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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 5, 1982, Tokyo, JapanFriday november 5, 1982 f Pacific stars and stripes Auto 9 important Points to Check on cars by Ray Hill . Times modern automobiles Are pretty reliable. And because of that we sometimes tend to ignore them until something goes wrong. Some of the More important items that i be found that get neglected Are these charcoal canister filter. The charcoal canisters part of your car s evaporative emission system. It collects fuel Vapours that would otherwise Verelea Serinto the atmosphere. The charcoal canister is a round Cylinder inthe engine compartment with hoses attached to it. At the appropriate time fuel Vapours from the canister Are fed into the Carburettor where they Are sucked Down into the engine s combustion chamber and burned. Many charcoal canisters have a filter in the Bottom which is often forgotten by the owner. Check your owner s manual or service manual for your car and change this filter at the mileage intervals s easy to change. Remove the canister tilt the canister upside Down. Pull out the old filter and push the new filter in place. A filter can be purchased at Auto parts Storesa Well As at the parts department of a car Dealership. Be sure to specify year make Modeland engine Type v8, v6, Etc and size of your you can t locate the charcoal canister in your car ask a Mechanic or other knowledgeable court reverses jeep decision Carson City Ney. Up the Nevada supreme court has voided a lower court ruling that said the design of the Cj-5 jeep was defective and that jeep corp., suppressed evidence to hide the fact the vehicle was court granted a motion to toss out a $5.1 million judgment in favor of Charles Buckholt of Dayton Ohio. Buckholt suffered extensive injuries when the jeep he was Riding in overturned i october 1976. A trial was held on the Issue and District judge Mike Fondi took the arguments under submission. Shortly before he was to Rule earlier this year he informally told lawyers the amount he was going to award Buckholt. Lawyers for Bot sides then reached an out of court settlement for $5 million for the Buckholt Case and $3 million for two other jeep injury cases pending in Nevada. Two hours after the lawyers filed notice to dismiss the Case Fondi entered his judgment. Although the awards to Buckholt were similar jeep sought to vacate the judge s decision because it could be used in other suits in which the design of the jeep is being disputed. There Are More than 70 cases on file against jeep accusing the company of a defective design. Person to Point it out to you. Automatic transmission fluid. Most of us take the automatic transmission for granted. That s Okas Long As any service recommended in the owner s manual for the transmission is performed at the intervals fluid should not be neglected however. You should Check it occasionally say once a month. If transmission fluid is allowed to run Low transmission damage can your owner s manual for the proper checking procedure. On Many cars it is checked when the engine is warm with the engine idling and the transmission in Park. Use the Type of transmission fluid recommended in the owner s manual. Using the wrong Type of fluid May resulting transmission damage. Belts. These Are used to drive the alternator water pump and other items in the engine compartment. If belts Are allowed to loosen problems can occur. Overheating and an under charged Battery Are a couple of bad thing that can happen. Belts Don t have to be checked often. But the should not be ignored. Once every two or three months is a reasonable time interval betwee inspections. The engine should be off when belts rechecked for tightness. Grasp each Belt Midway Between two of its pulleys and move it up an Down. Up and Down movement should not exceed one half Inch. If it does tighten the tighten a Belt you must find the component such As the alternator which provides tension on the Belt. Loosen that component and use a pry bar to move that component enough so that proper Belt tension is achieved. Then tighten the component. Also inspect belts for Wear. A Belt that i cracked chipped or glazed on its sides and underside should be replaced. Replacing belts once very two years virtually eliminates the likelihood of a Belt breaking. Headlights taillights and Brake lights. Are both your headlights working on Bright on dim you probably Don t know because like most of us you Haven t checked them recently. At least once a month it s a Good idea to Checkal the lights. Be sure All headlights work on Bright and dim be sure each turn signal blinks that each Brake Light works that each taillight works and that the parking lights work. Usually if a bulb in t working it is merely burned out and replacing it with a new bulb will solve the problem. If it does to of course then the cause of the problem should be eliminated. Coolant level. This also is commonly the coolant level in the coolant recovery Reservoir every time you fill up with fuel. If it Islow add water to bring it up to the proper level. Ideally each time you replenish the coolant recovery Reservoir you should add 50 percent water and 50 percent Antifreeze. This is the idea mixture of water and Antifreeze for maximum engine Cooling. New swedish speeder the 1983 Volvo Glt Turbo moves from 0-60 Mph in under 10 seconds. You can depend on a Well maintained Battery second in a series new York up it s cold an you re late for an important meeting at jump into your car turn on the ignition and the starter motor just growls barely turning the engine Over. Automotive experts say the mos common cause of a no Start condition is a weak or defective aut Battery. It is also among the most neglected devices in the aver age car. There Are several easy ways to maintain the Battery through even the harshest of Winters. First put on old clothes and heavy duty gloves preferably rubber gloves. Battery acid can eat through clothes and Burn your skin if you Are not , inspect the Battery and its Cable connections hold Down Clamp Sand Battery Case. If the cables Are crusted with White Green powder remove them and clean away the corrosion. Heavy corrosion introduces a lot of resist Ance in the starting circuit and lessens a car s starting Power. Use a knife or a wire Brush to scrape the corrosion from the Metal Cable connectors. Then prepare a solution of equal parts of baking soda and water and dip the Cable ends in the foaming and fizzing will occur As the baking soda solution neutralizes the acid and softens the residue so the Bare Metal become visible. Next rinse the Cable connector with clean water dry them and replace them on the Battery terminal posts. Be sure you do not reverse their positions that could blow out the diodes in the alternator and ruin american made cars have a negative ground system. The Cable connected to the negative terminal of the Battery goes to the Frame of the car or directly to the engine itself thus grounding the engine. The positive Cable attaches to the positive terminal the one with a plus Symbol which on most batteries is also slightly larger in diameter than the negative terminal. That Cable usually red in color goes to a terminal on the starter motor. Next Check the Battery hold Down clamps. If they Are also corroded Brush on a half and half solution of baking soda and water to clean them the Battery Case. Make certain the filler Caps on top of the Battery Are securely in place to prevent any solution from getting inside the Battery. That would be disastrous. It would neutralize the acid water solution in the Battery making it worthless. The last step is perhaps the mos important Check the internal Condi Tion of the Battery with a Hydro meter unless you have a new car with a maintenance free Battery. Such batteries Are sealed and cannot be tested internally. They have a built in hydrometer in one cell. If the Eye is Green the Battery is in Good condition. If it is All dark the Battery needs charging. Light yellow Means the Battery is weak and May need to be replaced. To Check the older Type Battery you need a hydrometer a hollow Glass tube with a rubber squeeze bulb on the end. The tube contains a Small floating device resembling thermometer marked with gradations. Remove the Battery filler Caps on the Battery and insert the end of the hydrometer tube into one cell jus below the Battery fluid. Squeeze the rubber bulb drawing up enough fluid to float the thermometer like device in the hydrometer. Test Al six cells. Next tuning your ignition system

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