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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - November 2, 1982, Tokyo, Japan 12 Pacific stars and stripes viewpoint november 1982 the next major political upheaval in China will take place four years from How can i be so unequivocal simple chivas 10year pendulum of in maos communists swept out the in maos blundering great leap Forward Tore the country apart and curtailed his in Mao took his revenge with the cultural which threw out the intellectuals and the in the bureaucracy roared Back and made criminals out of maos would be in if this Power pendulum keeps swinging with its amazing regularity the return to communist purity and the expulsion of the capitalist gang of forty million you dont have to be a chartist to love this simplistic evidence abounds that Deng maos onetime victim and ultimate rejected synthesis or choosing instead to Root out and ruin the gang of perhaps forty million suspected of profiting from the years of maoist Denis vendetta has not been totally the official press regularly excoriated the handful of former cultural revolutionaries who new tilt for China Are turning out to be quite a Hua maos designated successor and a Deng is Down but not out in and a curious age bulge suggests future instability the millions of maoist firebrands who held Sway William Safire during the cultural revolution Are now in their 40s and while the reigning dentists Are in their 60s and Denis Power is mortgaged to the military 12 of the 25 politburo members Are generals or men with close ties to chivas if Denis four modernizations do not tilt toward far More military the army could decide to stand aside in 1986 and let the opposing schools of thought there is turmoil under the the chinese like to but the situation is is it which faction Radical maoist or pragmatic dentist is most Likely to make a rapprochement with the russians and change the global balance russian revisionism to answer we must remember that two relationships used to exist Between China and the soviet Union diplomatic state to state and ideological party to in the the party Alliance overwhelmed the age old state state when the soviet communist party rejected Mao a stalinist accused the russians of the dirtiest word in communist that split Between the chinese and soviet communist parties led to the split Between the two today China is run by the pragmatic dentists the group the maoists reviled As capitalist readers and the basis for the party party split is eroding in both prism is As a state state relations Are now Border disputes can be with a troop pullback possible soviet concessions in Afghanistan might be matched by tacit chinese acquiescence in Cambodia Trade can we like to see chivas leaders being feeding their people by using capitalistic incentives rather than starving them with Radical communist but we dont like to see China getting cozy with the soviet we applaud the shift in China that brings the chinese closer to our capitalist but we Are dismayed to see that same shift work against us diplomatically by promoting an end to the enmity Between the giants of the communist the might be better off with maoism in because such radicalism would continue the sin soviet rift unless the russians reverted to which is unlikely but not impose kick us around nobody in the says that we kowtow to the dentists every time they revile says Richard Nixon the chinese feel they have to kick us around a bit to keep their own credentials As a third world All this kowtowing is to help Deng keep the maoists from swinging the pendulum Paul Wolfowitz Long in sheets who has been offered the Post at state directing our far East should be asked at his confirmation hearings does appeasing Deng keep China estranged from the soviet Union or does it do the opposite times it is now time for this column to endorse certain political candidates for Public we have studied All the issues and arrived at our conclusions by not Only comparing our choices with those they Are running but also How they stack up to what weve got for senator Plato we support Plato because he was the Only political candidate this year who did not have his picture taken with an unemployed automobile when this was pointed out by his opponent in their final Syracuse defended himself by i do anything to get the Man his Job and he knew it and i knew so Why use up a lot of my time for a Lousy two minutes on the evening news for Congress Walter our reason for choosing Rosebud Over his opponent is that although a refused to use a cent of his own Money to finance his he was quoted on meet the press As i worked hard for my and i have no intention of blowing it on an election when i can get 13 percent on tax exempt municipal if the special interest political action committees dont want to buy my then i dont think i want the for governor Hayden this was a Tough Choice because Dun kermans opponent has a much prettier but Dunker an has two More Dunker an also was an Allstate running Back in while his because of a bad go out for the Dun kermans other qualification for election Days final selections making a better governor is in his which has a 20 percent hispanic his whole family professes to be crazy about mexican for lieutenant governor Ramsay Wilder gets our Wilder disagrees with almost every stand Hayden the Man we support for has since neither one of them could work with the its Art Buchwald doubtful that Dunker an would dare leave the state during his four years in although Wilder has no executive we still endorse him because a lieutenant governor Doest need any for this nothing for state attorney general Dallas reisling would probably make a better attorney general than Arnie he has been More forthright in answering the Tough questions posed to him by the last week in a televised with twits hard hitting Reg Smiley As Dallas was asked where he stood on the death penalty and he its none of your Damn smileys followup question on How Dallas would Deal with White Collar crime brought this response i didst come Here to discuss my personal Smiley then tried to pin Dallas Down on what stand he would take on prayer in Public Dallas i have made it a Rule never to talk about the Constitution when appearing on for making Smiley look like a we have to endorse reisling Over whose makeup on the show made him look for mayor the Charles has done a Good Job and deserves another the fact that he gave the garbage contract for the City to his and received a free trip to Tokyo from the company who sold the City 200 buses that have been recalled for faulty does not detract from our opinion that Bledsoe is probably one of the most popular machine mayors the City has Ever we endorse Bledsoe because he is Beholden to no thanks to a Blind Trust fund in the Bahamas set up by his close friends in the school contracting for City Council president Sarah Evans gets our overwhelming endorsement because Shes a As for the various propositions on the ballot we favor All the Odd numbered ones and Are against the even with the exception of proposition which the people of this state believe that in the event of a nuclear attack no alternate parking will be permitted at ground los Angeles times

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