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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 25, 1983, Tokyo, JapanWednesday May 25, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes 3 Book Japan is prime area for Kab theft of . Tech compiled from wire services new York As Japan became vital to Pentagon defense strategy in the mid-1970s, it became a top prior Ity Kab target and one of the Best locales in the world for stealing .military plans and technology a new Book says. Kab today the hidden hand published this week by Reader s digest claims Japan s government was so porous in the mid-1970s that Moscow gained regular Access to highly sensitive communications be tween Tokyo arid its allies. Author John Barron a veterans go observer and senior editor at Reader s digest further says 400u.s.-based soviet officials Are spies whose overriding objective i stealing military and commercial technology. In consequence american tax payers in the next few years will be required to spend billions of dollars to offset soviet weapons that be in place or in Prospect without american technology he releases of the Book have stirred an uproar in Japan due to revelations that about 30 japanese government officials journalists an politicians were recruited for the soviet volume also details soviet efforts to manipulate the nuclear freeze movement in the United states and Europe but does not substantiate suggestions the movement is in some Way directed by based the sections on Japan on interviews with Stanislav lev Chenko a Kab major who conducted High level espionage under cover As correspondent for the soviet Maga Zine new times Between 1975 and1979, when he became disillusioned and defected to the United says the japanese who served in his network included a cod clerk at the foreign ministry who gave him thousands of secret Docu ments and made unwitting japanese embassies authoritative reporter for the nearly All the allegations come from Levchenko and most of the nine japanese identified by Nam already have issued denials. Japan s National police Agency said monday that Levchenko s allegations were highly credible but the were closing their investigations be cause of Lack of evidence and the statute of limitations. The japanese diet parliament dispatched a fact finding Mission to the United states last week to investigate the allegations by Levchenko. Among the documents Levchenko claimed to have obtained were secret . Military plans for stationing special . Assault forces in Asia an outline prior to a 1978 .-Japansummit on policy positions prime minister Takeo Fukuda would take Stanislav Levchenko with former president Carter an the minutes of a top secret Confer ence of intelligence , who is under a soviet death sentence in absent a and was last reported living in the Washington area also claimed Success in obtain ing chinese secrets. Soviets stealing anything they can get London a Western govern ments have expelled at least 53 alleged soviet spies since the begin Ning of april. Intelligence and Diplo Matic sources say the surge of deportations May have stemmed from the new Kremlin regime s aggressive espionage activity or from the East West could be that with new communist party chief Yuri Vandro Pov in Power there s a kind of contest to come up with the most and est information they can find said one nato source in Brussels who asked not to be identified. Nato sources also say increase espionage is evidence of Kremlin concern that president Reagan efforts to Stop the leakage of secret technology is intelligence government and diplomatic sources who provided this information declined to be identified by name or in Many cases by nationality for reasons of Intelli gence Security and the past 16 months at least 77 soviets have been expelled fro Western nations on espionage charges. The spate of expulsions i april began in France. President Francois Mitterrand s socialist government ordered 47 soviets out of France on april 5, the biggest clean out since 1971 when the conservative administration of British prime minister Edward Heath expelled 105 alleged Kab agents. Enough is enough said one French source the soviets were just getting too blatant. It s really a question of enough i enough. The soviets Are trying to steal anything they can get their hands it was a purely French decision officials said but nevertheless formed part of the wider United states Britain Italy Spain Switzerland the Netherlands and scandinavian countries have ordered out or arrested at least 30soviet diplomats airline officials Trade delegates and journalists since january 1982. The total could be higher because Many unmasked East bloc spies Are sent Home without fanfare. Unconfirmed reports said at least eight have been quietly shuffled out of Italy Over the last year. Italian newspapers said recently that the defense ministry has drawn up a list of 100 More suspected spies Many of them from the soviet Union and other communist countries. A ministry spokesman told the associated press that the reports May have been exaggerated but did not Den that a list was drawn up. Australia and Iran have also move against alleged Kab agents in recent weeks. Ten soviet diplomats ousted from Tehran on spying charges trooped onto an Airliner in april while a mob