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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 9, 1982, Tokyo, Japan Pacific stars and stripes 8 consumer november 1982 fair debt act a protector from the Bill collector United press International when the Bills Start piling the Bill collector May not be far the Mere mention of the words Bill collector sends shudders through most but Federal Law protects debtors against Many of the things they May the Protection comes from the fair debt collection practices act which prohibits threats and other abusive a Bill collector for sex Call you at an inconvenient or unusual time generally before 8 or after 9 he or she cant keep calling you at work if you say it is the collector cant Tell your Boss or your coworkers about your unless you say it is a court says its All right or such an announcement is part of a court and he or she cant threaten you or your family with a Bill collector who violates the fair debt collection practices act May be sued by a debtor for actual additional damages up court costs and reasonable attorneys there Are some restrictions in the it applies to family or household but not to business or commercial it generally covers Only what Are known As third party Bill collectors people hired to collect debts owed to someone it does for cover someone from a department store who is trying to collect Money owed to that depart ment the Law allows a Bill collector to Contact someone other than the debtor an for example Only to discover or verify the debtors the collector must identify himself or but can identify his or her employer Only if requested to do collectors cannot reveal the fact that the consumer owes Money and Are not allowed to use a Post card or in any Way reveal their Deb collection if the Bill collector learns that an attorney is representing the he or she must Deal with the attorney not with the once you have told a Bill collector that its inconvenient for him or her to Call you at any collector who makes further Calls to discuss your debt is breaking the according to the Federal Trade a collector can Contact you at work to Tell you that no further collection efforts will be made or to inform you of a specific action planned against your employer can be told about your debts if a creditor has taken court action against you and the court has ordered that your wages be at within five Days after a collector first contacts you about your he or she must Send you a written notice telling you the amount of the debt and the name of the creditor and informing you that the debt will be assumed to be valid unless it is disputed within 30 Days that if it is the collector will verify women it and Send a copy of the verification underwear in new but the male Model got most of the attention and or of a judgment against lots of laughs at the fashion show featuring underwear for both a the Bare Brief facts a sacred foundation in mens have made their Way into Nens International jockey launched its new line of women hints from Heloise dear Heloise has anyone Ever written How to use a vacuum to dust off a Dresser top that holds bits and pieces items for ones daily use just slip a sheer knee i stocking Over the vacuum Brush or pipe pull the stocking up and hang on to prevents the vacuum bag from swallowing up a wanted dear Heloise i was out of the regular thin Brown wrapping paper when i decided to mail a package so i tried a Brown grocery cutting Down the sides with a then cutting around the Bottom of the i came up with a great Brown wrapping almost free too Marty Lamb dear Heloise Here is a hint for As with i always have an extra save the keep it in the trunk of the be prepared for that Flat tire or emergency just slip the Odd Glove on to keep your hand an old shirt might work Well to go with the it would help to keep dirt and grease off clean Terry Nicholes dear Heloise i recently made a having a House full of i was really worried about moving my solution was to put each Plant in a plastic bag and use a twist tie to close i loaded them in the Back of our pickup truck and off we the plastic protected them from the wind and rain and kept the soil in Mary Curry dear Heloise those coated cardboard milk Cartons Are great to use for garbage when you dont have a there Waterproof and help to keep dogs and bugs out of your garbage Ray dear Heloise i find my adjustable ironing Board to be one of the handiest pieces of furniture i have i use it in so Many ways covered with a Nice it makes a serving lower to right level for Little ones to use for an extra use As extra desk space when you Are working with More papers and material than your desk will also it is Handy when Mccoy dear Heloise my son and grandchildren live out of i have quite a few photos of but i dont like displaying them on the or in photo albums that Are always put a i found a Way i can look at them All Day i taped them to the inside doors of my Kitchen after you arrange the photos on the take some Clear plastic wrap and tape it Over the pictures for it makes the family seem seeing them throughout the Averna sweaters Cost to make London up exclusive sweaters by american designer Ralph retailing in the United states for Over Are hand knit by British pensioners paid about per the sunday times the quoting a bbl television consumer said the knitting is organized by Nancy of who Heads a cottage Industry employing Home knitters mostly elderly investigators called the practice sweatshop the times London senior citizen Mabel one of Vales said she knits sleeveless pullovers to an original Ralph Lauren design in about two the newspaper Tricky knitting keeps my brain said who receives for a sweater Vest retailing at and up to for sweaters with adding the Cost of transportation and the Pullover vests leaves Welling costing about the report Laurens London agent adds and air freights it to the United where a 30 percent duty plus High customs and handling charges Are shops and department stores buy the sweater from wholesalers at about and retail it for including sales the times we have no problem Selling As Many As we can Vale told the but i do feel bad about How much the knitters

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