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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - May 21, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 4 National Pacific stars and stripes May 1983 25 twisters Batter deep South compiled from wire services thunderstorms hurling at least 25 tornadoes and up to 7 inches of rain splintered dozens of Homes and flooded scores of others across the deep South driving Resi dents to higher at least four people were including two children who drowned in a swollen Creek in and killed in rain related accidents in Missouri and at least nine people were injured wednesday and thursday As twisters hop scotched across Loui Alabama and mis in water and finance commissioner Milliard Fletcher said a 16inch water line was either washed out or broken and that most of the downtown area and parts of the University of Alabama would be without water most of the the Northern still reeling from a Midway braced for More Snow thousands of people in Northern Colorado and Southeast Wyoming were still without Power from tues Days storm As the new blast of wintry air pushed through the Northern where temperatures in the 50s wednesday melted most of the 2 foot a Winter storm warning and travel ers advisories were issued thursday for Central with More than a foot of Snow expected in the Northern Light Snow fell at higher elevations in Montana and a Thunder and Hail storm rattled Lewis by temperatures climbing to 92 degrees in downtown los Angeles sent people to the beaches and were blamed for crack ing the Cliffs at causing landslides that closed the Pacific coast Highway for the fourth time in 11 the heat also knocked the computers out of whack at an Anaheim electronics convention when air conditioning failed in the exhibition tornadoes late wednesday and thursday hit several communities in and Flash flooding was reported in virtually All of the state except the Gulf twisters injured eight people in in Madison 30 houses were damaged by a Tornado that injured at least four Johnny of the Stone Gate subdivision near the town of said he and his were sleeping when the Tornado swooped my wife reached Over and Shook and the windows came in on top of us and the roof came Walker i found my Carport on top of somebody else in the Mississippi where up to 5 inches of rain fell within authorities said 150 Homes in Warren county already had As much As 5 feet of water inside or were in imminent danger of in 11 families were evacuated at and in Central 10 people were driven out in Haywood county and others prepared to leave their Homes in in George Wallace activated the state emergency operations Center As tornadoes swept through the Northern part of the More than 5 inches of rain fell in Flash flood warnings were issued in several Tornado warnings were issued for Morgan county in extreme North Alabama and Green and Tuscaloosa counties near birding some damage was reported at Mas Hartselle and Priceville in mor Gan and at 65 Miles Northwest of one person was injured in new As five tornadoes raked Northern and Central Downing overturning Mobile Homes and damaging five tornadoes were reported in Eastern one of which snapped Trees and damaged Homes and barns near Telescope spots new stars in 2 galaxies up scientists scanning the universe with a new satellite Telescope have detected the birth of new stars within dark dust Clouds of the Milky galactic events that occurred about the time Columbus set sail for the new the newly discovered prot stars stars in the process of being formed Are 500 Light years away from which Means it took that Long for the radiation to travel across the Galaxy to the satellites the scientists said other observations show intense infrared emissions in the Andromeda indicating stars were being born there that activity occurred More than a million years but the information is Only reaching Earth now because of the million Lightyear distance Between Earth and a team working with the infrared astronomical satellite a joint project of the United Netherlands and the United said the satellite Telescope recently picked up a faint glow from Clouds of Gas and dust coming together to form new astronomers at the Jet propulsion Laboratory said the observed in iras Telescope scans across two dark Clouds of dust and Gas called Barnard 5 and Lynds resemble the Sun during its formation about billion years they said As Many As seven stars May be forming within the two giant Charles a senior jul said the discovery shows the universe is still vigorous and what is being observed happened 500 years but that is a relatively Short time within the scale of what is it takes millions of years to form a the prot stars Are thought to be about one million years into the formation process because they Are like the Early scientists believe new solar systems of planets could be forming around scientists explained that stars form out of nebulae dense Gas Clouds composed mostly of the Andromeda Home of million Earold new helium and Small dust frag ments of the Clouds collapse into and As they increase in mass they attract surrounding material with their As More material is drawn into the the material packs More tightly in the eventual the temperature and density reach a critical Point where thermonuclear fusion begins and a new Star has been the iras observation will help scientists learn More about How stars Are formed and the conditions under which solar systems Are the satellite also has observed a very old Star whose Hydrogen fuel is nearly Beichman said the old called has an outer Shell of gases As Large As our solar system and is moving away from the Core at about its like an onion layer upon outward from the Center of the he in a violent the Center is throwing off these outer data from iras is received at a ground station at and final processing is con ducted at the which has completed on third of its sky is expected to operate through Early january when its Supply of coolant will be stateside killer whale Roundup rapped pistol toting boy returns to class postmaster nabbed in theft san Diego a a sea world proposal to round up 100 killer whales As part of a million research and Breeding program is drawing opposition from conservationists in Washington state and sea world is seeking permission from Federal authorities to study the whales for Short periods of time and distribute some of them among sea worlds three Marine amusement Parks to be used in shows and possibly Breed in claim there is Little scientific value to the plan and say chances Are that none of the captured whales will survive Long enough to no killer whale has Ever reproduced in Miami a the Dade county school Board has agreed to waive automatic expulsion for an 8yearold boy who brought a loaded pistol to the third grader will be allowed to return to Board members and superintendent Leonard Britton said the Board would have to rethink its policy of automatically expelling students who bring lethal weapons to the whose name was not was suspended in March when a teacher at Miami lakes elementary school discovered the school officials said the gun belonged to the boys mothers Louis a the postmaster of the tiny Southeastern Missouri town of mine la Motte has resigned after being charged with embezzling a letter containing a Check and a 50cent Charles was released without Bond after a Federal judge in Louis set a preliminary hearing for May Cofer resigned tuesday after being con fronted by postal service Accord ing to the Federal he embezzled the Money depositing the Coin and Check payable to the bearer in his personal Bank

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