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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 8, 1982, Tokyo, JapanF 0 f of ? of f of f j Vathi monday november 8, 1982 St not in a at a Pacific stars and stripes 17 radio Japan news on the hour . 4 05swinging years5 05dick Clark s music machine 6 00news, sports 6 30star wars 7 05car men dragon 8 05jazz spectrum 9 05prime cuts 10 05king biscuit flour hour 11 05time machine . 12 05east of Midnight 2 05roland Bynum 3 05charlie tuna5 05harry Newman 6 05local morning program7 00news, sports Paul har vey 7 30local morning program 9 05charlie tuna11 05local noon program . 12 00news. Sports1 05gene Price 2 05don tracy3 05mary Turner 4 05local afternoon pro Gram Okinawa news on the hour . 5 05clockwatcher 7 00news, sports Paul har vey 7 30-clock watcher 9 05charlie tuna 11-.os-Day tripper .12 00news, sports Paul har vey 1 05gene price2 05don Tracy 3 05mary tur Ner 4 05-on the Road 6 00 news sports7 05-nightline 9 05woffman jack10 05-mystery theater 11 05-Pete . 12 05harry newman1 05potpourri 2 05roland Bynum 3 05charlie tuna 5 05clockwatcher Philippines news on the hour . 5 05harry Newman 6 00news, sports Paul har vey 6 30morning line 9 05charlie tuna11 05brown paper bag radio . 12 00news, sports Paul har vey 1 05gene price2 05don Tracy 3 05mar v Turner 4 05the roadrunner6 00 news sports 7 05-Mary Helen Barro 8 05golden Days of radio 8 30jim pewter9 05wolf Man Jack 10 05mystery theatre la 05-Pete . 12 05-Midnight rambler2 05roland Bynum 3 05charlie tuna 5 05harry Newman Korea news on the hour . 4 05weekly special6 00news 6 30salt Tabernacle choir6 55point of Law 7.-00bulletin Board 7 05historyof Rock n Roll 8 05open door 8 30whistler 9 05tom Campbell 11 05king biscuit flour hour . 12 05after Midnight 2 05gene price3 05mary Turner 4 05mary Helen Barro 5 05morning show6 30news 6 50bulletin board7 00morning devotions 7 -.05morning show 8 30local scene 9 05charlie tuna 10 05roland Bynum 11 05harry Newman . 12 00news 12 30golden Days of radio 1 05charlie tuna2 05don Tracy 3 05country caravan 4 05afternoon show Guam news on the hour . 6 05am radio 7 00news, sports Paul har vey 7-.30-am radio 9 05charlie tuna 11 05fen today . 12 00news, sports 1 05gene price2 05dontracy 3 05mary turner4 05omnibus 6 00news, sports 7 05mary Helen Barrio 8 05golden Days of radio8 30jim Pewter 9 05-wolfmanjack10 05mystery theatre 11 05pete Smith . 12 05after Midnight 2 05roland Bynum 3 05charl in tuna5 05harry Newman 6-.05-am radio movies Japan Sun Mon Yokota West 1 1 Yokota East 2 Camp Zama 3 3 Sanno hotel 4 Negishi 5,6 7 Benny Decker. 8, 9,10 11,12 Nagai Katsugi Gateway. 13,14 15 Katsugi 16,17,18, 19kamiseyan 20 Mon Richard Bong 21showboat 22 Sakura 23,24 Okinawa Mon Butler 25 Keystone 6mcas 27 Foster 8 Kinser 29olympic 30 Ora wan 1 Camp Hansen i Chim Uwan Torii 32 Camp Shields a Philippines Mon Bobbitt 33colin Kelly 34 Subic Bay 5 Cubi Mas 36 Mobini Coican 37 Kalayaan 8 Grande Island 39 John Hay 40 Wallace 33 seafront a Korea Monyon san 2 40 Yon san 1 Camp Coiner 17 Camp red Cloud 17 Camp Essa Yons Camp Stanley 41 Camp Hovey 2 Camp Howze 43 rec Center 4 25 1 teething r 2 taps pm 3 raiders of the lost Ark pm 4 reds pm 5 Mary Poppins g 6 history of the world part i r 7 Snake fist fighter r 8 any which Way you can pm 9 dead men Don t Wear plaid r 10 Saturn 3 r 11 Josiah pm 12 the sword and the sorcerer r 13 yanks r 14 from night r 15 the Competition pm 16 Herbie goes bananas g a not available 17 Rocky Iii pm 18 humongous r 19 the Rose r 20 Moonraker pm 21 raging Bull r 22 Angel of . T. R 23 raw Deal r 24 Conan the barbarian r 25 absence of malice pm 26 the Best Little whorehouse Texas r 27 True confessions r 28 Rich and famous r 29 ragtime pm 30 rollover r 31 night crossing