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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 23, 1983, Tokyo, JapanMonday May 23, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes entertainment 17 radio Japan news on the hour . 4 of swinging years 5 05dick Clark 6 00 news sports 6 30jonathan Fields & friends 6 55health line 7 05carmen dragon 8 05jazz spectrum 9 05prime cuts 10 05king biscuit flour hour 11 05time . 12 05east of midnight2 05roland Bynum 3 05char lie tuna5 05harry Newman 6 05local morning program7 00news, sports Paul har vey 7 30local morning program 9 05charlie tuna 11 05local noon . 12 00news, sports Paul har vey close up 1 05gene price2 05don Tracy 3 05mary Turner 4 05local afternoon pro Gram Okinawa news on the hour . 5 loss clock watcher 7 of news sports Paul har vey 7 30clockwatcher 9 05char lie tuna 11 05day . 12 00news, sports Paul har vey 1 05gene Price 2 05don Tracy 3 05mary turner4 05on the Road 6 00news, sports7 05nightline 9 05wolf Man jack10 05mystery theater 11 05pete . 12 05harry newman1 05potpourri 2 05roland Bynum 3 05charlie tuna 5 05clockwatcher Philippines news on the hour . 5 15morning line 6 00news, weather sports 6 15armed forces digest 6 20paul Harvey com Menta by 6 30morning line 8 05gene Price s country world 9 05charlietuna11 05brown paper bag . 12 00news, weather sports 12 25paul Harvey com mentary12 30close up 1 05harry Newman 2 05don Tracy 3 05roadrunner 5 30jim Pewter 6 00news, weather sports 6 30golden Days of radio 6 55mother Earth news 7 05danny Kramer 7 35mary Helen barro8 05-Wolfmanjack 9 05mary Turner 10 05roland Bynum 11 05gene Price s country world . 12 05midnight rambler 2 05charlietuna 4 05don Tracy Korea news on the hour . 4 05weekly special6 00news 6 30salt Lake City Tabernacle choir 6 55point of law7 00 bulletin Board 7 05history of Rock n roll8 05open door 8 30whistler 9 05tom campbell11 05king biscuit flour . 12 05after Midnight 2 05gene Price 3 05mary Turner 4 05mary Helen Barrio 5 05morning show 6 30news 6 50bulletin Board 7 00morning devotions 7 05morning show 8 30local scene 9 05charlietuna 10 05roland Bynum 11 05harry Newman . 12 30golden Days of radio 1 05charlietuna2 05don Tracy 3 05r-country caravan 4 05afternoon show Guam news on the hour . 6 05great Day in the morn in 7 00news, weather an sports 7 20paul Harvey 7 30great Day in the morn in 9 05charlietuna11 05fen today .12 00news, weather and sports 12 30jim pewter1 05gene Price 2 05don tracy3 05mary Turner 4 05omnibus6 00news, weather and sports 7 05mary Helen barrio7 30del Demontreux 8 05golden Days of radio 8 30jim pewter9 05wolf Man Jack 10 05mystery theatre10 55mother Earth news 11 05pete Smith . 12 05east of Midnight 2 05roland Bynum 3 05charlietuna5 05harry Newman 6 05great Day in the morn in movies Japan Sun Mon Yokota West 1 2 Yokota East 3, 4camp Zama 5 5 Sanno hotel 6,7 Negishi 8,9 10 Benny Decker. 11,12,13 11,14 Fleet theater .15,16 17,13 Nagai Nana Katsugi Gateway. 18,19 Katsugi 20,21 22 Katsugi . Club .23 Katsugi o. Club 24 Kam Seyan 25 Mon Richard Bong 26 showboat base gym theater Sakura 27,28 Okinawa Mon Butler 5 Keystone 29 Mas 30 Foster 1 Kinser 32 olympic 3 Ora wan 34 Camp Hansen 4chimuwan Torii 35 Camp Shields Philippines Mon Bobbitt Colin Kelly Subic Bay 36cubi Nas 37 Mon Bini Coican 38 Kalayaan 9 Grande Island 40 John Hay Wallace Korea Mon Yon san 2 41 Yon san 1 5 Camp Coiner 42camp red Cloud 41 Camp Essa Yons Camp Stanley 43 Camp Casey 4 Camp Hovey 45camp Howze 6 rec Center 4 47 Camp Graves 5camp Humphreys 42 Mon East Gate club Friendship Village Camp Carroll 44 Camp Henry .48 Pusan 49camp Page 29 Camp Long 46 Camp Colbern .50osan a 51 Taegu a 45 Kunsan a 1 Kwangju a 52 k-16 49 2nd a Guam Mon Meehan a sky Lew a Nav Sta a 1 Nightshirt r 2 the beast within r 3 six pack pm 4 the sword and the sorcerer r 5 body and soul r 6 g 7 for your eyes Only pm 8 life pod pm 9 Savannah smiles pm 10 a pleasure doing business r 11 1001 Rabbit tales g 12 five Days one summer pm 13 two champions of death r 14 Stacey r 15 legend of the Lone Ranger pm 16 history of the world part i r 17 from