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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 7, 1982, Tokyo, JapanSunday november 7, 1982 -.vi3it 3 err Pacific stars and stripes h v ". V sunday during elections what Issue most concerned you As a voter question of the week my hmm mob Mahb interviews at Sanno hotel a sgt. Marvin Rogers Kunsan a Korea he state of the Economy is always first. But right now being a military member i m concerned about the status of the armed forces. I d like us to become More complacency of the american people has really taken hold. I Don t think they Are aware of the things that could happen if we become really a Strong military service and having someone in office who supports a Strong military is a key Issue today. That s one of the things i looked for in a 84, the republicans Are going to have Ahard time. I Don t think it s because of any fault of theirs. It s just be cause of the state of the Economy. People Are searching for something and they re going to switch parties simply because they re looking fora they d be groping at straws. Swapping parties in 84 would be bad. Reagan should be Given the Chance to develop some Long Range programs. Maj. John Drury Yokota a Japan he Issue that concerns me the most is the Economy. I tried Tovote in a Way that would give us stronger More realistic Economy not one where we re living in debt or continually trying to bal Ance our budget. It would be hard forme to predict what might happen in 84. I appears to me that interest rates must below enough to make the Market More dynamic to encourage people to spend Money. The rate shave gone Down and i think that s a Good sign. Trisha Spurlin Misawa a Japan employment. It s a big is sue Especial Lyas prices go , i Don t know what the issues Are. I Haven t been Back there Cali fornia in quite a while. But nationally the econ omy concerns me. But it will take the 84 election were today i think i d still vote for Reagan. I. Ron Rudison Naf Katsugi Japan he Issue that concerns everybody the most is the Economy. An unemployment rate of 10.1 percent equates Toto much suffering. I d also like to see the Congress support a stronger military. Having a Strong military and at the same Tim realizing that we have to keep our budget within limits those Are the two mos important issues. In 84, if president Reagan runs again he lube elected. The republicans seem to have come up with the an Swers. The tight Money policies of the fed caused a lot of pressure throughout the country but it was the kind of Belt tightening that we needed. You were either going to do that or put up with inflation at 10 percent annually. It had to Stop somewhere. The Republican admin Stra Tion realized that. It did come at a Greatcoat unemployment rat but now we have arrested inflation. Historically there s Beena Trade off Between employment and inflation. Now we put up with a Little More inflation for alot More employment. Not inflation at 10-12 percent but inflation at 3 or 4 percent. Betty Helfrich . Embassy Tokyo he Issue that concerns me the most i social Secu Rity How theold people will survive if these benefits Are reduced or Cut off. People work for along time and save their Money in order to try Mohave an easier life and not be dependent on anyone else. Now it s being threatened. I fee that at this stage in life they should t be threat ened. They should be Able to have a Good decent living for what time is left. My answer we have to keep contributing to social Security and Hope that it survives. We can t touch those funds for other purposes. Po3 Randy Krumrey Yokosuka no Japan Are really Don pay too much attention to politics. But i guess what be noticed unemployment lines. But there Are a lot of jobs out there in the states if you just gout and look for them. If i had to find a Job i just take anything that was to talk about issues i guess i Dhave to Call myself an uninformed voter. Robert Wieser Washington . Y biggest con Cern is How they combat crime. I Don t think the police Force does enough As far As patrol Ling. They seem to be protecting criminals More than they protect the Are too Many chances for an individual to Appeal Case after Case after Case. Five years Down the Road and the Guy is still waiting Tobe tried. Looking at 84, i ten to agree with what Ronald Reagan is trying to do. There s been too much deficit spending. But his policy just does t seem to be working As fast As he thought it would. I just Hope it turnaround. It. Col. Yokota a Japan t he Issue is obviously Economy arid employment. I tend to agree with the presi Dent that unemployment is one symptom of what s wrong with the Economy. He s taking a great Deal of heat on unemployment without people looking at the fact that interest rate shave decreased and the Cost of Money is going Down. On local pen sly Vania Issue i think the governor has done a Good Job and my congressman has done a goo Job. On the National scene i tend to agree with those who support the president. The fact that we be had a turn around an that we be had not had any serious inter National crises i think voters in 84 will go with the current administration. Jill Herrlein Manhattan Beach Calif. He Economy is Foremost in my something Radical in t done we re going to be in a lot of trouble. I m registered Democrat although i did vote for or. Reagan. I Don t know i we re going in the right direction. I m English originally and i think we Nee someone really firm another mrs. Thatcher. She s done a tremendous Job. She s run into a lot of problems but she s firm lady and i think Shell turn it big Issue in California was the hand gun registration. I favored registration. It ridiculous with All the guns that Are around. Nationally in 84, think the democrats Are going to get Back in. Buti Don t know if that s Good or bad

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