pm in 32 3334 3536 37 3839 4041 42 4344 4546 47 Mon Camp Graves 44 Camp Humphreys 45 East Gate club Camp Carroll 33 Camp Henry 40pusan 45 Camp Page 31camp Long 1 Camp Colbern 46 Osan a 47 Taegu a 2 Kunsan a 17 Kwangju a 44 k-16 Guam Mon Meehan a sky View a disappearance r tron pm Therri reaper r up River pm the big redone pm the Octagon r Alligator r pippin pm poltergeist pm Soldier of Orange r ghost Story r where the Buffalo roam r the Raggedy Man pm chariots of fire pm thief r Stone cold dead r television kanto Plain sunday nov. 74 35 .Nova 5 35vietnam the 10,000day War 6news 6 15mac schedule what s happening 6 20sixty minutes 7 10little House on the Prairie 8 05mork and Mindy 8 35mash9 05lou Grant 10news 10 15movie Man for All seasons 12 15 .side Street 1the wing1 30what s happening 1 35insight2news monday nov. 8 11 30 .music store noon news 12 05-general Hospital 12 50ryan s hope1 15movie giants of Rome 2 55sesame Street 3 55dick Cavett 4 25 fight back4 50-Familyfeud 5 10donahue 6 news 7mr. Merlin 7 30happy Days 8barbara mandrel9nurse 10news 10-.30-Flo 11cassle and company 11 50gunsmoke 12 40 .mash1 10-whafs happening 1 15sixty minutes 2 05news Misawa monday nov. I 11 50 .family feud 12 18 Dick Cavett 12 47-news 12 52info special 1 23this was america1 48ryan s Hope 2 10sesame street3 09 Black Beauty 3 33wayne Thomas 4 23donahue 5 15general Hospital 6news 6 35 Buck Rogers 7 30flo8one of the boys 8 30wkrp in Cincinnati 8 55-fall guy9 50movie Donovan s brain n 15-news 11 21buck Rogers 12 11 .Flo 12 37one of the boys 1 03-Wkrp in Cincinnati 1 28the fall Guy 2 19movie Donovan s brain3 42general Hospital Iwakuni monday nov. 811 55a.m.general Hospital 12 40 p. s Hope 1 05hee Haw 1 55news2 Richard Simmons 2 25coral Jungle .3 15mary Tyler Moore 3 40sesame Street 4 40donahue 5 30 family feud5 55classified ads 6news6 30iwakuni scene 6 35dukes of hazzard 7 35love boat 8 30three s company 9 05strike Force 10news10 15ncaa football 12 35 .flipside 12 55american history Casebo monday nov. 8 1 .sesame street2presente 2 25stfs connection 2 50wild kingdom3 15donahue 4 05ryan s Hope 4 25richard Simmons 4 50general Hospital 5 35family feud kids say the darn est things 6news 6 40that s incredible 7 30family classic theatre 9m Ash 9 25news 9 55barney Miller 10 05harper Valley Pat 10 35spyforce Okinawa monday nov. 8 10 30 .cartoons 10 35you asked for it11dick Cavett 11 30family Feudal 55-kids say the darn est things noon news 12 15general hospital1ryan s Hope 1 30kung fun 2 30sixty minutes 3 30wkrp 4sesame Street 5donahue 5 05donahue 5 55take Kerr 6news 6 35house calls7today s Fri 8happy days8 30mash 9monday night baseball 11 30return of the Saint 12 20 .sounds Good 12 45general Hospital Philippines monday nov. 8 11 30 .family feud kids says the Dandes things noon sixty minutes 1in search of1 30insight 2dick Cavett 2 30sesame Street 3 30r Yan s Hope 4general Hospital 5donahue 6news 6 304-Averne and shirley7when the whistle blows 8nero Wolfe 9return of the Saint 10news 10 15monday night sports or movie 1 15 .Wayne Thomas Korea monday nov. 8 noon news 12 15sixty minutes l 10-Dick Cavett 1 35mary Tyler moore2donahue 2 45take Kerr 2 50ryan s Hope 3 15general Hospital 4sesame Street 5kids say the Dandes things 5 05lively special5 30family feud 6news 6 30-Wtork and Mindy 6 55eight is enough 7 45house Calls 8 15kung fun 9 05nero Wolfe 10news10 30-return of the Saint 11 20the tonight show 12 05 .David Letterman Hollywood gossip Tribune company Syndicate major Winchester ill a a so film held up by Marilyn Becky production of a a so has been forced to a halt for at least two weeks while David Ogden stiers recuperate from hepatitis and workers rebuild sets destroyed by the recent Malibu fire. It s rough reports executive