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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 10, 1982, Tokyo, JapanWednesday november 10, 1982 Pacific stars and stripes viewpoint 13 not in our stars but in ourselves the Public Campaign to Stop the nuclear arms race which has just had its greatest american Success with voter approval of freeze resolutions has to reckon with Central political fact Many of president Reagan s key advisers on these questions want an arms race. The men shaping nuclear weapon policy in this administration Are such intellectual Hawks As Richard Perle assistant Secretary of de sense for International Security policy and Eugene v. Rostow director of the arms control an disarmament Agency. They Are carrying out in office their state belief that the United states should Challenge the soviet Union by massive nuclear buildup for two Broad , they argue the . Will be Able to apply pressure in regional confrontations with the user if it has an Edge in nuclear weapons. Such political leverage requires that we have not Only Superior deterrent weapons but a nuclear War fighting capacity and that we Are ready in Anthony Lewis Perle s words to move up the escalation second they believe that an All out arms race will put the soviet Union under tremendous economic pres sure forcing it to accept limits on its weaponry. Reagan spoke from that premise when he said in the 1980 Campaign that the one card that been missing in arms control negotiations was the possibility fan arms he has done everything he can in office to make that possibility a reality. The ultimate aim of the nuclear Hawks is deeper still. It is to confront the soviets and Force changes in their whole system to intimidate disrupt and eventually transform the soviet Union by the threat of nuclear War. That characterization of the Hawks purpose comes from a gripping new Book with enough shovels Reagan Bush and nuclear it is by Robert Scheer National correspondent of the los Angeles times who Over the Las three years has interviewed Ronald Reagan George Bush and Many of the nuclear thinkers for his paper and somehow got them to talk with chilling Candor. A particularly memorable Schee interview was with . Jones Deputy undersecretary of defense who said that with a Good civil defense program the United states could recover from All out nuclear War in two to four years. The key thing he said was for people to dig holes and get under three feet of dirt if there Are enough shovels to go around everyone s going to there is a Lunatic hilarity to Jones but of course he and the others Are not really funny. What makes Scheer s Book so powerful i that he takes the nuclear Hawks seriously. And he treats them fairly giving their views full expression and showing their human Side. To understand the philosophy of the Reagan Hawks is to appreciate Why they arouse such anxiety among our european allies. The most moderate europeans Are terrified bythe Drift of american strategic thinking from deterrence to plan Sand weapons for actually fighting a nuclear War. Bloodcurdling messages lord Zuckerman a noted British scientist and adviser to Many governments has said that the Reagan administration s nuclear War fighting theories Send blood curdling messages to Europe. Writ ing in Mit s technology review he says it May be impossible to hold nato together if . Officials go on with their talk of using nuclear weapons to Render ineffective the whole of the soviet political and military is there any practical Way to negotiate with the soviets a freeze on the most terrifying aspects of the nuclear arms race yes and the main elements of such talks Are obvious now. They would include a renegotiated Salt ii and a comprehensive ban on testing the Best Way to Stop the deployment of new weapons. Can it happen is there any hop for such a limited urgent negotiation the answer is that there can be Only if Reagan is convinced that the nuclear Hawks Are leading him into a dangerous Blind Alley convinced by other advisers by Congress and by All of us. . Times How about that William ? now there is a supreme court Justice who could inject Little suspense into an argument Over whether the Sun rises in the morning. Brennan is not Only the court Foremost Liberal. He is quite capable of arguing that no Means yes. Resets a body to wondering whether Brennan a study in knee Jerk liberalism Andrew Tully Jack the Ripper was in fact misunderstood Urban reformer. Don t get me wrong. Willia Brennan is a decent Man and a certified humanitarian. But to him the Constitution is what he says it is not what its framers said it was. His opinions Are Replete with statements that the Constitution does not mean any collection of syllables with which he happens to Brennan s latest exercise in picking and choosing among the Constitution s articles. At Issue was the Case of two members of the revolutionary communist part who were convicted and sentenced to eight months in prison for burning an american Flag they had brought to a Federal office building i Greensboro n.c., two years ago. The men were sentenced under Alaw passed by Congress in 1968 which prohibits knowingly casting contempt upon any Flag of the United states by publicly mutilating defacing defiling or trampling upon the offenders had lost an Appeal inthe . Court of appeals for the fourth circuit and the supreme court with Brennan dissenting refused to hear arguments that the convictions violated Freedom of speech rights under the first amendment. Our poor old battered first amendment. Proffer me attractive Odds and i d bet the grocery Money that some joker in the next 10 years will run for president on a platform of genocide. Was Hinckley express ing a political opinion when he tried to kill Ronald Reagan free love May be of for those who like it and it has been explained by its sponsors As a political expression but i Trust no court will Ever accept the argument of a rapist that he or she was merely exercising first amendment rights. Certainly those two american reds cast contempt on a Flag of the United states. In expressing their political philosophy they certainly mutilated defaced and defiled that Flag. That s As May be argued Bren Nan. But he called the Law political censorship pure and simple which goes to the heart of what the first amendment not so. The first amendment contains no word prohibiting enactment of a la designed to protect one of the Republic s symbols. I la listen to anyone who says it should but As of the supreme court s decision it did not. Indeed Brennan himself seemed to quibble. He wrote that the Law did not punish Flag mutilation in the abstract but Only mutilation done deliberately to cast contempt on the Flag. The two accused did Burn the Flag deliberately and did show their contempt for it. Case closed except for Brennan has become so exhilarated by his reputation As a Liberal that he has lost his perspective. Across the Fence it is disease that also afflicts too Many of my conservative Syndicate an authorized unofficial publication of the . Forces overseas published daily except 1 january at 23-17, Roppo Ngi 7-chome, Minato Kun Tokyo 106 Japan Apo san francisco94501. Contents of this publication opinions and views expressed by columnists and cartoonists and the appearance of displays concerning commercial publications do not necessarily represent the official View nor constitute an endorsement by the . Government department of defense commander in chief Pacific or this newspaper. 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