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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 21, 1983, Tokyo, JapanSaturday May 21, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes compiled from wire services. Washington nine members of a 50-Man contingent of the army s ceremonial White House guard Are being reassigned after urinalysis tests revealed traces of marijuana. Col. Jamie Walton of the Public affairs office of the military District of Washington said that since the army began giving urine tests to soldiers on a random basis in february 1982 about 10 percent of those in the White House guard who have been tested showed signs of marijuana use. The latest test reflects a user rate of 18 percent. In All cases Walton said the Offen Ders Are reassigned. Walton said the nine soldiers whose recent tests were positive have been placed on restriction while awaiting reassignment. Disciplinary action in the form of non judicial punishment extra duty suspension of pay or reduction in Grade is pending he said. 39 White House guards fail test for marijuana the tests were administered to the 50 members of 1st platoon e com Pany 3rd infantry on March 19, Walton said. Test results were received this week. The White House guard company is an elite corps of 200 enlisted men. The company and its sister units perform ceremonial duties not guard duties not Only at the White House but elsewhere in Washington. Citizen corps spying on soviet diplomats in the United states by Tom Tiede newspaper Enterprise association Washington since the cold War anti communists have maintained that Many soviet diplomats in the United states Are spies. The worst part they charge is that the soviets spy with impunity a charge intelligence officials deny. The soviet diplomats move about freely the critics say. They investigate what they please. Now a group has been formed to Stop the nonsense. It says it is spying on the spies. The group is called togetherness International and it s described by its creator As a patriotic research or. Boris Korczak a former Cia double agent said the group uses Ordinary americans to Monitor soviet activities in . Cities. He said the monitoring is passive but thorough. Monitors Are not permitted to interfere with the soviets but they watch them with a vengeance he said. Korczak said the watch is round the clock the goal is to record every movement that every soviet makes in America. He said soviet agents have been left alone to their mischief for too Long. Besides he added turnabout is fair play the russian spies follow peo ple All Over the world. It s time someone followed and Korczak believes he s just the fellow to do it. At least he has a passionate motive. The one time european business Man his . Is in Art history worked for the Cia in Denmark As a double agent spying for the United states while making the soviets be Lieve he was spying for them. When the communists Learned of his betrayal in 1979 they tried to murder him he said. He fled to the United states where he Felt it would be safer. But the change of environment failed to Stop the soviets he said. He said he has been attacked by soviet thugs and shot with microscopic pellets. Once he added soviet agents threw a poisonous Snake through his bedroom window. Korczak feels togetherness inter National is a Way to get even. And he has set about the task with enthusiasm. He has recruited a growing cadre of monitors most of them Young. Korczak said the monitors stake out the soviet embassy in washing ton. They follow the departing Auto mobiles. They Trail the diplomats to lunch to shops even to sunday outings. The monitors record what they observe Korczak said including traffic violations. The monitors have been told not to try to Stop the soviet spying. His group is not a Law enforcement Agency Korczak said but a detective Bureau. We find out what the communist spies Are doing and we let the government know he said. The government really does t want the help. It conducts its own surveillance of soviet diplomats and it is afraid togetherness International will Louse up its efforts. The Fri has monitored soviet activities in the United states since the end of world War ii and dozens of other investigatory bodies also Are some of the nine soldiers said they got a bum Deal from the test results. I Don t smoke marijuana. I m around some people who do but i Don t smoke it myself one Man whose test results were positive told the Washington Post. He asked not Tobe identified. One morning they told us we were going to take a test he said. They handed out specimen bottles. I Haven idea Why they did he added that the nine asked to be retested but that their requests were turned Down. On Capitol Hill White House drug abuse policy director Carolton tur Ner said it the testing of the White House guardsmen reflects the Mili tary taking a very Tough stand against drugs. Talking about the incident at a House subcommittee hearing on Domestic marijuana cultivation tur Ner said commanders Are now telling their troops if you choose to use drugs you should choose another on july 1, the army will go one up on the random testing that led to the reassignment of the nine White House guardsmen. It will require an annual urine test of every Man and woman in the army. The tests Are supposed to detect marijuana up to 14 Days after use of the drug. Watching for and listening in on soviet diplomats in the United states. So official Washington is not too excited about togetherness International. A state department publicist said the kindest thing to say about Korczak s organization is that it is despite the snub from officialdom Korczak is pressing on. A problem is that he is Short on funds. Yet he said things Are starting to happen. People Are begin Ning to Call me. I m getting so Many people who want to join this move ment that i be had to install a second Korczak said he is receiving Calls from taxi Drivers who report on the whereabouts of soviet limousines. And reports from housewives who claim to have seen soviet agents in shopping centers. It is just the beginning he said. He is out to expose every soviet spy in America. If the . Government in t taking his Effort seriously the soviet government May be. Though Korczak s recruits have been monitoring soviet diplomats for Only a few weeks now he said the spies have begun to follow some of the people who Are following the spies. Blasts wrecking Ball can t a a 2 buildings St. Albans it. Up Chalk up another one for old time Workman ship. The score in the great St. Albans demolition Derby is buildings 3, wrecking Crew 0. The City wants to tear Down the 65 year old former Wirt More Grain Plant to make Way for an Industrial Park. Two weeks ago the two old build Ings that make up the Plant withstood 350 pounds of dynamite and two attempts to level them forcing officials to resort to a 75-foot Crane and a wrecking Ball. When the dust cleared however the buildings were still standing the Crane operator shaking his head in frustration. It does t have any effect on it marvelled City Community develop ment director Robert Smith or. They pounded and they pounded and they pounded and you can t see where they be accomplished Smith said he has no doubt the demolition contractor Miller construction of Windsor will s been in business for 50 years and he s never walked away from a Job yet he said. It s their own Pride that s at stake Smith said Crews will probably try to destroy one building with explosives then pull Down the other with bulldozers. The buildings constructed with 10,000 tons of Concrete were de signed to withstand an accidental explosion

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