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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 6, 1982, Tokyo, JapanSaturday november 6, 1982 Korea Pacific stars and stripes so 3 schools uld get More Impact Aid by Dwight trimmer ass Washington Bureau chief Washington threats to bar children of military families from Public schools have prompted defense and education department officials to consider increasing Impact Aid to those schools next fiscal year. That move would hopefully resolve continuing disagreements wit various school districts Over the matter of tuition for those children. However an education department spokesman said Public schools should expect no increase this fiscal Aid is paid to Public schools to offset the education costs for students whose parents live or work on Federal property. The payments Are a form of tuition from the Federal govern ment since those families pay no property taxes. Reductions in the amount of Impact Aid paid Over the past few years have disturbed Many school officials. In several instances they have demanded military parents pay tuition for their children or students would be barred from county school officials near Camp Lejeune n.c., have billed military parents $245per student for annual tuition. School officials have said that tuition must be paid by nov. 30.highland Falls it. Montgomery school officials near West Point n.y., have asked military parents to pay $582 per child. A defense depart ment spokeswoman said Dod will take whatever Steps Are necessary to insure the free education of those and other youngsters is not disrupted. State and Federal courts have already ruled on several occasions that school districts could not prevent children from getting free Public education. The new Jersey state supreme court ordered schools in Pemberton ., to admit some 1,800 children from it. Dix Impact Aid earlier this year the Federal government assured Public school officials in Fairfax county va., of $3.5 million in Impact Aid this fiscal year. That Assurance blocked a court move by the school District to keep some 1,500 it. Belvoir children out of county schools. Congress recessed this month without appropriating Impact Aid Money for this fiscal year. Their continuing Resolution allows education department officials to continue Impact Aid payments at by 82 funding Levels. The Resolution allows a preliminary payment of 50-75 percent of last year s Impact Aid entitlements. In by 82, Congress for the second straight fiscal year authorized less than full payment of Impact Aid. They appropriated $456 million enough to pay about 80 percent of Impact Aid and education department officials expect similar funding Levels for this fiscal , president Reagan has asked for a Cut of $169 million from the Impact Aid total. Gradually phased out a spokesman for impacted area schools said continuing to pay Impact Aid at the same level would satisfy Many school districts. However he pointed out that others Are concerned beyond by 83. Congress has said next fiscal year is the last time Impact Aid will be paid for military children living off Federal property. Such payments have been gradually phased out for the past couple , Pentagon and education depart ment officials May ask Congress next fiscal Yea for enough Money to pay 90-95 percent of Impact Aid entitlements. A defense spokeswoman said the Long Range goal is a funding level sufficient so that there would be no need for tuition charges. Eight chosen for trials by a1c Kimberly Gallagher . Air Force eight of Pacific air forces finest were chosen to represent Acaf at the peacekeeper Challenge 82 trial sat Kirtland fab n.m., last month but Only after a Field of 18 finalists had driven themselves through a rigid framework of running climb ing studying shooting and training in open areas and Jungle surround Ings. Representing Acaf this year i peacekeeper Challenge 82 Are staff sgt. Kenith Hilte sgt. George Davisiii and a1c Bradley Stowe from Kadena a Okinawa sgt. Gordo Couffer from Kunsan a Korea airmen first class Harry Gomez and Tamlyn lathers from Osan a Korea and senior Aiman Brito Jefferies and airman first class theadore j. Krol from Clark a Philippines. Peacekeeper Challenge is a annual combat Competition Between air Force Security policemen other Federal Agency members and Allied nations said 1st it. Mark , team Captain. The team events Are the .38revolver Security police course m-16 Rifle combat course combat patrol land navigation course m-60 machine gun and Competition events Are the m-16 Rifle combat course obstacle course military working dog Competition m-203 grenade launcher Accident investigation and crime scene search and apprehension. Johnson and it. Col. Melvin , Headquarters Acaf project officer judged and compiled the scores from each event. Other Security policemen who competed in the finals were staff sgt. Joseph c. Haertsch sgt. Grand. Graham and airman first class Wesley d. Dickey from Clark a Philippines sgt. Paul Leclerc and airman first class Michael Mazziotte from Yokota a Japan airmen first class Gary Johnston and Dawn Bertot from Misawa a Japan sgt. Michael Graham fro Kunsan a Korea and sgt. Charles Faust and airman first class Davi Scheiffele from Hickam fab Hawaii. Civilian receives top award Seoul Usk the highest both the Republic of Korea and .recognition Given by the army to intelligence communities civilian employees the except the study added significantly notional civilian service award was . And Rok threat perceptions presented to Michael l. Hanson of providing a comprehensive assess i v v m of f9 . A a to Al to. I .12. 2_ __.a.uwhq., . Forces Korea nov. 5 Washington . In ment of North Korea s elite infantry and special purpose forces. Hanson a civilian intelligence the 34-year-old Hanson is fro research specialist at the Usk joint Madison s.d., and earned his intelligence staff office received the Bachelor of arts degree in political award from Secretary of the army science and history in 1970 at John o. Marsh or. Augustan College Sioux Falls both author and project director of he is currently enrolled in the an exhaustive study of North korean University of Oklahoma graduate Ranger commando forces Hanson program working for a master s was recognized for distinguished degree in Public administration and exemplary Hanson served in the army he directed the study conducted including a tour in Vietnam. He was Between March 1978 and May 1981, employed As an intelligence research a ,.from its inception and devised new specialist at the . Defense attache Hickam s Charles Faust reaches for the sky during the Confidence analytic methodology that sub office in Saigon from 1973 to 1975, at climb the highest obstacle in the peacekeepers obstacle course Competition sequently was adopted for use by which time he transferred to Korea. Held at Clark a recently. Usan photos by sgt. Carolyn Zephir Pacific stars and stripes depends largely on Public affairs offices for contributions to this Page. If you have a Story that would be of particular interest to this newspaper please let your Pao know about it

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