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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 5, 1982, Tokyo, Japan 22 election Pacific stars ant stripes november voters in move to become the 51 St state Washington a the District of the territory where americas capital City is has moved a step closer to becoming new the nations 51st voters narrowly approved a state Constitution that could pave the Way toward eventual state Hood for the a Region of people that is identical in territory to the City of washing statehood popular the voters of the District of Columbia have affirmed their determination to leave colonial subjugation said Charles president of the Conven Tion that drafted the the vote proved that statehood remains widely popular in the which is currently con trolled by the Federal government with limited the Constitution proved a controversial Issue largely because of provisions including the right to a Job or minimum the right for police officers to go on strike and abortion the final tally showed the Constitution of new Columbia winning with 53 percent in favor and 47 percent the Washington Post and the Washington the cites two daily both urged voters to reject the Constitution and Send it Back to the convention for Cassell said that the biggest remaining hurdle would be to get Congress to approve the Constitution and thereby admit the City to the Union As the 51st California rejects handgun control bottle Bills bust compiled from wire services Massachusetts restored the death penalty As americans in eight states called for a worldwide nuclear weapons freeze in the most crowded proposition ballot the country has seen since the in the most expensive proposition an attempt to regulate californian five million handguns failed in balloting by a 21 spending on the Issue totalled More than ment cleared the Way for the legislature to determine which crimes will be punishable by no one has been executed in Massachusetts since gambling measures lost in Mon Tana and South where voters rejected proposals to permit Gam bling on cards and other games of but minnesotans passed a ballot measure to allow parimutuel betting on and North Dakota dealt themselves another election82 election was first for newly drawn districts associated press tuesdays elections were the first held in districts newly drawn to match population shifts reflected in the 1980 census a population migration through the 1970s away from older Industrial cities of the Northeast and Midwest to the Southwest and the redistricting took House seats away from Many Northeast and Midwest new York lost five House seats Illinois and Pennsylvania each lost two and Massachi new Jer and South Dakota each lost these 17 seats taken away from states that lost population in the 1970s went instead to the so called Sun Florida gained four new reigning Blacks Back in House voter turnout up Washington up Black incumbents were uniformly returned to the House of representatives tuesday and heavy Black voter turnouts in some races appeared in Blacks added at least four new members to the congressional Black bringing its membership to but Blacks lost two big races Mississippi Robert Clarks bid for a House seat and los angles mayor Tom Bradley bid to become the first elected Black governor in the nations voters also turned aside a bid by Kenneth Mosley for the House seat in the 2nd District in South heavy Black turnout in some such As George wallaces successful bid to return As governor of boosted some demo cratic Wallace won an estimated 85 percent of the Black the Black which in the past has run considerably lower than was estimated by lbs television at 51 seats three two and new Utah and each gained since the trend was to shift seats from traditionally democratic areas to More More Republican republicans initially hoped to make major gains just from reapportionment picking up nearly All 17 new but cagey democratic controlled Legislatures in Many states that gained seats minimized gop Hopes for big gains when they Drew the actual new District the democrats gained at least 26 House seats tuesday with the help of a bottle Deposit Law was affirmed in but the idea of plunking Down a Nickel for return Able bottles and cans didst win enough converts out West voters in Colorado and Washington state Defeated bottle the nuclear arms freeze referee like one passed by Wisconsin in gathered solid Back ing in Rhode new North Michigan and it trailed Only in Nebraska save the family farm constitutional which would keep no family corporations from buying or operating farms in the held a narrow Lead Early with 95 percent of the vote 57 percent favored the proposal and 43 percent opposed Massachusetts constitutional amendment to allow a death penalty was approved by 59 percent and 41 percent with 62 percent of the ballots the Amend round of voting Down and Effort to curb its year old Law allowing charitable in a proposal to ban the use of electroshock therapy in the City was leading with 70 percent of the votes Oregon voters handily Defeated an attempt to repeal the first statewide land use planning system in the nation and remove Bureau cratic barriers to Industrial devel with of precincts repeal was supported by percent and opposed by in new a million prison construction Bond Issue was leading by More than 2tol with 279 of districts the measure was ahead by to a ballot proposal in Ohio to raise sales taxes by a Penny to finance 150 Mph Bullet trains connecting that states cities lost with and in the National Best seller Over 4 months on to Ftp new York tikk Best seller list Shubb a stunning new chapter in the magnificent Saga that includes the Tim second and the the Layette Saga continues the layettes from Nob to from Washington to mis from the battlefields of Israel to the bloodied Jungles of they pursued their torn by politics and their relationships embody the Story of a War with itself epic As grand and passionate As the embattled the legacy in this the fourth Book in Howard fasts unforgettable Barbara Lavette is the sole remaining source of strength in a family shattered by new Griefs and old her unshakable sense of her unfaltering will thrust her into the Vanguard of the most turbulent years her country has Ever look for the legacy at most Pacific stars and stripes bookstores and army and air Force Exchange

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