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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 10, 1982, Tokyo, Japan 12 Pacific stars and stripes viewpoint november 1982 fund needs bipartisan cooperation a Quick Exchange of political fire Between Bob Dole and speaker tip Oneill does not augur Well for perhaps the most pressing Issue facing the new Congress How to stabilize the social Security things look somewhat brighter for what will surely be a second major concern efforts to reduce president reagans outsize military spending both military cuts and social Security Reform while important in themselves Are vital if huge impending Federal budget deficits Are to be brought anywhere near manageable Reagan probably will put up stiff resistance to cutting his military but members of Congress can read the election they know that democratic gains in the House and the nuclear freeze voting in numerous states and localities Point the Finger at the Pentagon budget not at further cuts in social majority Leader Howard a reasonable fellow who respects the ballot already has Tom Wicker predicted to Martin Tolchin of the new York times that reagans projected 7 percent annual increases in military spending will be Cut to 4 percent or 5 but the omens for social Security Reform Are the democrats apparently helped themselves somewhat by their repeated Campaign greatly resented by that Reagan and his party intended to Cut social Security democratic candidates base this attack on reagans Reform proposals of 1981 but republicans regarded that tactic As since they had As quickly repudiated reagans plan As had the even he abandoned it under the fact As both sides Are Well that social Security reforms whatever their substance will have to be legislated with bipartisan with democrats controlling the House and republicans the and Reagan in the White neither acting has the votes for such a politically difficult even if either social Security Reform is so sensitive that it would inevitably become a Campaign Issue in just As it did in unless it had bipartisan though he undoubtedly Felt provoked by the democrats reckless Campaign Dole did Little to remedy the situation by charging the democrats dont have any ideas they dont want to do and that Oneill didst even understand that there is a numerous democrats in the House understand the social Security crunch All too and have Long studied various Means of dealing with the available choices none of which is politically easy Are not limited to the simplistic alternatives of raising taxes or cutting some combination of the two is More particularly since Secretary of the Treasury apparently contradicting Rea has said that the administration has a completely open mind even on tax inflationary factors a number or factors that simply raising the payroll tax is not the most sensible a substantial series of recurring periodically into the was enacted during the Carter these raises already have made the payroll tax a heavy its in that it adds substantially to employers wage thus driving up their if the third stage of the Reagan income tax Cut is allowed to As seems it would be contradictory to raise the payroll taking away with one hand the tax Relief granted by the and blunting the economic stimulus of the income tax Many americans already pay More in payroll than in income one Means of bringing More Revenue into the social Security Trust fund might be to raise the payroll tax base now income up to a that would make the tax rate less and put More of the Burden on those Best Able to reductions in benefits could be factored in Over Long periods of so that As former president Nixon has suggested current recipients would suffer As Little As a primary problem is in the Early Congress expanded particularly the formula by which Basic retirement pensions Are a return to a More realistic formula for future beneficiaries in spare them further payroll tax increases during their remaining years in the work Force a reasonable Nixon also said in a recent television interview that those politicians who refuse to step up to this Issue Are going to be on the wrong Side of it his View on such matters is usually acute but How much better if democrats and republicans alike even speaker and president would step up to it times Midas touch not to be found in Public service Many of my fellow millionaires have written angrily and even a Fine millionaire you writes a typical millionaire from the Sun while the rest of us Are out Here squandering fortunes to become governors and what Are you doing sitting there in new York mooning Over Money ill though such abuse is hardly Worth ill answer it i have not been sitting in new York hatching my i have been sitting in new York Reading the lives of the great men like John Commodore these Are my in those Days millionaires were they didst disgrace their economic bracket by careening around the Countryside in their shirtsleeves with their suspenders they didst display themselves in Clown ish television commercials promis ing to make the common mans liver bile flow at the rate of two Gallons per they haunt the slightest interest in the common mans liver since nobody could find a Way to turn it into a million its these giants whom i have studied Ever since my first millions fell into my and these studies have left me ashamed of my fellow modern millionaires with their pal try ambitions to be senators and nor am i moved by their Russell Baker statements that their Only desire is to put their millionaire skills to the service of the the chief skill of the millionaire is the ability to amass if he must put it to the service of the the Only sensible course is to pass his amassed millions on to institutions like libraries that do people some in a Library a person might learn How to become a millionaire so that he have to rely on the rest of us millionaires to look after him in the Senate or some governors can anybody imagine Morgan with his sleeves rolled up and his suspenders eating hot dogs on a Street Corner so As to be elected to the Senate and serve the people my guess is that if anybody had Ever asked Morgan to serve the his answer would have How to you want them Well done or medium rare that my idea of a real millionaires dont want to be senators they want to buy that Why youll never catch me running for the i want people to look Down from the gallery in the capital and Admire my senators and ask How much does a senator Cost so i can if you have to you cant afford is this selfish i think but a real millionaire make any Bones about looking after his own and a lot of these office seeking it seems to Are making Bones about for Why is it almost always the Senate or the governor ship they run for if there so fired up to serve the Why dont you Ever see one running for Alderman or sheriff on aldermen and sheriffs Are much Low Equality Public servants than senators and any High minded millionaires who really want to raise the Quality of Public life could do a lot More toward the goal by using their Money to become the aldermen and sheriffs of they dont do do they could this be because there More interested in glamorous titles than in getting the town sewers improved and refurbishing the jail i note from the election returns that running millionaires were not overwhelmingly successful at the which proves the truth of Mark Hannas observation that you cant buy All of the people All of the there Are no figures on what it Cost the losers to have their fling at big but it be surprising if the expense ran Well Over Morgan would have foreseen this huge waste of Money and probably have better to give it to a Library than throw it away like in with that Why i didst times

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