hell to Victory pm a not available 18 Octagon r 19 Urban Cowboy r 20 final countdown pm 21 the Thunder r 22 kiss me Good Bye pm 23 Brubaker r 24 my bodyguard pm 25 Looker pm 26 wrong is right r 27 warlords of the 21st Century pm 28 Cree show r 29 the toy pm 30 scared to death r 31 fighting Back r 32 author author pm 33 Victor Victoria pm 34 extra terrestrial pm 35 Blade runner r 36 yes Georgia pm 37 Soldier of Fortune a 38 Conan the barbarian a 39 the Amateur r 40 Heidi s song g 41 the verdict r 42 r 43 the miss nude America contest r 44 48hours r 45 r 46 the Road Warrior r 47 Penitentiary r 48 High Road to China pm 49 Tootsie pm 50 forced vengeance r 51 Star trek 11 pm 52 Arthur pm television kanto Plain sunday May 22 5 30p.m.vinside Japan 6weekend report 6 15mac schedule what s happening 6 20sixty minutes7 15mark Russel comedy special 7 45waltoris 8 35bring Emback alive 9 25mash9 50hill Street blues 10 45mac schedule what s happening10 50movie streets of . 12 30 .in defense of Freedom Navy 1 20whaf s happening 1 25focus1 50news monday May 23 11 35 .big country noon news 12 05general Hospital 12 50ryan s Hope l 15-movie death is nimble death is Quick 2 50sesame Street 3 50beachcombers4 15peoples court 4 40family feud5what s happening 5 05donahue 6evening report 7diff rent strokes 7 30variety special Anne Murray s Caribbean cruise special 8 20private benjamin8 45three s company 9 15remington Steele 10 05news update10 20mac schedule what s happening 10 25teachers on y 10 50paul Anka 11 15in search of 11 40journey 12 05 .60minutes 1what s happening 1 05general Hospital 1 45news Misawa monday May 23 12 06 .family feud 12 32travel i in music 12 54news 12 59space1 27ryan s Hope 1 -.49beachcombers 2 15california fever 3 05sesame street4 03black Beauty 4 27donahue 5 15general Hospital 6news6 35lome Greene s new wilderness 7fame 7 50jeff persons 8 159 to58 40shannon 9 35movie the lady vanishes 11 15news 11 35variety special Hal Lei a. Jah Hollywood 12 25 .lome Green Snew Wilder Ness 12 49fame1 40jeffersons 2 06-to52 31shannon 3 22movie the lady vanishes 4 58general Hospital Iwakuni monday May 23 11 55 .general Hospital 12 40 .Ryan s Hope 1 05hee Haw 1 55richard Simmons 2 20cities3 10eric Sevareid s Chron icle3 30sesame Street 4 35donahue-take Kerr 5 25 family feud kids scythe darn est things 5 55classified ads 6news 6 30iwakuni scene 6 35love boat 7 259 to5 7 50kung fun 8 45newhart 9 10nurse 10 05 news10 20movie my dear Secre tary12 05 .evening at the in prov 12 50latin Tempo Casebo monday May 23 2 .Wayne Thomas 2 50richard simmons3 15sesame Street 4 15ryan s Hope 4 35general Hospital 5 20donahue-take Kerr with William Bucklerjr. 6 10family feud kids say the darn est things 6 40the Navy Story 7 30mr. Merlin 7 55family classic theater of human bondage9 20mash 9 45cassie and company 10 35love in a cold climate 11 30benny Hill Okinawa monday May 23 10 30 .cartoons10 45you asked for it 11 05in search of 11 35family feud 11 55kids say the Dandes things noon news 12 15general Hospital 1ryan s hope1 30dukes of hazzard 2 30sixty minutes3 30beachcombers 4sesame Street 4 55cartoons 5 15donahue6news 6 35happy days7too close for Comfort 7 30newhart8nine to five 8 30-Mash 9newswatch 9 15sports 11 15movie visions of death 12 30 .general Hospital Philippines monday May 23 10 30 .you asked for it11space 11 30family feud kids scythe darn est things noon news 12 05-h$0 minutes 1falcon crest2house Calls 2 30sesame Street 3 30ryan s hope4news 4 05general Hospital 5what s happening Dona Hue 6news 6 30program highlights 6 35laverne and Shirley 7sports baseball Houston is Philadelphia 9 30too close for comfort10news 10 15merv Griffin show11maverick Midnight to 5 12 30yesterday s glitter1general Hospital Korea monday May 23noonnews 12 15sixty minutes 1 10merv show2donahue 2 50ryan s Hope 3 15general hospital4sesame Street 5glen Campbell 5 25family feud 6news 6 30-Hee Haw 7 25archie Bunker s place 7 50-Factsoflife 8 15nurse 9 05fbi 10news 10 30fantasy Island 11 20the tonight show 12 05 .David letter Man Hollywood gossip Tribune company Syndicate Happy Days gang