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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 2, 1982, Tokyo, JapanTuesday november 2, 1s82 strides h death s the return reluctantly Atlanta up a Vietnam Veteran caught Between incoming rocket and mortar fire later got surrealistic View of morticians rip Ping off his bloody clothes an slitting a vein to begin embalming him. It actually happened the Morti Cian stopped As soon As blood began to flow and he realized the Soldier was alive. But the Soldier Felt As though he were watching it happen to someone else. The Soldier s Story was reportedly or. Michael b. Sabom an Emory University medical professor study ing the experiences of people who have returned from the Brink of death. The Vietnam Veteran and 115others recalled strikingly similar near death experiences or nodes that Sabom has compiled in a Book called recollections of Soldier recalled watching the Viet Cong take jewelry and clothing from bodies on the Battlefield including his own and remembered the faces of the american soldiers who came later to collect the bodies of their fallen comrades. They put me in a bag i looked dead. They put me in Abag. We were transferred to a truck and then taken out to the morgue he said. After morticians realized he was alive he underwent surgery and was moved to a recovery room. The chaplain was in there saying everything was going to be All right. I was no longer outside looking atthe situation. I was part of it at that Point he said. Sabom began interviewing patient with near death experiences in 1976 while training at the University of Florida in Gainesville. He said 40 percent reported very similar awareness of their surroundings and an unfamiliar feeling of Tranquility and not wanting to return. I asked the doctor Why did Hebring me Back As i was never More peaceful in my life and i had Bee having those horrible pains for so Long said a 55-year-old Georgia textile Mill 4 worker who suffered cardiac arrest in 1979. Sabom said most patients de scribed the Nde As the most ecstatic experience they be Ever had. A Florida Man who suffered cardiac arrest after being critically injured in a car Accident said it isun describable what you feel. It was so so peaceful and restful. If i Hammy Choice i d be Back Sabom said he has grouped the reported near death experiences in three categories Auto Copic transcendental and a combination of the two. Looking Down on scene in an Auto Copic Nde Sabo said the consciousness is separated from the body and looking Down on the resuscitation procedure on the body. The person can visually perceive items in a he said this Type of experience i accompanied by a feeling of Calm and a transcendental experience Sabom said the consciousness leaves the body and enters a dark then finds a Light and moves into it. It May be in a Beautiful environment. But the consciousness encounters relatives friends or religious figure who tells them it is not the time to be there at times they feel like they Mohave a Choice Sabom said. Some people have Felt that unfinished business Small children a sick husband had something to do wit the fact that they did return. However the experience was so peaceful and. So Beautiful that they did t want to and they Are quit angry at the Point of Sabom said a person having inexperience that would fall into Tjie third combination category initially has the feeling of floating above their body and then enter darkness. Physicians and psychologists have formed a group called the inter National organization for near death studies to investigate such is ground for Fertile re search Sabom said. We re just touching the tip of the protest Camps set up in dozen communities associated press. Makeshift settlements known As Reagan ranches went up in 12 cities Over the weekend As Community labor and anti nuclear activists marked their opposition to Reagan administration policies with soup lines songs and Minnesota two demonstrators decked out in rags and survival gear went to a Small town not far from Minneapolis St. Paul and asked residents to take them in saying they wanted to show it would be futile to try to evacuate people in the event of a nuclear ranches tent cities designed to bring Back memories of the Hoo Vervilles of the Depres Sion were set up saturday in Losangeles Bridgeport Conn. Des Moines Iowa Albuquerque , Ariz. Sioux Falls . Austin Texas Dallas Raleigh . Miami and Jacksonville Fla. And on Friday in St. Paul Minn. The 15 demonstrators in Raleigh were forced to disband their Camp not Long after setting it up when the owner of the land said he did not Grant permission for the protest. Possibly 30 encampments encampments had been set up earlier in a dozen other cities and organizers of the protest said they hoped to have about 30 by election Day. The nationwide Effort by the association of Community organizations for Reform now and other groups is aimed at bringing attention to what Acorn Calls the new depression caused by president Reagan s budget cuts. Cleared for Landing it in t a scene from a demolition Derby and it in t a car going airborne to avoid a head on collision. Actually the car appearing to do a leap is a picture on a billboard along 1-75 in Cincinnati. A ., Japan pact boosts tech Trade Tokyo Japan up american and japanese officials have reached a tentative agreement aimed a achieving a balance of Trade in High technology products a Field i which Japan enjoys a Trade surplus with the United approved by both governments the agreement will commit Bot countries to ensuring that the markets Are open to technology Trade and investments said James Murphy assistant Trade representative and member of the ., negotiating team.. Officials however cautioned about Reading too much significance into the draft agreement believed to be the first of its kind worked out Between developed nations. It is very much a beginning said Murphy. This weekend s agree ment he added signifies som political will on both sides toward attempting to prevent the High technology area from becoming a sore Point of Trade friction in the Trade of High technology products the trend is working against us said Clyde Prestowitz a senior member of the eight member american team that concluded three Days of talks with japanese officials. Exactly How great the deficit i remains murky because the two countries have different definitions of what constitutes High tech products. But the officials said Japan is the Only country in the world that enjoys a surplus in High technology Trad with the United states. . Officials said the unite states is concerned about the trend and wants to set a balanced flow in the High growth Industrial sector. Officials briefing reporters on the outcome of the talks said the agreement which covers a wide Range of High tech products include i n g s e m i conductors super computers and fiber optics will be submitted to both government for approval. The United states sold $400 million Worth of Semi conductors to Japan last year and bought $200 million to$300 million. But while the United states sold $29 million Worth of telecommunications equipment in Japan the japanese sold $700million to the United states Officials said. Last year the Trade deficit with Japan amounted to $18 billion

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