producer Burt says that stiers who plays major Winchester became ill two weeks ago and for a while we tried to work Aroundhim. But we re in the midst of filming the two hour movie that will serve As the final segment of the show. David s a integral part of it and we can go no further without him. Well have to just sit Back and wait until he gets better hopefully hell be Back in two weeks and while we wait Well have workers rebuilding the Burnt out there have been reports that 20th Century Fox i developing a new series which will involve Many of them a so characters but Metcalfe reveals really there nothing firm yet nothing even close to a commitment. I m not saying it s not possible just that it s gone no further than some vague talk. A concept has t even been developed yet. And if it did develop into something it would t involve Many of them a so it seems that not Only he and Alan Alda but other members of the troupe Are already set to March on to different duty when they Salute Farewell to a a so in february. The inside track Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams Are joining the ranks of singing stars lending their talents to to themes with their upcoming version of the Abc family ties tune without Deniece reports they were asked to record the theme song Only a Little Over two weeks ago just after Johnny had returned from a concert tour and i was finishing mine. But everything fell together very quickly and we herein the studio last she notes that Mathis and her 1978 smash too much too Little too late came together in similar Speed fashion and that it was like a Subtle attack when it came re just hoping the same thing happens this without us will of course be released As a single record along with so deep in love which the sometimes partners also recorded last to Deniece the songs will Likely be featured on the up Shell soon Wax for Columbia for Early 83 release. Besides that i m pretty much in the category of singers looking to go into acting says the songstress who scored her first hit with the sex. Innuendo Laden Telephone Man and who now has Gonna take a Miracle on the charts. She also says she d like to follow the course of Dinah Shore John Davidson and Mike Douglas As a Singer who becomes Host of a talk show. Jacqueline Bisset certainly chose something different former recent appearance on the Merv Griffin her get up a Black suede mini outfit that was purposely tattered Well up the thigh. She bought it in a London men s clothing store where it was being sold As a gentleman s shirt. Another generation heard from Ros Bagdasarian or. Reports we could Well be seeing a new film featuring his late father s famous chipmunks Alvin Simon and Theodore. Says Ross who with his wife Janice Karman brought the toothsome Trio Back to life with the 1980 Platinum Selling Chipmunk Punk up and who have recorded three More albums made deals for an Abc Chipmunk cartoon series and for a random House series of Chipmunk stories and colouring books. Janice also designed the new Chipmunk costumes that will be used in the chipmunks go Hollywood album promotional tour of the United states next month and could be used As part of a live action touring stage show the Bagdasarianz have been asked to mount. In addition to Al that there Are the amusement Park operators who want the chipmunks on hand to Greet kiddies. At this Point says Ross the comeback is getting beyond what i d originally hoped for. We just wanted to capture some of the magic my dad started As a tribute to him and out of love for watch out again jaws 3-d" has gotten under Way in Orlando fla., with Dennis Quaid Bess Armstrong and Lou Gossett and of course the mechanical shark. Mathis

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