Marine corps beginning has been traced to nov. 10, 1775, when the Continental Congress resolved. That two battalions of marines be raised. When an organization As Active As the Marine corps survives 207 years of dedicated service to a growing country myth legend an lore Are bound to flourish. This holds True with tales classed in Marine terminology As sea and there Are plenty of the origin of the nickname seemingly More tradition than legend the origin deserves mention considering marines of three generations have worn leather collars. Synonym for Marine presently accepted by Webster and other notable dictionaries As a synonym for Marine the term was derived from a leather Stock once worn around the neck by both american and British marines. Beginning in 1790, one was issued to each Marine annually. The stiff Black leather Collar was fastened by two buckles at the Back measured nearly three and a half inches wide and was practical Only for full dress Wear. It was never worn in Battle because it restricted the neck move ment needed in sighting the Rifle. Even though Gen. George f. Elliott i recalling its use after the civil War said the wearers looked. Like geese looking for rain it was believed the Collar improved military bearing by forcing the Chin leather Collar was dropped As a part of the corps uniform in 1872, after surviving uniform changes of 1833,1839 and 1859. Another nickname tagged on marines which has nothing to do with their appearance is Devil dog legend has it that in the Belleau Wood fighting of 1918, the germans received Complete and furious indoctrination in the fighting ability of marines. Fighting through dangerous wooded area Sand capturing German occupied terrain the men of the 4th Marine brigade struck terror inthe hearts and minds of their enemies. The Ever persistent attacks delivered with courage soon had the germans referring to the marines As Teufel Hunden meaning fierce fighting dogs of legendary origin or As popularly translated Devil fifth commandant and there s col. Archibald Henderson the fifth commandant of the Marine corps. During Henderson s distinguished career a commandant the Marine corps involvement took them around the Globe. Many legend shave spread about his illustrious activities including one particular Story that dealt with his expedition against the indians. In 1836, the Creek and Seminole India tribes in Georgia and Florida were waging War against the United states. From All reports . Army had its hands full. Henderson offered the services of regiment of marines for duty with the army. Placing himself in command and taking Al available men of the corps he left for an extended Campaign after tacking a concise message on his office door which read have gone to Florida to fight indians. Will be Bac when War is Pacific stars and stripes depends largely on Public affairs offices for contributions to this Page. If you have a Story that would be of particular interest to this newspaper please let your Pao know about it

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