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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 20, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 6 Pacific stars and stripes May 1983 contempt from Page 1 and Commerce oversight sub commit one of six congressional panels investigating charges that cleanup efforts were politicized and mismanaged at the scandal racked she did not she did answer a subpoena to appear before the Senate Environ ment and Public works where she denied she was guilty of any Washington observers speculated at the time that she decided to appear before the Republican dominated Senate committee rather than the democratic controlled House sub committee because she would receive More Friendly treatment in question ing from fellow republicans than from the a life Long held a state Post in the 1970s under Reagan after Reagan was elected governor of Dawkins Here were discussing the Poison ing of John chairman of the Energy committee and its oversight sub com said of the subject that Lavelle could have shed Light were seeking to avoid major Public health disasters from the Lack of cleanup of hazardous Lavelle attorney refused to say where she she returned to her native California after she was fired by president Reagan last there is evidence that been presented to much of it from Epa of blatant conflict of interest involving settlement agree ments that were not per political manipulation and a conscious Effort not to enforce the James said of alleged wrongdoings by Gore emphasized the nonpartisan nature of the contempt a total of 255 democrats and 158 re publicans voted for the citation the second involving the environmental Protection Agency superfund last december the House voted 259105 to hold former Epa adminis Trator Anne Burford in contempt for failure to turn Over documents on enforcement of the superfund that contempt citation has not been lifted although the papers have been Burford and More than a dozen Epa political appointees have re signed this year amid allegations of political Manipula Tion of environmental programs and conflict of the contempt citation against Lavelle will be forwarded to the Justice department for presentation to a grand Justice department saying they have discretion Rita Lavelle on whether to did not pursue Burford contempt of Congress is a Mise Meanor punishable by a Fine of up to and As much As a year in from Page 1 the coach of the two West Point football Earl red said Dawkins was a cinch to be chief of and the Academy yearbook we have stood in Awe of this who still weighs the 200 pounds he did at West spent a year in Vietnam in 196566 in a Parachute battalion and returned again in the summer of at his units were in the thick of the in one a South vietnamese paratroop unit to which Dawkins was attached As an adviser overran a communist battalions compound in Handt hand it was really the toughest kind of guerrilla Dawkins it was Man Byman ferreting out the he was awarded the Bronze the air medal and the vietnamese Cross of gallantry for his Vietnam Dawkins was commander of the first 23rd infantry in Korea for 13 months in 1972 and after his Korea service As a White House fellow and time off to finish off his he served in a command position with the 7th division at fort before returning to Washington to become Deputy director of army plans and Dawkins was brigade commander and chief of staff of the 101st airborne division air assault at fort As an assistant to Clements in the Early Dawkins was one of about 20 army officers who were on a task Force known As the office of the special assistant for the modern Volunteer army the task Force reported to George who reported directly to Cle the group drafted a number of recommendations often innovative and sometimes controversial aimed at improving the Quality of life of the individual army the idea was to provide incentives to recruit and keep soldiers under an All Volunteer the army adopted and has retained Many of Sambas others were tried and thrown out after the army decided they failed to enhance army goals or help the individual among the recommendations which has persisted and which was controversial at the time it was suggested is Beer machines in the Samoa Felt that denying soldiers Beer in the Barracks discriminated against the unmarried Man or woman who could not enjoy a casual drink at the end of the Day like the married Soldier who lived in his own in defending the and other innovative said the questions we asked ourselves were these How Good is the army spirit How Strong is the existential Quality of being a the fulfil ment a person feels when he knows his Job and is getting satisfaction from it to those who said that Sambas recommendations would make the army too Dawkins responded making the army More attractive Doest mean making it any in Many ways it Means making it in an interview last year upon his selection As brigadier Dawkins said of the individual Grunt the Appeal of being in the army is the satisfaction that comes from working with sol there not mind god knows there Are As i always View my soldiers not As Good As i want them to that my Job always to want to be but he added i wish that everyone who has doubts or reservations about the army ability to do its Job could spend a Day or two with the youd come away there doing a Fine mayors from Page 1 because the heavily Black City usually elects a Goode is considered a Safe bet to win the general election in the in voters braved a Freak Spring blizzard to oust longtime mayor William Mcnichols and set up a june 21 Runoff Between former House minority Leader Federico Pena and former District attorney Dale Pena won or percent Tooley or per and Mcnichols or four other candidates split the remaining after his primary Goode predicted he will win a decisive Victory in november to become Philadelphia first Black Philadelphia would become the second major american City to elect a Black this Harold Washington won in Chicago april los and Detroit already have Black Goode Drew overwhelming support from who make up 44 percent of the cites registered to defeat expo iceman Rizzo by nearly votes to the margin of Victory surprised i think what has happened Here is my 17 years of hard my devoted work to the has come to he i think that people when i started did not think i could run this race is always a Factor in an election involving a minority Candi he the thing you try to work through in All races like this is to make sure that it does not become the in convinced it was not the Issue in this As for when he faces Republican John Egan and Well financed Independent Thomas Goode i will be Able to unify the to bring All the democrats together to go out and win a decisive democrats hold a 51 registration Edge and the City has not had a gop mayor since who maintained an Unmil almost somber Demeanour in the gleefully jumped in the air and raised a fist when he greeted supporters on election we want most of All for this City to move Forward to a Strong he told More than cheering people at his Victory son of a North Carolina went on to earn a masters degree from the prestigious Wharton he has served As City managing the 2 under current mayor William in the votes garnered by Pena and Tooley broke Mcnichols stranglehold on the 73year old three time incumbent had Domin ated City politics for a decade with a machine style organization that Many have compared to the late mayor Richard Daley democratic machine in to win the nonpartisan Denver a candidate had to get 50 percent of the vote plus one if the top two vote getters would meet in a Runoff june though Denver has a sizable Chica no it is not nearly As Large As the Black minority that supported Goode in Pena will have to Garner the Lions share of the cites White vote in order to beat Tooley in the a fierce Spring blizzard marred Denver election bringing 4 inches of Snow and 55 Mph Power was knocked out at some polling voters there cast ballots by the blizzard offered a fresh remin Der of the Mcnichols administrations bungled handling of the Christ Mas eve storm that left streets blocked for Days one of the issues in the other issues that Hurt Mcnichols were a police Bingo scandal and millions lost in Airport parking re the City runs the who took Over in mid term in 1968 after Tom Currigan had been reelected in 1975 and during tuesdays More than a Hal dozen polling places were left without Light and including Remington where were voting by said Shirley when voters come workers use a flashlight to find their then give them a flashlight to go into the Booth and said a school others in the race besides Pena and Tooley were former state legislator Wellington two term state democratic party chairman Monte Rowdy Democrat Steve Schweit Berger and a socialist workers party

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