of islamic revolutionaries chanted death to the traitors some Western diplomats link the wave of expulsions to the East West chill Over Afghanistan and Poland stalled nuclear arms limitation talk Sand fading expectations that andro Pov the former Kab chief and new soviet Leader would emerge As a sources said Mitter Rand like other Western leaders was partly motivated by Domestic political considerations. Growth in the ranks but underlying these factors is the apparent growth of the Kab the soviet secret police and espionage Arm. Western intelligence officials believe the Kab has 50,000 personnel in various capacities and operates a global network of 6,000 spies. Soviet military intelligence the Gru also has escalated its operations source say. Security authorities in Paris claim that at least one third of the 700 soviet officials in France Are involved in espionage. Former French Interior minister Michel Poniatowski has estimated there Are 600 soviet intelligence agents in France each responsible for 15 to 20 general Rule is that a third of the diplomatic personnel Are with the Kab he said. This third represents a third of the total Kab framework with the rest of the agents primarily found in Aeroflot the soviet airline and i tourist travel service he has expelled eight soviets in recent months seven for alleged spying and one in retaliation for the ouster of two britons from Moscow on March 31. Italian defense minister Leli Lagorio said last month that All governments tolerate a certain level of espionage. But he declared when you exceed that you get a reaction. We italians said Basta enough when the Kab intrigues of the bulgarian connection came to was referring to italian allegations that the Kab through Bulga Rian intelligence was behind the attempt to assassinate Pope Johnpaul ii in Rome in May 1981. Intelligence sources and diplomats including americans say much of the soviet spying centers on High technology secrets. Ulrich Hubacher spokesman for Switzerland s Justice ministry re ported a shift in emphasis to economic and political espionage by the Kab and its satellite agencies. The Swiss have thrown out three alleged soviet spies this february the italians arrested two soviets an Aeroflot official and an Oil company executive along with an italian businessman carrying secret military documents and plans for nato s new Yanavi Tornado fighter plane. The Tornado being built by Brit Ain Italy and West Germany is to become the Backbone of nato s air defences. A West German Engineer who worked on the Tornado was jailed in Munich last year As was his wife for Selling plans of the fighter to East Germany. A senior executive of a Ritalia Italy s aerospace company working on the Tornado noted our British aerospace colleagues have too often caught soviet fishing trawler monitoring their activity in the North Reagan moves effective nato sources said an increase i soviet efforts to obtain technical secrets stems from concern in the Kremlin that president Reagan s drive to staunch the flow of critical technology to the East is becoming More april s expulsions the French cited a systematic attempt by several user secret ser vices agents to obtain scientific technical and technological Intelli United states expelled three soviet diplomats in april for seeking to obtain classified High technological data and for trying to recruit an aide to Republican rep. Olympia Snowe of Maine. It. Col. Yevgeny a Rumyantsev the expelled assistant military attache at the soviet embassy in Washington was reportedly gathering intelligence on military laser technology. Presi Dent Reagan has urged the develop ment of laser weapons for use i space. William Webster director of the Federal Bureau of investigation said More than 900 of the 3,000 soviet bloc diplomats in the United states Are suspected ministry spokesman Hans Guenter Kowalski in Bonn estimate that up to 40 percent of the soviets working in West Germany Are spies with one in five specializing in uncovering High tech secrets. Agents blend in with others Roger Wybolt former head of the French counter espionage service said the agents blend Well into the diplomatic Community. They Are always courteous people who maintain Friendly relationships with All those who interest arrange to have friends in certain circles and make sure the Yare invited to cocktail parties and receptions where they can convers with people who May become their future contacts Wybolt far the Kremlin s response to the expulsions has been muted three britons expelled in apparent sources in Western capitals surmised that the soviets want to Cut their losses and so Are tacitly acknowledging that their agents overstepped the Mark particularly in sources said this is considered a Good time to Weed out soviet agent because Moscow wants to keep such Good will As it has in the West in the months leading up to nato s plan Ned deployment of 572 cruise an Pershing 2 nuclear missiles in West Ern was quoted As saying by the West German Magazine de Spiegel following the expulsions by the French by acting with restraint we Are letting ourselves be guided by Long term interests in French soviet relations. Which we have develop Dover a Long period in the interest of maintaining detente in

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