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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 20, 1983, Tokyo, JapanFriday May 20, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes Aff of q car filters need your attention by Ray Hill los Angeles times your car has two important air filters the Carburettor air filter and the positive crankcase ventilation filter. The Carburettor air filter is a Large filter that fit inside the air cleaner housing. The pc filter is much smaller and fits inside the housing on the Side. The Job of the main air filter the Carburettor air filter is to filter out impurities from the air that passes through the Carburettor and into the engine s cylinders. The pc filter s Job is a bit different. It too mus filter out impurities from the air. But the air that goes through this filter is air that passes through the lower part of the engine the engine s crankcase. If either of these filters is clogged problems can result. Whenever the Carburettor air filter is replaced the positive crankcase filter should be replaced too. How often for replacements How often should these two filters be replaced if you do a lot of driving on Dusty unpaved roads it s possible that the filters might need changing couple of times a year or even More. If All your driving is on clean paved highways the filters May not require changing earlier than the mileage interval recommended in your owner s or service manual. The Only Way to know for sure is to Check Check the Carburettor air filter remove the top of the air cleaner. It is usually held on by awing nut. Unscrew the Wing nut or other fasteners if present and lift the top off. Lift the air filter out and hold it up to the should be Able to see Light through most of the filter. If Little or no Light shines through the filter paper element then the filter should be replaced. As we have mentioned before in this column Good Way to see what a clean filter looks like is to hold a new filter up to the Light. See How the Light shines clearly through the filter air cleaner housing pc filter filter Holder Egv valve Hose obviously you can t expect a used filter to admits much Light through its element As a new one. Still you should be Able to see Light through say,75 percent of the filter. If the air filter is dirty that Means the crankcase filter is dirty too. Replace it also. Many crankcase filters Are like the one in the accompanying drawing they fit on the Side of the air cleaner. Others however May be shaped like a canister an fit in the valve cover of the engine. After replacing the filters put the top Back on the air cleaner housing and tighten the Wing nut Down. A couple of tips if you remove the air cleaner housing for any reason do it slowly and cautiously. There will be one two or More hoses attache to it. Sometimes it May be possible to set the air cleaner housing to one Side without removing the hoses. Sometimes however the hoses must Hodi connected. Be if you think you la have trouble remembering which Hose goes where when you put the air cleaner housing Back on Mark the hoses before you remove them. A piece of masking tape in the Hose with another piece of tape near the hos connection on the housing put the same number or letter on both pieces of tape is a Good Way to Mark the hoses. Be sure to remove the pieces of tape after the hoses have been reconnected. While you be got the Hood open now is a goo time to Check fluid Levels Battery engine Oil Etc. It s also a Good time to make a general inspection of the engine compartment for leaks wires that Are Loose or for any other items that Don t see securely attached. In fact anytime you have the Hood open it s Good idea to give a Quick visual Check to the engine compartment to see if anything looks like it facing disaster. It s better to catch something before it Breaks than after. Fiero Fiero a new two seater from Pontiac relatives of workers at the Pontiac automobile Plant in Pontiac mich., get a Pontiac general manager William e. Hoglund said we feel the Fiero is the preview of the two seat mid engine Fiero sports car. Pontiac designers say car of the 80s, and is one of the most noteworthy cars general motors has the car s Emblem of a stallion in flight symbolizes prowess daring and Beauty produced in recent a

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