set for ratings fight by Marilyn Beck while the Happy Days cast what s left of it awaits its return to duty writers and producers of the Vintage show Are Busy plotting the strategic defense they Hope will save the sitcom from further annihilation by Abc s fierce a " the a team featuring or. T. Of Rocky Iii Fame has Hurt us in the ratings but we re not giving up says Happy Days supervising producer Fred Fox or. We be already finalized some plans to make our show stronger and will have others developed by the time we Start production at the end of this already definite says Fox is a move for the Fonz from Jefferson High to a new tougher school where hell be Dean of set too is the removal from the cast of Crystal Bernard Cathy silvers Billy Warlock Heather o Rourke and Linda Purl. Fox expresses regret that Linda s part As Girlfriend of the Fonz will not be continued. We were get Ting a lot of Good feedback he says. However Happy Days is an expensive show to produce and Abc wanted to lower Henry Winkler Henry Winkler is trying to convince himself that the tightening of the team is going to make the show absolutely better than he is taking the stand that going Back to a cast of five or six people will make it easier for the writers. They can work the writers Are working on a script that will bring Ron Howard Back to the show for a segment or two if he can work it around his new career which has him in the midst of directing one movie and set to direct another film. They also plan to feature Anson Williams in several segments and Hope to have Linda Purl film one final episode that would says Fox explain what s happening to her Tom Bosley who along with Winkler Marion Ross Scott Baio Erin Moran and Ted Mcginley is a Happy Days survivor says we can also expect the show to be More thought provoking in the future. It will he says have More serial comedic kinds of stories rather than just on the personal Side Abc Remington Steele Star Pierce Brosnan and his actress wife Cassandra Harris who Are expecting their third child in August had to cancel plans for a Tahiti vacation last month. He explains that Cassandra had been warned of the possibility of miscarriage and their doctor advised against air travel. Had they gone he says we would have been in Tahiti during one of the Island s worst hurricanes one that killed 85 people and demolished the place where we were going to Jack Jones has surprised British Beauty Kim Ely his Bride of eight months with a trip for two to Bahrain. The persian Gulf Oil producing state in t the most picturesque spot in the world but it s the site where they first met when he was on a concert tour of the world and she was working there. Jack says it s All a state of mind. Oil Wells can be As romantic As Palm As he Well knows. Foreign affairs the smash hit on soviet to is a new production of Sherlock Holmes which people on the streets Are pronouncing Serlock the show features an All russian cast to lined by Vasily Livanova As the English super Sleuth and vitally Salomino As Holmes Faithfull or. Watson and was shot on a Baker St. Set that was constructed in Leningrad. Star wares Victory games certainly has reason to Hope the Public s Long standing appetite for James Bond goods does t become sated. The company will be hitting the Market soon with the first two in its planned series of 007 games a role playing dungeons and dragons style treat ment of the fictional British super spy. Sean Connery s Vintage Goldfinger hit provides the setting for one. Roger Moore s forthcoming oct Pussy provides the format for the second. And if All goes according to plan every Fil Matic Bondman escapade will eventually be turned into something to play around with. And get ready for an invasion of new Star wars creatures in toy shops. Such creatures As the reptilian Admiral Ackbar. The pig like Gam Orrean guards the Semi human bib Fortuna and a truly off beat musical Trio Max Rebo by snoot less and droopy Mccool All of whom will be stars of return of the Jedi which debuts late this month

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